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Le président remet les décorations suivantes : Le président est aussi l'autorité suprême en matière d'honneurs et décorations dans la République fédérale d'Allemagne. Why Jogi Löw, head coach of Germany's national football team, has a vote – and other things you need to know. La première exception eut lieu lors des élections de 2010 car Horst Köhler a démissionné de son poste avant la fin de son mandat. According to article 81 of the German constitution, the president can declare a "Legislation Emergency" and allow the federal government and the Bundesrat to enact laws without the approval of the Bundestag. Conformément à la Constitution, le président du gouvernement Vladimir Poutine assure l'intérim. Only in cases in which the incumbent president had serious doubts about the constitutionality of a bill laid before him, he has refused to sign it. nommer et révoquer les ministres fédéraux sur proposition du chancelier ; nommer et révoquer les juges fédéraux, les fonctionnaires fédéraux, les officiers et sous-officiers, sauf décision contraire des ordres et décrets ; promulguer l'adoption de l'état de défense en cas d'attaque ; convoquer la Commission sur le financement des partis politiques d'après la loi sur les partis politiques. Horst Köhler, upon his resignation on May 31, 2010, became the first president to trigger this re-election process. In a ceremony at Schloss Bellevue on 1 October, the Federal President awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany to 15 citizens in celebration of the Day of German Unity. In a ceremony at Schloss Bellevue on 1 October, the Federal President awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany to 15 citizens in celebration of the Day of German Unity. He also sends letters of congratulations to centenarians and long-time married couples.[19]. [25] Similarly, when Christian Wulff resigned in 2012, it was Horst Seehofer, Minister-President of Bavaria, as President of the Bundesrat, who assumed the powers and duties of head of state. Ainsi, ces dernières années, de nombreuses Premières dames ont été considérées comme des atouts importants du mandat présidentiel de leurs époux. Le conjoint du président fédéral peut peser un certain poids sur la scène publique. L'actuel président fédéral est, depuis le 19 mars 2017, le social-démocrate Frank-Walter Steinmeier, ancien ministre fédéral des Affaires étrangères. Given the terms provided by the constitution, it is unlikely that the government can enact more than one other draft law in this way. It is not required that state electors are chosen from the members of the state legislature; often some prominent citizens are chosen. The person who receives the votes of a majority of the Federal Assembly members is elected. Four presidents were ministers in the federal government before entering office (Lübke Agriculture, Heinemann Justice, Scheel, Steinmeier Foreign Affairs), two of them (Scheel, Steinmeier) having been Vice Chancellor of Germany. (German), Official website of the Federal President of Germany, Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, head of government of one of the sixteen German states, President of the Senate and Mayor of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records, Air transports of heads of state and government, Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, https://www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de/e/es20140610_2bve000413.html, "Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany", "Amtseid à la Obama – Verfassungsrechtliche Grundfragen und Probleme des Amtseids nach dem Grundgesetz". Also, in some cases, a president has signed a law while asking that the political parties refer the case to the Federal Constitutional Court in order to test the law's constitutionality. Because the reunification of Germany in 1990 was accomplished by the five East German states joining the Federal Republic, the president became the president of all German states without the establishment of a new presidential office. If the office of president falls vacant, they temporarily assume the powers of the president and acts as head of state until a successor is elected, but does not assume the office of president as such (which would be unconstitutional, as no member of a legislature or government at federal or state level can be president at the same time). Après avoir quitté sa fonction, des émoluments continuent à lui être versés à titre honoraire[18]. [15] Usually, the president checks if the law was passed according to the order mandated by the Constitution and/or if the content of the law is constitutional. The Federal President of Germany – Official Functions. Après le contreseing du ministre fédéral compétent et du chancelier fédéral, les lois fédérales sont signées par le président fédéral : il s'agit de la promulgation. He dismisses the government and can dissolve parliament prematurely in exceptional cases. At Schloss Bellevue, Madam Halimah and her husband, Mr Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee, were welcomed by Dr Steinmeier and his wife Elke Budenbender. For example, in 2010, Wulff was expected to win on the first ballot, as the parties supporting him (CDU, CSU and FDP) had a stable absolute majority in the Federal Convention. Aufl. On taking office the president must take the following oath, stipulated by Article 56 of the Basic Law, in a joint session of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat (it is the only event that demands such a joint session constitutionally). According to a long-standing adage in German politics, "if you can create a President, you can form a government. After a president has declared the state of emergency for the first time, the government has only six months to use the procedure for other law proposals. Avant d'entrer en fonction, il est sommé de démissionner de toutes les fonctions qu'il puisse occuper. Therefore, the president also receives the chancellor regularly for talks on current policy issues. In his video contribution he says: "No-one is safe from COVID-19; no-one is safe until we are all safe from it. The Weimar constitution provided that the president be directly elected and serve a seven-year term. And you can also contact public authorities and take advantage of services for the citizens. Dönitz agreed to the surrender to the Allies and was arrested a few days later.[29]. Depuis 1979 jusqu'en 2009, toutes ces conventions se sont déroulées le 23 mai, date de la fondation de la République fédérale en 1949. Dans le cas contraire, il reste obligé de la promulguer afin de permettre le recours au Tribunal constitutionnel fédéral. Bryde, in: von Münch/Kunig, GGK III, 5. Geneva, 13 June 2019 (WMO) - The World Meteorological Congress today elected Gerhard Adrian of Germany as President of the World Meteorological Organization for a four-year term in office. The modern-day position of German president is significantly different from the Reich President of the Weimar Republic – a position which held considerable power and was regarded as an important figure in political life.[27]. Dans la pratique, et selon l'opinion majoritaire, la procédure a un aspect formel (les dispositions procédurales de la Loi fondamentale), et un aspect matériel (droits fondamentaux, définition des buts de l’État, organisation de l’État). Basically, the president is free to act on his own discretion. Pour exemple, Karl Carstens avec, entre autres, la Loi sur la responsabilité de l’État de 1981 ; Richard von Weizsäcker lors de la réforme du financement des partis politiques et la loi sur l'énergie atomique de 1994 ; Johannes Rau avec la loi sur l'immigration de 2002 et Horst Köhler avec la loi sur la sécurité aérienne de 2006. Upon the death of Wilhelm Pieck in 1960, the office of president was replaced by a collective head of state, the Staatsrat ("State Council").

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