norway climate change act

The political platform adopted by the government after the Christian People’s Party joined the ruling coalition, stated that this goal would be increased to a 90-95% emissions reduction (Government of Norway, 2019). If all government NDCs were in this range, warming could be held below, but not well below, 2°C and still be too high to be consistent with the Paris Agreement 1.5°C limit. Climate Change Laws of the World uses cookies to make the site simpler. The effect of Norway's participation in the EU Emissions Trading System is to be taken into account in assessing progress towards this target. In June 2017, the Norwegian Government adopted the goal of Norway becoming a “low-carbon society” by 2050. Hold down the Ctrl key (PC) or Cmd key (MAC) and press "+" to enlarge or "-" to reduce the text size. REACT  promotes collective climate action and systemic transformation through a merger of science, entertainment, advertising, technology, education and mass communication. Bring a new perspective or become a member of your national REACT team. Få svar på ofte stilte spørsmål her (FAQ). Climate Change Act. Section 2. Enable Javascript in your browser for an improved experience of regjeringen.no. This would result in a 26–39% reduction of GHG emissions excluding LULUCF in the year 2020. This goal, ingrained in the Climate Change Act, has been quantified as an 80–95% reduction in GHG emissions from 1990 levels. This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian version of the Act and is provided for information purposes only. Individuals are in the core of the fight against climate changes. Professor  The purpose of the Act is also to promote transparency and public debate on the status, direction and progress of this work. 72 relating to petroleum activities, Act 21 December 1990 No. Making people act requires emotionally sensitive approaches to information and guidance for why strict consumption policies are currently needed. You can disable the usage of cookies in your browser settings. Also, whereas Norway stated in its first NDC it would adopt a binding carbon neutrality before 2030, the updated NDC includes no reference to such a goal. In the event of any inconsistency, the Norwegian version shall prevail. REACT believes that the collective change can happen painlessly. A low-emission society means one where greenhouse gas emissions, on the basis of the best available scientific knowledge, global emission trends and national circumstances, have been reduced in order to avert adverse impacts of global warming, as described in Article 2 1. aims at awakening the general public and involving them in negating the environmental consequences of overconsumption through collective climate actions, while governments work to reach a consensus and complete the transition to green technologies. how Norway can achieve the climate targets set out in sections 3-5; the expected effect of the proposed budget on greenhouse gas emissions. The following persons are responsible for the Ministry of Climate and Environment's website: Editor-in-chief: Jon BergWeb-editor: Martin Lerberg FossumTelephone: +47 22 24 57 11 Email: postmottak@kld.dep.no, Contact employees in the Ministry: Depkatalog, Olaug Vervik Bollestad (Christian Democratic Party), Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (Christian Democratic Party), Dag-Inge Ulstein (Christian Democratic Party), Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Linda Hofstad Helleland (Conservative Party), Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen (Conservative Party), Knut Arild Hareide (Christian Democratic Party). Contact us to become a part of REACT. 12 relating to scientific research and exploration for and exploitation of subsea natural resources other than petroleum resources. Law | Select two options from the dropdown menus below to get started. Law | Date: 16/06/2017 | Ministry of Climate and Environment. The translation is provided by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Climate change - The EU is Norway's closest partner in global climate policy. ing with the youth: Our children are to experience the consequences of inaction in full. Department of Psychology, NTNU This Act applies to the emissions and removals of greenhouse gases covered by Norway's first nationally determined contribution submitted under the Paris Agreement of 12 December 2015. 72 relating to tax on discharge of CO2 in the petroleum activities on the continental shelf, Act of 21 June 1963 No. 72 relating to petroleum activities; Act 21 December 1990 No. For information on Norway’s original submission in 2016, see our comparison assessment of Norway’s NDCs. REACT emphasizes the fact that more than 70% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be attributed to individual consumption of energy and goods. If you continue to browse this website without changing your settings, you consent to the use of cookies and other similar technologies. Take your climate action to the next level. According to these projections, Norway will not be able to meet its Kyoto target (see figure) without acquiring emission units internationally. Climate change (and other types of pollution) is driven by our excessive consumption.

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