tundra plants and animals

The caribou's fur is made up of hollow hairs, which trap air and keep the animals very warm. That's where they hunt for their favorite food, seals. Sled dogs are a hefty breed of wolves that have been domesticated and can run for 100's of miles with you and goods on a sled.They are popular and used in sled races that people use and bet on which is fastest. Verwende tundra plants and animals Grafiken, Cliparts, Stamps und Aufkleber mit unserer kostenlosen Bildbearbeitung, um einmalige tundra plants and animals Bilder, originelle Symbole und eigene tundra plants and animals Bilder zu erstellen und dich kreativ auszutoben. in American Studies from Columbia University and lives in Queens with her two cats. It is spread from the migratory birds that had seeds stuck to them,or just blown from the wind, and spread to the Tundra or other northern biomes. The cushion plant is a small plant that grows in tight clumps. The areas of alpine tundra are spread across various regions of the Earth; thus, there is no particular set of animals or species that is found in all areas. Animals in the Tundra Ermines, arctic foxes, wolverine,lemmings, arctic wolves, tundra wolves, snowy owls, Caribou, arctic hares, musk oxen and of course, the polar bear,are all included in the Tundra biome. One of the largest Arctic tundra mammals, the musk ox has a dense coat which, combined with its large size and short legs and tail, reduces the loss of body heat. But even though the cycle is disturbed by human activities, the cycle stays in motion and each animal helps out each other by either keeping one species from overpopulating or by keeping a certain species populated. Cottongrass also makes an obvious flower, which looks like a puffy white cotton ball, and bearberry is a low-growing bush that flowers in the spring, producing small berries that are eaten by wildlife – including bears – and also used as medicine. Also, Caribou is the only species of deer that both genders have horns, but the males have larger horns then the females.Also, the caribou will get a large group of harems, after many long fights, that can have almost 40 females! Sometimes caribou herds can contain hundreds of thousands of animals, traveling together between spring calving and feeding grounds and more protected winter feeding grounds, usually in the forested southern reaches of the Arctic. This oak is mainly used in medicine and some food because of its rich Vitamin C, having 10x more then oranges. Generally categorized as Arctic or alpine, tundra refers to a treeless biome that ranks among the coldest on Earth. The Ptarmigan female can lay up to 9 eggs and incubate for about 25 days. A prominent example is the herbivorous musk ox. Some common flowering plants you'll find in the tundra include the bright pink petals of purple saxifrage, the fuzzy prairie crocus, the lovely Arctic poppy that swivels to face the sun, and moss campion, which sports a profusion of tiny pink flowers. Lichen is a very important winter food for caribou, which dig down through the snow to eat it, and it's actually made up of two types of plants growing together: algae and fungi. Cod, flatfish and salmon are a few of the fish found in tundra waters. During the winter they switch to a diet of lichens, moss and dried grasses. These include ravens, snow buntings, falcons, terns and several gull species. They can have a litter up to about 4 cubs in 9 months time so females can only breed every other year. The Arctic is rich in plant life, but most of the plants living on the tundra have adapted to the Arctic environment by growing small, close together and low to the ground. Virtually no reptiles or amphibians can live in tundra's harsh conditions, but other tundra plants and animals have developed adaptations that allow them to survive in such a frigid environment. The Gyrfalcon is the largest falcon and comes with thick plumage to help it survive in the harsh Tundra conditions. Ptarmigan are brown in summer, but white in the winter. Some of the adaptions that allow vegetation to grow in these regions include short roots and furry or wax-like coatings. Ermines, arctic foxes, wolverine,lemmings, arctic wolves, tundra wolves, snowy owls, Caribou, arctic hares, musk oxen and of course, the polar bear,are all included in the Tundra biome. Its weight varies from 800lbs.-1200lbs. Lichen is a decomposer made of plants and fungus working together. Their colors vary from grey,black,brown, and sometimes white. The Arctic spans northern regions of Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Lisa studied mathematics at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and spent several years tutoring high school and university students through scary -- but fun! The Ruddy Turnstone changes colors in the Winter. It can migrate when it is only 90 days old. The Labrador Tea is a plant that mostly grows in the Southern part of the Tundra and there can grow up to about 5 feet, but in the northern Tundra, when they are found, they stay close to the ground and uneaten by most animals because they can be poisonous if eaten, even though they are rich in Vitamin C. Yet, even though they are poisonous, bees still pollinate the flower, which helps out if people collect specimens for medical purposes. Finally, the smaller, shyer black bear is also found above the Arctic Circle, although they tend to stick to forested areas further south in the Arctic. It is also kept from the cold because of its small hairs on it and also because it lays low on the ground so it doesn't get hit as much from the cold winds. It has a shallow root system and can be easily uprooted or have fatal root damage. In the Tundra, it only grows a few inches and also lays low like the bearberry plant. The Pasque Flower is a low-growing plant, like most in the Tundra, and grows about half a foot or less above the ground. The flowers of the woolly louse, for example, have dense hair that generate heat through a greenhouse-like effect. The Polar bear is one of the largest mammals in the world. It can be about a foot long and weigh about 10 lbs. Many birds that occur in Arctic tundra are migratory, which means they only travel to such regions during the warmer summer period. Surprisingly, there is cotton in the Tundra. The Pasque also has its seeds much like the strawberry's and is on the side of its fruit that can help with some eye problems like cataracts.The Pasque flower is South Dakota's state flower and there is popular to have in gardens. The Arctic Owl, A.K.A. But unlike the bearberry, the willow has white flowers that when bloomed, make a "white carpet" of the plant.

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