orphanage in a sentence

There are, besides, industrial schools for boys and girls and for Roman Catholic children, a Female School of Industry, the Seabank Rescue Home, Nazareth House and Orphanage, St Martha's Home for Girls, St Margaret's Convalescent Home and Sisterhood, House of Bethany, the Convent of the Sacred Heart and the Educational Trust School. The white-haired professor who runs the orphanage with the one-legged lady is more preoccupied by his experiments. Orphanage food that she was used to. It is the centre of Bosnian education, containing the celebrated orphanage founded in 1869 by Miss Irby and Miss Mackenzie (afterwards Lady Sebright); the Scheriat-Schule, which derives its name from the Turkish code or scheri, and is maintained by the state for Moslem law-students; a gymnasium, a technical institute and a teachers' training-college. The Augustinian monastery, in which Luther lived as a friar, is now used as an orphanage, under the name of the Martinsstift. He officially changed his name when he was emancipated from the orphanage as a way to establish his identity as a "victorious new man.". With Belén Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Príncep, Mabel Rivera. The pathos at the underfunded orphanage left me overwhelmed. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Among the charitable institutions are the general hospitals (Harper, Grace and St Mary's); the Detroit Emergency, the Children's Free and the United States Marine hospitals; St Luke's hospital, church home, and orphanage; the House of Providence (a maternity hospital and infant asylum); the Woman's hospital and foundling's home; the Home for convalescent children, &c. In 1894 the mayor, Hazen Senter Pingree (1842-1901), instituted the practice of preparing, through municipal aid and supervision, large tracts of vacant land in and about the city for the growing of potatoes and other vegetables and then, in conjunction with the board of poor commissioners, assigning it in small lots to families of the unemployed, and furnishing them with seed for planting. The orphanage is an absolute charity operation, under the wing of Grupo Amor, that new church in '92, now 1,800 strong with four Sunday services to accommodate growth. Jerusalem Church thrived with a new red-brick edifice, which was completed in 1769. The estate itself, after passing through various hands, came in 1870 into the possession of the "Association of the Evangelical Lutheran Church for Works of Mercy," which established here an orphanage, known as the "Martin Luther Orphan Home.". In plain English, the orphanage is dedicated to helping children grow up, get an education and find their place in the real world. in 1910, the Immaculate Heart Academy (Roman Catholic), the Jefferson County Orphan Asylum (1859), the St Patrick's Orphanage (1897; under the Sisters of St Joseph), the Henry Keep Home (1879), for aged men and women, St Joachim's Hospital (1896; under the Sisters of Mercy), and the House of the Good Samaritan (1882). They also have some orphanages, schools and medical dispensaries, under the care of sisters of charity of St Vincent de Paul. I promised to protect you, all those years ago at the, My name wasn't always Noli you know, the people at the, By that time they say the baby would already have spent a long time in care or in an, Eventually he began taking them on trips to the Jersey shore and to an, Anton came over to him when he was busking for the new, I'd make sure my family and friends were okay and maybe start an, A care worker from Great Oakley is getting ready to spend three months working in a Madagascan, A woman with AIDS, whose child faces not just the risk of early, He was from a humble social background, raised either in a village or an, Any child without parents or grandparents to care for it was placed in a state, They never did make any sense and were often contorted versions of a day at the, Unfortunately for Stanley, these are the footgear of baseball player Clyde Livingstone, who has donated them to a local, He was removed from his family as a young boy and spent four and a half years in an, But only this morning, 12 new foundlings were left at the, A group of ex-pats had clubbed together to provide pressies for an, Our trip was very successful as we undertook a lot of work for the, Following the expulsion of the Lazarist priests the school is transformed into an, On Monday morning Julie, Marco and Ben were in the, One of the village's primary school teachers, who taught at the, She first spotted him asleep on the floor of an, My mind is seared by the memory of our arrival at the, His volunteers have to pay for their flight, insurance and pocket money, but the, As well, the spectre of death hangs over the film in another sense, as an undetonated bomb sits in the middle of the, She took out money raised in a March fair and used it to buy basics for the, She bathes the ulcerated foot of a small child at Madam Carr's, By day, she cares for her children in a bombed-out milk factory that hosts her, In 2012, Nicholas and Chris Grava worked at an. There are a number of interesting old buildings in the city - a government house, several churches, a Jesuit college, a Franciscan convent and a girls' orphanage. 6. He could smell the harsh carbolic soap of the, 1. He looked the same as when he'd come for her at the orphanage. There is also (at Oxford) an Orphanage for the Colored (1883), which was established by the " Wake and Shiloh Associations of the Colored Baptist Church," first received state aid in 1891, and is now supported chiefly by the state. At von Cansteln's death he left the Institute to the care of his friend August Hermann Francke, founder in 1698 of the famous Waisenhaus (orphanage) at Halle. His powers of organization were strongly exhibited in the Pastors' College, the Orphanage (at Stockwell), the Tabernacle Almshouses, the Colportage Association for selling religious books, and the gratuitous book fund which grew up under his care. © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. During one storyline it was revealed that Christian's father Albert abandoned his family and Victor's mother was forced to put a seven year old Christian into an orphanage because she could not care for him. Orphanage in a sentence 1. Sentencedict.com try its best to gather and create good sentences. 2. It possesses an old town hall dating from 1566, a hospital, a lunatic asylum, an orphanage, and a large parish church rebuilt in 1756; but the chief interest centres in the church of the Holy Sepulchre, built in 1337, which attracts thousands of pilgrims to its Porta Caeli or Gaadenpforte (Gate of Mercy) opened annually on Michaelmas eve and closed again on the 4th of October. Amongst the principal buildings are the town house (1815), with a tower and spire; the town hall (1873); the library (1887) founded by James Moffat, a merchant of the burgh, and the Carnegie Park Orphanage, also provided from the same bequest. He revealed that he had never known his father and had been raised in foster homes, as well as an, 30. Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. white-haired professor who runs the orphanage with the one-legged lady is more preoccupied by his experiments. The girl remains at the orphanage until she ages out or is adopted. 6. At Sharanpur is a Christian village, with an orphanage of the C.M.S., founded in 1854. A residential institution for the care and education of orphans. I was shipped to an orphanage in. For most people, the word orphanage conjures cold Dickensian images of cruelty to children -- and yet whenever I write that children under five should never be kept in institutional care, I hear from people who vigorously defend such facilities. 47. The Salzburgers also established the first Sunday school in Georgia in 1734 and the first orphanage in 1737. 66+1 sentence examples: 1. When she was orphaned,her uncle sent her to.

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