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The Captain suddenly arrives and informs Ja'far that the Princess has run away. Can you name all the Starkid Characters? He also acted in and wrote for StarKid's two sketch comedy shows, Airport for Birds and 1Night 2Last 3Ever. Twisted is presented as an alternate historyof the events of Aladdin: instead of being a scheming villain, Ja'far is a good-intentioned, hard-working official who wants what's best for the kingdom, but is nevertheless blamed for all the problems of society. He then talks about his past, and how he recently became an orphan ("Orphaned At 33"). A buffalo monster. During "Dream a Little Harder", a girl wonders why her mother had to die. [2] The group put the entire musical up on YouTube on November 27, 2013. The Trail to Oregon! 6:52 Am I not bound by duty to the people of this nation? Worried, Ja'far rushes back to the palace in order to check on the Prince's breakfast with the Princess. ", Maleficent (Lauren Lopez) and Captain Hook (Alex Paul), Gaston (Robert Manion) and Scar (Nick Gage) sing "Twisted". Jeff wrote the music and lyrics for The Trail To Oregon! Instead of taking place in Agrabah, the events unfold in "the Magic Kingdom", a euphemism for The Walt Disney Company and its financial struggles in the 1990s. The group put the entire musical up on YouTube on November 27, 2013. When Ja'far heals Scheherezade's ear, she asks him coyly if he is a sorcerer. Captain Hook [Spoken]: I never knew my father! Ja'far tries to teach the Princess responsibility, but she insists she could run the kingdom already. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier. He has also done several shows with the Annoyance Theatre (including one he wrote himself), along with Jon Matteson. Poison Ivy. The age difference between Aladdin and the Princess is frequently commented upon. HEAVY on the deadpan. Aladdin becomes a merchant, and is murdered by a thief over a loaf of bread. The musical's cast recordingdebuted at No. He bails Aladdin out of jail to go to the Tiger Head Cave and retrieve the Djinn's lamp, during which Aladdin reveals him true intentions: he doesn't love the Princess, he just wants to sleep with her. Ja'far protests and is beaten down by the guards. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has several nods & homages to the musical Wicked, which similarly retells a popular story from the villain's point of view. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? With his newfound powers, Ja'far is able to repel the majority of Achmed's army. The Princess, Aladdin, and Ja'far all reflect on what they want most: a happy ending ("Happy Ending"). As Ja'far and Sherrezade get to know each other, they fall in love and marry ("A Thousand And One Nights"). In the title song, as Disney villains try to explain their, Ja'far uses his first two wishes to protect the Princess and willingly becomes a genie to save his daughter from Aladdin, Then the "substitute" part goes out the window when he realizes he's her actual father, the Disney villains appear and tell Ja'far they were actually beings with good intentions. The musical was performed July 4–28, 2013, at the Greenhouse Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. StarKid In this title song, Ja'Far realizes that his efforts to do good will never be seen as such. He momentarily breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience how he plans to get the Princess into bed with him -- by planting not-so-subtle subliminal messages in their conversation. Holmes, lyrics by Kaley McMahon, and book by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Eric Kahn Gale. If a war breaks out tomorrow, we'll all have hell to pay, Why protect my reputation? TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. As it turns out, everyone else's mothers are dead too. A few years later, Ja'far continues to struggle against the corruption and incompetence of the palace, but one day Sherrezade announces that she is pregnant. Likewise, Ja'far's relationship with the Princess is similar to Elphaba's relationship with Glinda, with the added twist of. A princess setting a tiger on a visiting prince is regarded as an act of war. Sherrezade reminds Ja'far that he will be a great Vizier someday and to never stop believing. The group put the entire musical up on YouTube on November 27, 2013. At the beginning he's the murderer; at the end he's the murdered. This accusation will be a lot more serious next time he hears it. ("I Steal Everything"). He also played Jonah, a recurring character, on Darren Criss and the Langs' Quibi show Royalties, alongside some other members of StarKid. Fortune favors the beautiful. Ja'far consults with the Sultan, who confirms that Aladdin will marry the Princess and he will bring his armies to defend them from Prince Achmed's forces. The Princess's whole arc is also very similar to arc Glinda goes through in Wicked. The Captain of the Guard arrives and informs Ja'far of a thief terrorizing the populace. [13] In addition to multiple demos, it also features a punk version of "Everything and More" performed by Andrea Moss, a cover of "The Golden Rule" performed by a cappella group Cluster, and Pop/R&B versions of "Take Off Your Clothes" and "A Thousand and One Nights. [7][8][9], A cast recording of the production was released on November 28, 2013 on digital platforms. Pincer. May 12, 1984 Insulted, Prince Achmed declares war on the Magic Kingdom. He finds himself in a lose-lose situation, where he will be seen as a villain no matter what he does or how good his intentions. Additionally, Ja'far learns that Aladdin became old and fat, and sells second-hand goods until he is killed by a thief for a loaf of bread at 55. Aladdin's antics during "One Jump Ahead" are described. