top 10 robin and starfire moments

Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy faced a multitude of villains throughout the show's five seasons and film finale, Trouble In Tokyo. She explains that everyone liked Blackfire so much that it seemed she would take her place. Believing the monster to have done something to Starfire, Robin attacks it, but its slimy body makes it difficult for him to fight and it almost eats him. NOTE: There's no need to go uproar and start a riot on me for this, Because, I like the Teen Titans (2003) and Teen Titans Go (2013). Overall, apart from the many villains they have to fight, little has been done to interfere with their friendship. He tries to get the controller but is interrupted by the arrival of Kitten's boyfriend, Fang (a teenaged boy with a massive spider for a head) who bats Robin away from her. Just before leaving, however, she is stopped by Robin. The sight of you makes my eyes sore-, I am hopeful when this is over we may still be friends.-, Someone has disposed of all our blue, furry food.-. Since the day they met, both her and Robin have had romantic feelings for each other, which are obvious to everyone including a few villains. Later, before she collapses in the snow, she weakly murmurs "Robin...." It is later shown the rest of the Titans waiting near the broken down T-Ship, Robin decides to go after her, but the others are against the idea as he wouldn't be able to survive in the storm, though he listens to his friends Robin remains very worried about Starfire. Tamaranean Powerpuff Girls: Every Main Villain From Least To Most Evil, Ranked, The 10 Most Emotional Moments From 2003’s Teen Titans Animated Series, DC: 5 Reasons Why The DCEU Titans Are Better Than The Original Teen Titans (& 5 Why The Original Are Better). In "Forces of Nature", after being nailed by a prank from Beast Boy that was meant for Cyborg. Of all the main characters, Starfire's personality has probably undergone the most dramatic change from her original incarnation. They soon find themselves on different parts of the mountain and the ground beneath them breaks apart and the two of them end up falling, Robin is able to save himself, but to his surprise, Starfire reveals that she is unable to use her powers. In fact, it's their emotions that further increase their natural abilities of flight, and projection of pure ultraviolet energy. In "Titans East - Part 2", Starfire, along with the rest of the Teen Titans responded to Cyborg's call for help in the Titans East tower and fought Bumblebee. 0 ... Top 10 Raven Moments In Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! As she was preparing to leave, Starfire found the other Titans and introduced them to Red Star, to whom she assured she owed her life to, though Red Star was modest. Her personality changed dramatically from her first meeting with the Titans in Go!. | WB Kids GO! In "Bunny Raven... or ...How to Make A Titananimal Disappear," she was transformed into a tigress by the villainous Mumbo. It's also the fifth and final episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's love for each other and also reveals exactly how Robin and first met and how they both developed their strong romantic feelings for each other. Robin and Starfire in the series finale, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. He accepts her decision and bids an emotional farewell to her before rejoining his friends. | Money Problems. But the difference is that freely expresses herself to gain the power, while Raven needs to keep her emotions in check without completely suppressing them. The series included countless emotional moments as well as high-stakes drama and intense battle scenes. Blackfire dislikes her younger sister due to the fact that she dethroned her on Tamaran, and left the crown to Galfore (her adoptive father and caretaker). 10. She also wears a silver armband on her right arm. In "Sisters", Starfire was curious about Earth things. While attempting to free herself of the handcuffs with which she had been laden, she ended up both destroying buildings and cars and running into four young teenagers, with whom she would later fight crime. At the beginning when the Titans are chasing after the villain Saico-Tek, he attacks and makes her fall out of the sky, but luckily, Robin saves her when he grabs her hand and they both ride on his R-Cycle together to catch Saico-Tek. Starfire is shown to be incredibly beautiful and stunning. When they first met, Starfire became instant friends with Terra, similarly to Beast Boy, and would often compete with him to hang out with or hug Terra. It certainly won’t be the last. She also does need to breathe through her self-sustenance can delay that for a while. When he talks about how much he misses being normal, it shows her ability to cheer people up by saying, "I did not know you before, so to me, you are normal," which made Cyborg feel better. Above all, Starfire wishes to be friends with everyone she meets, and for everyone to get along. However, before Robin can say anything, he is kidnapped. There have been multiple hints throughout the show showing how much they care about one another (as evidenced in "Sisters", "Date with Destiny", "Betrothed", "Stranded", "Go! She writes content for Screen Rant, The Sportster, CBR, TheTalko and Outfront Magazine and has also written articles for WhatCulture and YourDogAdvisor. RELATED: DC: 5 Reasons Why The DCEU Titans Are Better Than The Original Teen Titans (& 5 Why The Original Are Better). 10 Most Hilarious Robin Memes Of All Time. Her growing long fiery-red hair is down to her waist and butt as well as being straight with bangs. Beast Boy reconciles with Starfire for pranking her. She cares about each of her friends, but there is one person whom she cares more than anyone on Earth: Robin. Starfire appears in a total of sixty-three episodes of the series; one of which she has no spoken lines. Later, in the comic Teen Titans Go, it's revealed she also has a younger brother named Wildfire; he was sent away when the Gordanians attacked Tamaran. In the end, the creature lost control of the extra power it had obtained Starfire and was destroyed by Red Star. Once they are inside the ship, the Titans go to look for the Control Room. Starfire asks him if he is finally ready to explain why she isn't his girlfriend. During a search for the outcast in the T-Ship, the Titans got attacked by a mysterious creature. However, even though Robin can't fully see it, Starfire is not happy with the situation either, as she is forced into marrying someone she doesn't love. Starfire and Argent working together to fix the broken dam. "Apprentice - Part 2" culminates with the Boy Wonder purposely absorbing the same dangerous nanobot technology, proving his willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends. Check out Starfire’s Funniest Moments on DC Kids! Her outfit is fairly different from her comic counterpart, being much less revealing in consideration of the younger audience. Hynden Walch (English)Kouko Tsukimoto (Japanese)Laëtitia Godès (French)Luisa Palomanes (Brazilian Portuguese)Susanne Herrmann (German)Ilaria Latini (Italian)Jung Mi-suk (Korean)Borbála Csuha (Hungarian)Beata Wyrąbkiewicz (Polish)Feyza Nur Gülcüoğlu (Turkish) Starfire Reassures Cyborg That He's Normal. After he had discharged his power, Robin told Starfire he was proud of her for what she did for him. Justice League vs. It would be easy to pair Superman with another supe like Wonder Woman or Maxima. They soon reunite. 10 The Truth Behind Robin’s Costume One of the most iconic aspects of Robin, either one of them, is the bright costume. Their confrontation is a brutal and emotional showdown that forces Robin to confront and overcome his past trauma.

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