the 100 fanfic clarke abandoned

", Monty reached out and touched her hand in an attempt to comfort her. My head ached and I was even hungrier than I'd been last night. "Jaha deserved to die, you all know that." Quickly she packed the minimum of what she'd need into the shoulder bag Wells had made all those days ago. She shook her head, trying to shake away those old memories. Oh shit. "Octavia probably just ran off with some guy to have a good time in the woods so that you wouldn't ruin things for her. "Beast?" ", Both boys laughed, clearly not having expected that. Her fingernails cut into the skin of her palms from how hard she was clenching her fists. Not to mention, the Mountain is looming and the ark must still come down. "Why would I lie?" He was dead, after everything they'd been through, a knife was all it took to take him away from her and there was nothing she could do about it. Clarke replied in a barely audible tone. Raven stepped in front of Bellamy, who was trying to leave once more. As they all made their way out from under the improvised canvas, Monroe spotted a figure in the woods. Just as she felt as if she'd meet her end, Clarke was surprised by a yell in her direction. "He's at peace now." So here she was…surviving. Of course, Bellamy and Finn couldn't wait to go chasing after it not having had enough adventure for the day. It's a massive gorilla. So, no one wanted to listen to her. "Hey, Shooter. Practically leaping up and pulling my coat on, I nudged Finn awake. With a knife?" Will you just use water or will you want to put something else in as well?" Why they'd been stuck in hell. ", "Gorilla?" Their relationship was purely close friends, possibly considered as close as siblings. Had these kids really lynched a fourteen-year-old girl? It would be a relief. And it was nice to feel the soft touch of someone else's hand against yours. Wells was giving me a weird look but Finn seemed to catch on and the two of us managed to ask her questions the entire time the others were fashioning a makeshift stretcher. Everything she had fought for had proven useless, she couldn't help anyone, save anyone. Clarke Griffin ist eine Gefangene auf der Ark. "When do we start?". She helped someone. Without here, a lot of us would die. She could survive on her own she realized while sitting there waiting in silence. Then we heard the scream. Except me. Clarke ignored her as she grabbed some wood from a stack of branches cut to size and began to get a new fire up and going. Was it Atom? "This is real? (That summary was awful. "Come on. That meant the inside of his lungs were just as burned as his outside. Octavia clearly didn't know the danger she was in and continued. 'My fault.' Her father's death and his fight for the truth would save no one now. If you overlook the fact that her life was pretty much about surviving on the planet that had been affected by radiation for ninety-seven years after the devastating nuclear war, being able to gather and earn your keep rather than get everything handed to you like her former life had been was wonderful experience. We all thought they were sleeping together. After an indeterminate amount of time, Clarke seemed to relax, releasing her. Octavia might just come with her to spite her brother at this point and that would ruin the whole thing. I crept forward, kneeling before him. "Hey Princess, taking a walk in the woods?" Bellamy didn't stop them. All you care about is your sister! Bellamy paused, apparently considering what his next step would be. ", Bellamy shoved Raven into a tree his hands moving as if to strangle her. They waited a moment to ensure that he wasn't coming back out and then Bellamy and Finn started bickering. When they entered the cave, Jasper and Monroe found Bellamy hugging Octavia and Finn searching fruitlessly for Clarke while giving a grounder knocked out on the ground heated glares. Bellamy growled, clearly impatient with them for getting off topic. Monroe and Jasper followed them both, exchanging uneasy glances. Of course, I still have to leave for supplies so I'm planning to kill it and take the territory. Especially when it was Octavia's precious grounder up in the top level of the ship that had stabbed Finn. Starve. "I'm fine. We haven't seen her in a while and she was acting weird.". With that done, she left the drop ship and walked out past a few loitering teens, none of whom bothered to so much as acknowledge her. She wouldn't have taken the princess with her. She was numb, completely numb. Skywalker and the Princess snuck out of camp while no one was watching. However something happened while they were by one of the lakes where one specific seaweed type had its habitat. Your review has been posted. ", Clarke could feel bile in her throat as she watched Bellamy threatening an innocent again, she knew how this could end after what happened to Charlotte. Bellamy or someone would be coming to lecture her about punching Octavia. Suddenly, I felt Finn's hand brush mine as we both reached for the same bloom. Jasper spoke up, interrupting the conflict. Finn spoke while she was distracted. Octavia asked, slightly concerned. She was doing it just to spread the hurt. Wide eyed, she peered at her captors face and was shocked to see the blond hair of the girl she'd briefly met before, Clarke Griffin. "How dare you say Finn would do something like that.". Octavia said from where she was sitting on the wall. She took off like a shot out of camp. Abandonment Chapter 1: Prologue, a 100 fanfic | FanFiction. "Hey, what's this about the princess being missing?!" Was she taken with you?" They walked in silence for some time before Clarke sped up their pace. Now quite legitimately concerned about the fate of their friend, Monty and Jasper began searching the entire camp. Truly scared now that there was something wrong with Clarke, Jasper and Monty redirected their efforts and decided to interview the gate guards. Damn. Since I clearly couldn't leave and it provided a certain amount of safety, I stayed. She stepped forward, this needed to end before someone got hurt. "We need to go in there he might have Octavia in there!" I asked the Princess. "Besides if I had known you were coming I would have asked you to join me. After that everything was chaos. "It's just been a hard day. "I threw it in the river. More specifically it was coming from the sky, which was why Clarke had this horrible feeling in her stomach about what could cause that kind of sound and in her mind it was nothing good about it. "Sorry about that, we didn't want to go and attract any predators.". They hadn't been kind to her in the few days she'd been here. 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