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“I’d be a good provider.”, “Yeah?” Steve thinks it’s pretty endearing that Bucky wants to make sure Steve knows he’s a good partner. The distance is too far for Steve to make out details, but he swears they hold each other’s gaze for a few seconds, and then the other disappears beneath the waves. The tide has had a pull on him his whole life; he can’t explain it, but since his mother’s death he’s found even more comfort in coming here. Thrust into a modern world where emotional bonds are considered the things of fairy tales and Hallmark Movies, Steve Rogers must figure out when and where he … little-miss-tina liked this workitmoveit liked this He was just pretty and Bucky wanted a name to go with that face. Maybe, just maybe, together they could make this a night to remember. He doesn’t like bullies and there are bullies all around. Steve is a law clerk and aspiring judge. Share. A Bucky Odyssey by inediblesushi, thorstbench - Words: Du hast noch nicht alle Änderungen gespeichert. He makes himself comfortable on some of the big stones that line the path and settles in to sketch. Except… Steve makes a burger that could bring Bucky to tears, and Bucky makes tartlets so beautiful Steve’s sure they qualify as art. Sugar Sweet They agree to meet, and Steve walks off, whistling. “Do you get in fights a lot?” Bucky asks, smiling. Dona Nobis Pacem by thegraytigress - Words: 65,214 | Canon Universe, Recovery, “This job… We try to save as many people as we can. He snapped a photo of Steve, typed a few words, and then returned to his apple. Fanfiction. Steve flips to a new page and starts sketching him. Share. Do they need help? Steve had gotten in his face long enough for Wanda to get out of there, and Wanda had thankfully gotten Professor Erskine, but Steve had taken a few hard hits in the interim. “I’m Steve,” he tells the mermaid–merman? Captain America / Steven "Steve" Grant Rogers, Winter Soldier / James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, Sponsor werden und Werbung komplett deaktivieren. “Steve Rogers.”, “I’m called Bucky in the air,” the man–Bucky–says. It’s quieter here–fewer people. By now, Bucky was hanging over the side of the bathtub, his shoulders sticking out of the water like some rugged mermaid. I Love You by L1av, The_Nerd_Alert . Canon Divergence, Post TWS. He goes hiking with Sam. He calls Tony and surrenders on the condition that Tony tries to help Steve. Steve can feel himself blushing. They really didn’t want it coming off.”, This city bleeds its aching heart ♥ by Renne - Words: 34,537 | Canon Universe, Fake/Pretend Relationship. He looked like a Steve.Bucky pursed his lips in a way he hoped was attractive, “You should buy me a drink.”. P.S. An incident on the battlefield exposes how much Steve’s falling apart under the crushing weight of leading the Avengers after Sokovia. Bucky finds a cat. He finds himself holding his breath along with the person, trying to figure out how long before they’ll have to gasp for air, even though with his shitty lungs, he should know better. Shuri and Wanda cleared Bucky’s triggers shortly after Killmonger’s attempted coup, and he and Steve went on the run. The light catches on a thin silver ring on his lower lip. In which Steve coaxes Bucky out of the Tower for a birthday weekend away and sweet, fluffy domesticity ensues. Confiding in the Internet might not be the best idea, though. Critical Feline Mass (by me and rayvanfox) is domestic (modern veteran AU, PSTD, kittens, Bucky rents a room from Steve). I’ll bring you a gift, and we can talk.” Bucky bites his lip and smiles up at Steve. Tagged: stucky, fanfic, mermay, mermaid bucky barnes, witch steve rogers, courtship, my fic, thanks for the prompt!, . Steve’s wearing a black tee and ripped skinny jeans and a belt with silver spikes on it to match the barbell through his eyebrow. ♥ = My fave, S = Smut, DS = Dom/Sub, Heroes are Easy, People are Hard ♥ 9,952 | Shrinkyclinks,  Cap!Bucky, Nurse!Steve. Anyway, she’d given him some arnica for the bruise, and Proferssor Erskine had gently asked him to please be careful but also told him that he was a good man, and he’s wandered off to his favorite place with his sketchbook to try to let the adrenaline bleed out of him and regains his equilibrium. These are smut storieeeess of the avengers. He leans up and uses cool, gentle fingers to trace the edge of Steve’s black eye. A gift? It’s fall, and it’s not really warm, but he finds the little bridge he likes and heads down along the water a little ways, away from the path. hi there, nonny!! When his university was advertising for the Mail-A-Militant penpal program, he thought he’d give it a shot. Eventuell besteht momentan keine Internetverbindung oder es liegt ein anderes Netzwerk-Problem vor. He pulls his fingers away and Steve finds he already misses the touch. Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. I’ve probably read over 1.5 million words in just a couple months. The chat wasn’t from Sam this time, however. However, with COVID-19 shutting down all of … It’s around sixty degrees–very comfortable for sitting and drawing, fucking cold if you’re in the water. Here is a link to the AO3 feed of modern aus in order of popularity, but here are a couple that I like with veteran Bucky:. Bucky is the sickly heir to the Sokovian throne, while Steve is a mere kitchen boy. “Really?” he manages, after a moment. For the curious: My AO3 bookmarks. Sollte das Problem über einen längeren Zeitraum bestehen bleiben, wende dich bitte mit einer kurzen Problembeschreibung an support@fanfiktion.de. “And if you hold still, I’ll draw you.”