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If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Evil-doer However, it is possible to survive an attack from the Sadist that does light damage. • Patrick Higgins? Alias • Salvador Graciano? The Evil Within While killing various Haunted, he encountered The Keeper's daughter, who initially thought the Sadist was a good person because he too was killing the monsters. If Sebastian tries to run past the Sadist rather than away from him, the Sadist will quickly step in the way and grind through his neck, decapitating him similarly to his frontal decapitation move from the first game. This page was last edited on 15 October 2014, at 15:56. Sadist Hobby The Sadist appears again in Ruvik's distorted view of Beacon Mental Hospital. Just after Joseph and Castellanos defeat all the Haunted near a castle area, the Sadist appears again whwn two are locked in an enclosed arena-like area just outside the tower they were trying to enter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Last appearance He is one of the most common enemy types encountered in the game and the first antagonist the player encounters. He is hanged upwards with numerous corpses as the Sadist hacks away at the upper torso of one of his victims. When the Sadist heads behind a curtain into the next room, Sebastian snea… Deceased Creator Despite the smaller space, they once again defeat the Sadist. He kicks a gurney into the Sadist, which gives Sebastian an opportunity to get behind the Sadist and stab him in the neck with his knife, incapacitating the Sadist. Do not attempt to hide under beds or inside closets within view of the Sadist, or he will know and shove his chainsaw into the hiding spot, killing Sebastian instantly. Defeating the Sadist unlocks his chainsaw as a weapon that can be used by the player, available for purchase in the upgrade store. High He chases Sebastian through a corridor and wounds his leg; instead of killing him himself he activates the meat pulveriser and locks him in to die, however, he escapes and falls into a vat of blood (presumably of the Sadist's victims). David Forseth (TEW1)Mitsuru Miyamoto (TEW2). https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Sadist_(The_Evil_Within)?oldid=3993364. Status If the Sadist discovers Sebastian hiding beneath a bed, he will bend down and plunge his saw below it, killing him. Ruben Victoriano He has stained, scraggly grey hair that can be seen up close, and his eyes are blue, though with a whitish-cloudy discoloration to it as if he has cataracts. If there are none, Agony bolts can be shot at walls or the floor to be used as land mines. While The Sadist is clearly a malevolent force, hints of intelligence are shown in his brutal butchering of enemies - unlike the other enemies in the game, he seems to butcher for the pleasure of it rather than an innate need to feed or kill. If Sebastian fails to clear the quicktime event when trying to saw the Sadist in half, the crazed killer will knock his chainsaw away and quickly finish him off by a chop to the head with his cleaver. During the final boss battle with the Amalgam Core, the Sadist's corpse falls from the sky, landing next to an impaled Sebastian, who quickly picks up his dropped Rocket Launcher, while the rest of the corpse falls into the vortex below. His powerful attacks can kill Sebastian Castellanos in a single shot, and his ability to blast through barricades, doors, and walls allow him to pursue him through almost any obstacle. The Sadist can be defeated in three hits (five on Nightmare and AKUMU) using the spike traps in Chapter 3, preferrably with the use of Flash bolts to pin him in place as the player runs to pull the lever. Sebastian defeats the Sadist once and for all, escaping Ruvik's Eye. This time he is equipped with an RPG and fires at the player repeatedly. Summary. The Evil Within ( 2014) The Evil Within. He finds himself hanging upside-down by his feet from a rope, amid several other dead bodies. Full Name The Sadist briefly returns in The Evil Within 2 during the boss fight with Theodore Wallace, who uses Sebastian's memories of STEM to torment him. Origin The Sadist charges at Sebastian from behind and violently rams his chainsaw through his back. However, this time he is armed and able to fight back. Though its appearance is exactly the same as the Sadist (aside from weapon choice), it is called Subject CB-205 and was listed as an ex-soldier in the real world. Forseth also voiced The Keeper in the same game, as Miyamotto also voiced Gaku Yashiro in ERASED. • Laura? Head He is slower than the Keeper, but is capable of inflicting considerable damage and can block the Keeper's hammer attacks with his chainsaw. The Sadist appears as a very large, almost overweight man wearing a spiked metal mask which covers most of his face, a bloodied and dirty white tank-top and brown trousers. Three successful hits will kill him, netting the player the. His main weap… https://theevilwithin.gamepedia.com/The_Sadist?oldid=1285. The Sadist can be stealth killed during the hide-and-seek sequence in Chapter 1, netting the player. In Chapter 1, Sebastian wakes up in the Sadist's Torture Room after being stabbed with an orbitoclast by Ruvik in Beacon Mental Hospital'ssurveillance room. In order to halt STEM's influence over his daughter and get out, the Keeper was instructed to kill Sadist to advance, confronting Sadist in the Victoriano family's barn. In a last ditch effort to save himself, the Sadist pulls a butcher knife and forces it into the running chainsaw, but in his weakened state he is quickly overpowered, and Sebastian forces the chainsaw into its shoulder, cutting through his torso nearly bisecting him, and finally freeing himself of his first tormentor within STEM. He will grab Sebastian by the hand and sever his arm, as he bleeds on the ground the Sadist decapitates him with a meat cleaver.

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