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In the event you do not have access to computers, you may also file claims through a phone call. Once you establish that you are monetarily eligible and that you lost your job due to no fault of yours, you will gain qualification for monetary benefits. Also, if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities or the schemes introduced by the department, contact DES by calling. Records show 30+ work orders for computer errors, delays with NC unemployment system. Thanks! Citizens of North Carolina may apply for unemployment benefits if they were ‘laid off’ from work. I need to know what is taking y’all so long. The General Assembly approved the increase at the beginning of September, but it has been complicated to implement, the state Division of Employment Security has said. is a set of three-month time periods used to categorize a base year, as a base year consists of four quarters. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website. The state of North Carolina distinguishes overpayments into two types – Fraudulent and Non-Fraudulent. Before making a decision on your employment, please call the Unemployment Office. The US average maximum total benefit is $12,622, with NC providing only about one-third of that average national figure. Something needs to be done! Make sure to check the status at regular intervals. . The maximum number of weeks that the regular state system pays right now is 12. You will have to create a login ID and password to create your new online account. Cooper said he has started applying for NC to get the new $400 unemployment benefits that President Trump announced. That tracks back to the second week of March, right before mandatory business closures caused an explosion in unemployment claims. I’m looking at weeks before I can even draw a cent if I am even entitled . The pending is with two employers ago and not with the people who fired me so I don’t get what the hold up is at all. Meanwhile, the overall number of people employed grew by 28,000 compared to July, or to 4.51 million people. Unemployment Insurance in North Carolina (NC) - Calculate benefits, determine eligibility, and know more about the various services provided by DES in NC I am a single mom and needed both jobs to pay all my bills. To meet the work registration requirement for unemployment insurance benefits, you must fulfill the following requirements: You should file a claim for benefits if you lost your job due to no fault of your own, you are willing to register for work and actively seeking employment, and you are able and available to work if any work is offered to you. This letter will contain all the necessary information about you, including all the employers you’ve worked for and the wages you’ve received. In order to avoid tax-offset, you may contact a DES recovery specialist by dialing 919-707-1338. It is not rocket science. You must make at least three contacts with potential employers in a week, Follow rules and prevent yourself from committing fraud by providing false or misleading information, or by withholding important information, The most convenient way to file a claim is by doing so through the North Carolina’s Division of Employment website –. North Carolina has set a maximum limit for WBA at $350, In North Carolina, the weekly benefit amount is calculated by adding wages in the last two base period quarters, dividing it by 52 and rounding it to the next lower whole Dollar, You must not have lost your job due to any fault of yours, You must not have quit the job at your own volition, You were not involved in any unethical or illegal activities, resulting in your exit from the previous organization, You were laid off from your work or your working hours were shortened due to lack of work, You must be able and available to work at all times in the weeks you receive monetary benefits, You must possess mental and physical capacity to work, Report any wages you earn during the benefits weeks without fail, Report to the department immediately if you receive employment during the benefits weeks, You must register with the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions for work at, You must actively pursue work throughout the benefits weeks. Any fraudulent cases that exceed $400 can be prosecuted as a felony in the state of North Carolina. Please try visiting the nearest office for quick resolution. This is deplorable that not one single employee can take the time to get an answer for me. Any fraudulent cases that exceed $400 can be prosecuted as a felony in the state of North Carolina. Incidentally, before Republican Governor Pat McCrory and the GOP slashed the payment period and amounts in 2013, it used to be a maximum of $530 and 26 weeks for a total benefit of $13,780, a reduction now of 70%. I’ve waited 4 hours on the phone to be hung up on. They lowered my pay to the standards here plus taken my seniority. Monetary eligibility is a must. Thanks government. That was enough to cut the normal federal extended benefits from 9.6 weeks to six weeks, as of the end of this week. You are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits for any full week covered by separation pay, vacation pay, etc. North Carolina offers Unemployment Insurance to the citizens of the state for those who have lost their jobs for no cause. Depends on a few factors. Only an interested party can file a valid appeal. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly. A Base period is a time frame during which an applicant is expected to have earned the required amount of wages to gain eligibility for unemployment benefits. How is the time for receiving benefits deterimined? Click on the link that says 'Not Registered?'  ×  My job is moving from one part of Charlotte to downtown, which will make my commute go from 20mins to 45mins. Examples for overpayment include undisclosed earnings, fake documents submission, not reporting your new job or your new source of income, etc. Each state has its own way to calculate. Thanks again for your help Sam! Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification. I have no clue what I'm doing. About 891,600 North Carolina workers have been approved for unemployment benefits since the pandemic began, the Division of Employment Security said in a release. You must have received wages in at least two-quarters of your base period, You must have received wages totaling at least six times the average weekly wages during your base period, If you do not have enough wages, your wage criterion is then determined by calculating your wages in the last four completed calendar quarters, immediately before the first day of your benefit period. Okay, I’ll see if I can figure that out. If y’all was getting more people to help during the pandemic of covid 19 we would be able to actually speak to someone about our claim. Your email address will not be published. About to lose everything. No help but the exact same situation. NCWorks offers the following services to job-seekers free of charge: You can avail the following services online on the website of NCWorks: The NCWorks also helps job aspirants find workplace training as the requirements of the job aspirants. My husband worked for almost 20 years for a company here in Charlotte NC. I am still working but things are looking bleak. Today is March the 24th. And of course I can’t get anyone on the phone.

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