. Agent geworden. Key:  Bitte versuche es später noch einmal. The man smiles at him, revealing pearl-white, too-sharp teeth. He’ll have to think of something he can give to Bucky that will be all right under water. “What happened to you?”. Es ist ein unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten. “The mask—it’s nailed to his face.”, Hill’s face was as unmoved as ever. It’s all right. Sam was always sending stupid Snapchats and frankly, Steve couldn’t figure that goddamn app out and cursed whoever created that piece of shit. Bucky Barnes, Captain America, has a plan to make Steve Rogers, SHIELD nurse, fall in love with him. Es geht um Bucky, der mittlerweile mit Steve und Sam ein Team bildet. StevexBuckyx is a fanfiction author that has written 53 stories for Captain America ... M for obvious reasons. I’ll probably end up making a part 2 reclist by the amount of fic I’m reading these days. “We can talk right now,” Steve says. It’s not the word he’d use to describe himself. “What does that mean?”. Sollte es dennoch über einen längeren Zeitraum bestehen bleiben, wende dich bitte mit einer kurzen Problembeschreibung an support@fanfiktion.de. I’ve read well over 10 million words of fanfic this quarantine (I’m not even exaggerating, must be going through like 500k a week, at least). When billionaire and mutual friend Natasha Romanoff calls on them to collaborate for her Memorial Day Benefit Gala, they both brace themselves to spend the week working with some jerk they’re bound to hate. Bitte versuche es später noch einmal. He owes his mother an apology. Idk when you replied but I’m working on another reclist right now cuase I’ve read THAT many fics since this one, I found this from a comment on “your favourite ghost”. AO3 Summary: Best friends since childhood, Steve and Bucky couldn’t be more different. In October? They talk for hours, again, and Steve’s face kind of hurts from smiling so much. I’ve lost track how much I’ve read PLUS the amount of fics on my marked for later. Yay!!! Sollte es dennoch über einen längeren Zeitraum bestehen bleiben, wende dich bitte mit einer kurzen Problembeschreibung an support@fanfiktion.de. Du hast noch nicht alle Änderungen gespeichert. steve/bucky stucky bucky/steve. The movement seems to catch the swimmer’s eye, because they turn and look straight at Steve. Modern badass mer stucky! “I’m a proficient hunter,” Bucky says. Geometric tattoo bands wrap both his biceps, flexing with his movements. “You’re an artist?” Bucky visibly perks up. Wen interessierte schon der Schulklatsch? "I … Send to Friend. Commission piece for lillithdv8, who waited so long for me to complete this, I had to draw a whole new arm for Bucky. @/sgtbarnes1917 and @/cptrogers1918 by BayleyWinchester - Words: 114,203 | Canon Universe, Social Media Fic, Bucky Barnes broke Twitter with one photo, Proprietary Information ♥from the Additional Information series by notlucy - Words: 85,141 (Series Total: 165,871) | Modern AU, Age difference, Slow Burn. He’s got a bomber jacket, too, because it’s chilly when you’re sitting still to draw. The blue and purple streaks in his hair match the frames of his glasses. He attends charity events to make Pepper happy. The next day finds him waiting by the water, happy and relieved when he sees a head of dark hair coming up to the surface. The man smiles at him. “Oh, yes,” Bucky says. <3 sure! Steve and Bucky, commonly known as Stucky, is one of these ships. There’s no way he could possible have swum so far that fast, but Steve’s sure it’s the swimmer. From there, it’s basically three variously messed-up guys’ trajectories from “This Is Fine”, “Reasonably Speaking I Know It’s Fine”, “I Will Be Fine With It” to actually being fine, guest-starring a far-better-adjusted teenage boy who climbs walls, a 1957 Ford Thunderbird, two women with a keen sense of the absurd, and Bruce, the Zen master of “it’s fine that it’s not fine.” Add in the fact that Bucky’s been secretly in love with Steve since the thirties and things only get harder. Read hot and popular stories about stucky on Wattpad. by praximeter (Zimario) - Words: 71,532 | Canon Divergence TWS, Body Modifications. Steve lives in Stark Tower and doesn’t have much to do when he’s not going after Hydra strongholds. Steve is invited to be a guest lecturer on the WWII unit for Bucky’s college course. So why not share what I’ve been reading! She’s a good person, and a good friend. But it’s giving Bucky the hope to keep going, so Steve’s going to keep giving it, because he wants Bucky to survive. “Not having sex, if that’s what you’re wondering.” An alert sounded from Steve’s nightstand - a new Snapchat message. Bucky is a grad student and part-time model. In fact it is exactly what it looks like #marvel #mcu…”. In other words: he’s so far out of Bucky’s league that he might as well be in a different stratosphere. His dark hair is slicked back from his head, drops of water trickling down his very high cheekbones, and his torso disappears into the river. Steve x Bucky / Stucky 13.3K 119 62. by Bigassgrooty. Bucky tries desperately to let him. :’). “How are you not freezing?” he blurts out. Beim Übermitteln der Daten ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. "Habt ihr schon das neuste Gerücht gehört? It’s a good look on him, but then Steve has yet to see a look that’s not good on him.

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