water pollution law

These permits carry the weight of federal and state laws and regulations, and are enforceable under state and federal authority. The authority may order the owner or user to provide a guarantee for payment of future expenses and any liability for damages that may arise. A permit may in any case be withdrawn or altered if it is more than 10 years since it was issued. The provisions of this chapter apply to pollution damage that: Damage that does not come within the geographical scope set out in the first paragraph nevertheless comes within the scope of this chapter to the extent that the Norwegian law of damages shall be applied pursuant to the choice-of-law rules otherwise applicable. 93-593, January 2, 1975; 88 Stat. the damage or nuisance caused by the pollution proves to be significantly greater than or different from that anticipated when the permit was issued. 1111 East Main St., Suite 1400 Nevertheless, this does not apply if the enterprise as such cannot claim compensation for its loss because the loss is too remote and unforeseeable a consequence of the pollution. programs to remove PCB's from the Hudson River and to clean-up state-owned abandoned mines In evaluating this, the contribution of the person causing such damage to the pollution damage, the type and extent of the said person's activities and other circumstances shall be taken into account. The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority is the appeals instance for decisions made by the county governor. Household waste means waste from private households, including large objects such as furniture, etc. 15 relating to the legal relationship between neighbouring properties. The provisions of Chapter 7, section 74 and Chapter 10 apply to the implementation of these provisions and any contravention of them. Discharge of polluting matter in waters prohibited. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 (P.L. The area shall be cleared up to a reasonable extent in connection with emptying of the receptacles. Before inspection of an enterprise, the pollution control authority shall contact representatives of the management. Chapter 928, P.L. Such an order may also be issued to any person that has contravened the first or third paragraphs of section 35 if this has resulted in the spread of waste. The municipality is responsible for the operation and maintenance of waste water treatment installations that are wholly or partly owned by the municipality. The same applies if it is clear for the same reasons that pursuant to section 9, third paragraph, exemptions may be granted from regulations permitting pollution. Water Laws Title 38, Chapter 3: PROTECTION AND IMPROVEMENT OF WATERS Subchapter 1: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BOARD Article 1: ORGANIZATION AND GENERAL PROVISIONS. 97-440, environmental effects when performed separately, and will have only minimal cumulative

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