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Weeds - Weed Gallery, Pesticide Application Greenhouse and Processing Crops, Harrow Research Station Fax: 519-763-8933 A pilot project utilizing these grinders in commercial operations is being planned for this fall. the production and quality of potatoes, carrots, radishes, horseradish, Ridgetown that deal with pest control products and plant health, Liaise with industry, provinces, federal government and other countries Frequent rains persisted for several weeks following tasselling. | Harvest & Postharvest | Business Manager (A), Guelph Fax: 519-826-3567 Manager (A), Guelph amount, fertigation, permits. It is prepared by the Crop Talk discusses field crop (corn, soybean, cereals, forages, edible beans, canola, etc) production issues in Ontario. If possible, segregate contaminated corn separately. According to the Ontario Apple Growers, the apple industry generates overall economic activity of $634 million in Ontario, with a contribution of $351 million to Ontario’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and related employment of more than 5,100 full-time direct and indirect jobs, both in production and processing industries. Follings, who holds a MSc. The key learning and outcomes from these collaborations are captured at “Field Crop News”. You can opt-out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email. Newsletters, OMAFRA Horticulture After a hot summer, nothing says “autumn” like biting into a fresh, crisp Ontario apple. information for greenhouse vegetable production systems, Collaborate on greenhouse vegetable production and energy research 1 Stone Road West, 1st Floor N1G 4Y2 2020 Ontario Grain Corn Ear Mould and Deoxynivalenol (DON) Mycotoxin Survey, on 2020 Ontario Grain Corn Ear Mould and Deoxynivalenol (DON) Mycotoxin Survey, Non-corn options for livestock producers to manage Bt-resistant corn rootworm, Understanding the Impact and Measures Needed to Address Bt Resistant Rootworm, Mitigation Measures for Bt Resistant Corn Rootworm, Revised October 2020 – Canadian Bt Corn Trait Tables with Events and Resistance Status, Great Lakes and Maritimes Pest Monitoring Network. TTY 1-855-696-2811 pest management, Prevent the introduction and facilitate the eradication or management E-mail: albert.tenuta@ontario.ca, Holly Dolan University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus, Agronomy Building Minor Use Co-ordinator, Guelph Cell: 519-400-3636 Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. | Tools & Additional Resources |, | Managing the Crop | Soil, Crop Innovations Specialist, Guelph Box 7000, 4890 Victoria Avenue North, Vineland Station L0R 2E0 Cell: 519-410-0624 14, Issue #3 - September 2014, Volume In high risk or severely infected fields, growers should consider harvesting at higher moisture and drying below 15%. Cell: 519-688-5016 nutrient management planning and phosphorus use, Production and storage strategies to improve the productivity and Cell: 519-428-4340 Conservation and Management, Green Energy Fax: 519-826-4964 E-mail: kathryn.carter@ontario.ca, Travis Cranmer 16, Issue #3 - September 2016, Volume List Servs & Mailgroups, Soil, 1 Stone Road West, 3rd Floor Our users are Crop Specialists who work with OMAFRA, like Tracey Baute, a Field Crop Entomologist who specialises in studying insects, their behaviors, and their environments. Greenhouse and Processing Crops, Harrow Research Station Sincere thanks to those who assist in co-ordination and collection of samples: Agris Co-operative, Anderson Agronomy Services, Belmont Farm Supply, Benjamins Agronomy Services, Campbellford Farm Supply, Clark Agri Service, FS Partners, Hoegy’s Farm Supply, Holmes Agro, Lakeside Grain & Feed, Lockie Farms Grain Elevator, MacEwen Agricentre, Maizex Seeds, Parrish and Heimbecker, P.T. Crops OMAFRA Field Crop Report – September 3, 2020 We would like to thank Tyler Blauel for covering the root vegetable specialist position over the past few months! Variety Trial Information, Soil Fertility to know the last modified date for this page, please contact the webmaster Co-authored with Albert Tenuta, Field Crop Pathologist, OMAFRA. E-mail: cassandra.russell2@ontario.ca, Kristy Grigg-McGuffin PO Box 400, 120 Main Street East N0P 2C0 OMAFRA Field Crop Specialists. Ginseng and Medicinal Herbs Specialist, Simcoe Email: joanna.follings@ontario.ca, Jake Munroe (A) Drift Video, Pesticide Drift from DON results from the past ten Ontario grain corn ear mould and DON surveys. dealing with plant disease issues, Development of a Plant Health Strategy for Ontario Agriculture, Verifies and validates new disease management techniques and technology E-mail: sean.westerveld@ontario.ca, James Dyck Handbook, Sources of Soil Guide to Food Processing in Ontario, Programs and Services

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