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Steve left Bucky in bed as he went back to go clean the bathroom. "Steve?" A/N: And that's it! "Yeah," he looked over at Bucky. "You know we need the money Steve." "Don't. "You should get more sleep." He placed another kiss on the other nipple before taking it into his mouth. Not for everyone, I'll own it.Ch 12 - Steve KnowsCh 13 - Reader request - heavy on protective / angry Billy if that's your bagCh 14 - Steve vs pneumoniaCh 15 - Max & Steve bonding. Max pushes him to embrace his sexuality, but it's slow & relatively tame (because 80s & writing graphic sex isn't my thing). Steve knows that nobody will ever want him. "I've been asleep.". "Good.". His eyebrows furrowed at the thought of this sickness he had. "Damn it Steve!" Bucky had passed out during the time he was in the bathroom, so Steve worked quickly tend to the wound. Maybe he was just over reacting but-. A promise he fully intends to keep, until curiosity gets the better of him. "You Steve?". Bucky smoothed out the blankets and shook his head. His head dropped from Steve's forehead. They squinted at the harsh light, but then focused on the figure in front of that light. It would serve nicely as a laugh. Okay, that was enough for now. 9 notes Sep 10th, 2020. He cursed himself for putting it off to the point of collapse. The next morning Bucky woke up to more coughing. Bucky was very-timid when he was ill. "We don't have any medical things here." Maybe if he can use it to help others, he can learn to accept it and feel comfortable in his own skin. There were some ups and downs but Steve went to bed proud that he had nursed his friend back to health. Bucky shut his eyes for a second before opening them again, blinking slowly. He croaked out, wincing as his throat hurt to talk. Another commission for Annelise; pre-serum, modern-day hipster!Steve Rogers, which is the cutest request I’ve had in a while. "Shouldn'tve said it in the first place. Because he was worried. He said making her chuckle again as he nuzzled his face against her. I'm gonna-!" Steve locked eyes with Bucky, who still looked absolutely exhausted. Bucky stifled a groan, eyelids fluttering open. Just a little story where Bucky falls ill and Steve has to take care of him. He looked down at her as she continued rubbing him between her breasts. He slipped out of bed, and picked Steve up, rousing him from his sleep. Somehow, Bucky had turned on his stomach, pushing himself up on his hands and knees. Steve replied with a sigh. Work Search: Bucky is a doctor and Steve is his patient. "Ooh, you're warm. His smile grew and he moved back as she sat up. They ended up back on the floor, Steve trying to carry him a second time. ", Bucky made a face. I have to help with your rent. Bucky toned his voice down to a soft murmur. Bucky was still out cold when they got back to Steve's place. Steve returned about an hour later, bowl of soup in his hands. It was bound to be cold outside and Steve couldn't risk getting himself sick too. "Sorry.". So when there was a knock on his door the next day, and he answered it to reveal a very frazzled looking neighbor, he knew his suspicions were correct. But if he wasn't better tomorrow, which was Friday, then Billy might not see him until the following Monday. He flushed the bile that was in the toilet down and cleaned the-he cringed-blood that was on the floor. Steve woke up 4 hours later hearing horrible retching noises coming from the bathroom, and then the sound of something hitting the edge of the sink. "..it hurts.." He muttered, voice threatening to give out. 8tracks offers the best in handcrafted internet radio, featuring playlists made by people who know and love the hottest music. "Don't think I can hold anymore..", Steve frowned. Art Blog / Redbubble / Society6 • Twitter • Click here for birbs! She said before kissing the top of his head. "I'm starting to think you're obsessed, Stevie." Critics? "Have you been awake?" Dustin, and the rest of their chosen family, rally around him when he needs it most. Steve was sick and therefore not at school. And he couldn't even shut his mouth. Please consider turning it on! We'll talk about this later." Deciding that if Bucky didn't budge in the next half hour, he would try to wake him up. He made a mental note to tell him when he got better. Susan & Neil gone, Max & Billy on their own with the help of Hopper. His rash decisions had gotten Steve sick while tending to him. But if Steve was willing to move past it, guess so could he. ", The man looked at him, before shaking his head, muttering something along the lines of 'kid's so scrawny'. Notes: This takes place in the 1940's, Steve is still super skinny (thats what pre-serum means) in this one-shot their not dating or anything like that. Steve replied, the argument eating at his energy. "You'll get better in no time." It's never happened before, which explains why she looked so frazzled. She smiled up at him making his face flush more than it already was. He didn't have much of an appetite but he knew that it would help him recover faster.

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