peter parker hides injury fanfic

However, on this particular day he was struggling to. "Look if I hadn't been so regardless, none of this would have happened.". Bruce slowly started intubating Peter, but Peter's poor body did not like it. Knocking on the door and letting himself in, Tony yelled,"Hello? If you know what scene, let me know. D.A.D. Peter raced downstairs to grab a granola bar for breakfast. Everything is going to be fine. It's okay, Bruce will fix you up. "The teachers are looking for you- they knew you wouldn't just skip class. Tony stills the motion, covering Peter’s hand with his own. The only problem is, Peter wasn't exactly told what the mission entailed and now he's blindly trying to rescue his mentor and complete whatever the heck he's meant to complete. One shots of Peter (Spider-Man) with wounds, sickness, bullies, and injuries! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "I'm okay, thanks for the concern. We've got you. Like the identity of the new superhero in town, Spiderman. "Peter, I'm going to look at your other injuries now. Especially if said injury just so happened to have happened while inside of Tony Stark's private lab. They won in this AU so the audience is spared the pain. Strange's number? I thought you were totally gonna be late!" To all the people who read this story and took the time to comment and leave kudos , THANK YOU! Happy is a good guy.So Peter isn’t sure why the whole thing makes him feel on edge. Peter was cut short by both of Tony and Steve's hands coming in to stop him from saying anymore. Before he got to say goodbye? But Peter saw, he saw how hard Tony wanted to help, but just didn't know how. He tried to focus on the voice, utterly failing. Tony do something. It was one of his enhanced abilities that he hadn't told Tony about because of the way he always freaked out when Peter got new abilities. Peter blew his nose. "Well what's the plan Tony." Please Mr. Stark. The edges sparked orange, the welcoming sight of The Sanctum on the other side. He only hoped he could escape before Steve- or worse, Nat- saw him coughing. Romanoff?". If so, call him." The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Hey losers. "You okay? He knew he had a few broken bones and they would have to be put back into place, as soon as possible, but he wasn't sure he could stand it. Peter sat up. Sorry about the mess, don’t worry, I’ve got this covered...” The eyes on Peter’s suit drift shut as his head dropped onto the floor. Of course, this had sounded good at the time. You look horrible.". Steven Strange looked at the boy who had fallen asleep on his lap. Bruce didn't know what he expected, but it definitely wasn't that. "No, man. Hide Out: A Spiderman and Avengers fanfic 114K Reads 3.7K Votes 17 Part Story. He quickly gave peter as much sedation as possible, but Peter's eyes never left Bruce's. I probably shouldn't bother you, but-", "No," Strange said softly, interrupting the ailing boy,"It's fine. Looking through a window at the sanctum, he saw Peter with his head on Strange's lap. Sniveling and nauseously, Peter hugged Tony, falling to his kness. He instantly regrated feeling it though. I should have been more careful. You alright Pete? Someone else took the burden from him. How am I meant to get down?" Bruce saves Peter. With a worried Tony Stark, Aunt May and the whole host of Avengers: Peter doesn't face this immense recovery alone. Even Spider-Man had his limits. ", Strange picked Peter up, and conjured a portal. Steve had started shuffling his feet, feeling more and more uncomfortable with peter and Tony's heart to heart moment. "Oh, my." NO plot changes, but just a happier conclusion and a little EPILOGUE! They ran to Bruce in the med bay, who they had forgotten to tell about this incident. Let's go home, alright? Parker." Sometimes he loved having a wizard for an uncle. Peter caught up with Ned later, after sprinting for about ten minutes. But he kinda wishes he hadn't. Peter looked up at him with bleary eyes. Ned looked at him. Peter talks Ned into going to an awesome retro night at the skating rink. Peter nodded knowing what had to be done. His nose began to run, further adding to his pitiful look. ", "Look even if the place starts blowing up, Peter has enhanced healing abilities, so he'll be fine. Peter thought it was a better time than any to come clean. It's a peter parker fanfic, time travel, and I cannot recall it's title/name. He needed to do something. ", Heart disintegrating, Tony took the kid into his arms and said," I thought you sounded sick this morning. Peter was mumbling in a bit of discomfort. Peter couldn't open his eyes, he could feel and hear everything, but he couldn't manage to lift his heavy eyelids. Steve turned away, trying to hide his blushing face growing more intense with everyone staring at him. Despite his mentor's obvious misgivings, Peter confident that he'll be absolutely fine. Please. Peter Parker had been settling into the team. "Peter. Sneezing repeatedly, he yelled a congested goodbye. Aunt May does her best to be supportive of her superhero nephew and Ned is always there to be his Guy in the Chair. Parker?" Peter confessed that he felt like crap. Peter had always been so attached to Tony that whenever Peter was hurt Tony never left for the fear the boy would start panicking, so Bruce wasn't sure if to tell him that he had left or not. "Do you have Mr. We had to re-intubate you, but you'll be okay." Parker.". The Closed Heart -NOW WITH UPDATED ENDING!! You'll be okay.". The surfaces were not only something that attracted such a force, one very similar to the force Peter gave off when he used is web shooters or his enhanced abilities, but were also highly destructive to anything that tried to penetrate them. Peter squinted, finally seeing his rescuer. The edges sparked orange, the welcoming sight of The Sanctum on the other side. He wanted to scream and push It away. Mr. Stark? Tony heard a crash from somewhere in the building, causing his hands to shake and ignite a spark in the wires he was working with.“Shit! Steve picked him up as gently as he could, knowing how much pain that being almost pulled to shreds felt. I'm here to retrieve the kid!". It took everything inside of him to stop himself from jerking away from the stabbing pain, his body just wanting to react even as his brain knew that would just make things worse. Everything will be alright.". "mmhmm." Don’t think like that. But he gets no rest. Peter had spoken so softly he hadn't been sure if anyone heard, but they all turned to look at him. Please consider turning it on! "Here." You're going to have to help me out.". I mean, he has his regrets of course, but he's fine. Before he knew it, the bell rang. After some more calming words from them all, peter finally started to calm down, only when they had all promised not to leave. "He is still conscious, how?" 02/11/2020: I have updated the grammar and ending to this story. "Peter. Ned came in a few minutes later. marvel, ironman, tonystark. D.A.D. Peter had just finished his sandwich when he felt the hairs on his arm stand up and the sudden feeling that there was danger hit him. He could hear Bruce calling out to him with panic rising in his voice. Raising his hand, Peter asked to go to the bathroom as the pain in his stomach got worse. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (31), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types (5), May Parker (Spider-Man) & Peter Parker (6), Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure (38), Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure.

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