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is even reading a book herself while saying this. Princess. Jeff played villains Sweet Tooth in Holy Musical B@man!, Aladdin in Twisted, and Aragog in A Very Potter Senior Year. Interestingly, we are given an actual explanation for the Magic Carpet ("a carpet bound to the soul of a lecherous thief") implying some, "Or he'll plummet to his death/From a castle/A clock/Or a cliff! To come up with a way to avoid war, Ja'far gathers his assistant viziers but discovers the department as been disbanded and its members killed. Hometown Category:Twisted Characters | Team Starkid Wikia | Fandom. So I did what anyone would do and I organized a rescue mission. In the past, Ja'far met Scheherezade while treating her after a courtier cut off her ear. Wikis. Twisted opened in Chicago's Greenhouse Theatre on July 4th and closed on July 28th as part of a limited run. The Captain of the Guard. Ja'far/Elphaba can never see the Princess/Glinda again, but the Princess/Glinda is now in charge of the land and becomes a great ruler while Ja'far/Elphaba lives out their days with their true love (Scheherezade/Fiyero). And, since she becomes more wary of Aladdin after that, she actually did listen to the lecture, even if she won't admit it. During the battle, Aladdin tries to get the Princess to have sex with him, but she refuses. "[14], On IMDb, "Twisted" has a rating of 8.7/10. Suddenly, several villains from Sherrezade's tales appear, to share their stories with Ja'far and how those stories have been twisted to the point where they are made as the villains ("Twisted"). The Princess wishes to bring a peaceful end to the war with Pik-zahr, and for the kingdom to have a Sultan that will make it the happiest place on Earth once again. Additionally, Jeff has performed in several shows at the Boomstick Theatre, such as Our Father Who Art In Cleveland, and, alongside StarKid bassist Josh Fleury, Emerge (a recurring cabaret show). Aladdin's name existed prior to the Disney movie, so the Team could theoretically get away with this one. Ja'far, now trapped within the lamp forever, resigns himself to his fate when he is suddenly greeted by Sherrezade. Roles Aladdin is lazy and immature, thieving because he does not want to work, and not caring about t… To come up with a way to avoid war, Ja'far gathers his assistant viziers but discovers the department has been disbanded and its members killed. In the title song, Ja'far accepts that his fate is to be remembered as the villain of this story, but all that really matters is that he did do the right thing. As Ja'far and Sherrezade get to know each other, they fall in love and marry ("A Thousand and One Nights"). Additionally, Ja'far learns that Aladdin has an ignominious future where he becomes old and fat, making a living by selling second-hand goods and telling a twisted version of the previously seen story, until he is killed by a thief for a loaf of bread at age 55. The musical parodies the 1992 Disney film Aladdin, and The Walt Disney Company in general, telling the story from the point of view of Ja'far, the Royal Vizier. When she becomes Sultan, she does just that, and it is extremely effective. On television, he has appeared in Chicago Med, 9-1-1, Veep, APB, and S.W.A.T. Ja'far ponders that he just committed treason against his sultan and committed theft for the first time. Ja'far escapes and manages to take the lamp. To me, that doesn't seem entirely healthy, especially since he's a wolf-bear thing. Jeff considers himself the "first" StarKid fan, as he attended a lot of the shows founding members wrote/were in (and vice versa) and has always been a big fan of the Langs' work. The play opens with Sherrezade talking about the Magic Kingdom, one that prospered because of the two D's, devotion and duty. The Genie's bragging about Prince Ali's military prowess in "Prince Ali" wasn't just selling his manly qualities as a husband, it would've been a serious political consideration for forging an alliance between the two countries at the time. Ja'far, now trapped within the lamp forever miserably resigns himself to his fate, but is suddenly greeted by Sherrezade. The Captain interrupts them and tells Ja'far about a parade led by a mysterious visiting prince taking place unexpectedly in the market and Ja'far speculates that it could be Aladdin.

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