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[33] A luminous star around 5.9 times as massive as the Sun, it is a binary star with a blue-white main-sequence star companion likely to be of spectral type B3V to B5V with a mass of just over 5 solar masses,[34] one of the hottest and brightest companions of a cepheid known. The demon Beelzebub, “Lord to the Flies”, stemmed from the demonization of a Canaanite deity, a Lord of Souls and guide to the dead. After a certain amount has accumulated, the star erupts, as it did in 1983, reaching a magnitude of 7.2. So far they are shown ordered to transport their conjuror and torture/killing/assassinate someone. Monsters are the children and descendants of Eve, and other supernatural creatures. One is a constellation and one is an actual fly. The seed grew to become the first human. Harper Sayles is a necromancer who acted as a librarian to kill unsuspecting suitors as a way to maintain her zombie. [67] Extending south from it is the Dark Doodad Nebula, resembling a dark L-shaped river through a bright field of stars. The theory ended up being right when whatever diseases these flies were carrying transferred onto people, strengthening the flies = death belief. Later that night, the man returns and Sam and Charlie witness him abducting a man and carry him off. Today, the name is simply Musca. In Mesopotamia literature, dead bodies are compared to that of flies. Chaosis the younger brother ofGod and the older brother of Pagan, Death,andOberon, he is also the half-brother ofFamine,War, and Pestilence. After multiple people have gone missing outside of Memphis, Tennessee, Charlie Bradbury and Sam Winchester stake out a bus stop where all the prior victims were last seen and come to the conclusion they are possibly dealing with a musca. Chaos is the second Primordial Being, appearing once God retreated a portion of Himself and resulting in the absence of Light in an area. Jean Fortin retained the French name in 1776 for his Atlas Céleste, while Lacaille latinised the name for his revised Coelum Australe Stelliferum in 1763. 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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. What exactly is this fly-man hybrid and does it have any connection to real lore? It was one of 12 constellations created by Petrus Plancius from the observations of Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman, and it first appeared on a celestial globe 35 cm (14 in) in diameter published in 1597 (or 1598) in Amsterdam by Plancius and Jodocus Hondius. When they’re not around rot, they’re around food. Musca MaliCurse FliesShamans of the Flesh, Ability to burrow through victims' skinsLongetivityArmed with razor-sharp claws and feetTorturing/assassinating victims with incurable diseases they carry within. Though every few hundred years a "bad egg" is born among, where male fails to find a mate, resulting in him abandoning his community. The globular cluster NGC 4372 near Gamma Muscae is fainter and likewise partially obscured by dust, but spans more arc minutes. Pagan fought Chaos on his own and the two Primordial Beings were evenly matched, but after God sent the Archangels to fight alongside the Life-Bringer, Chaos was eventually defeated and bound away into a Prison which was locked by a Mark given to Helel. [6] Lacaille renamed it to Musca Australis, the Southern Fly—Australis, since it counterparted the now discarded constellation of Musca Borealis composed of a few stars in Aries, and to avoid confusion with Apus. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. [49] HD 112410 is a yellow giant of spectral type G8III located around 439 light-years distant. [63] West of Epsilon Muscae is NGC 4071, a large, diffuse planetary nebula of magnitude 12.7 with a magnitude 12 central star,[62] thought to lie around 4000 light-years away from Earth. No matter whether alone or in a swarm, one must never underestimate Musca Malis. [36] TU Muscae is a binary star system located around 15,500 light-years away made up of two hot, luminous, blue main-sequence stars of spectral types O7.5V and O9.5V,[38][39] with masses 23 and 15 times that of the Sun. [16] With an apparent magnitude of 3.62, Delta is an orange giant of spectral type K2III located around 91 light-years away. http://supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=Musca&oldid=172211. [18] It is around five times as massive as our Sun. A few things are made up for the show though, like khan worms, jefferson starships, and musca (a genus of fly in real life). Their existences have been recorded in lore, but no one has ever seen one in real life. [57], Located on the border with Circinus is the unusual planetary nebula NGC 5189,[8] estimated to be around 1750 light-years away from Earth. degrees, which makes up 0.34% of the night sky; Musca is the 77th largest constellation. The constellation also contains two cepheid variables visible to the naked eye. [17] Marking the fly's tail is Gamma Muscae,[16] a blue-white star of spectral type B5V that varies between magnitudes 3.84 and 3.86 over a period of 2.7 days. It was originally called De Vlieghe, which is Dutch for “the fly.”. [11], Musca is bordered by Crux to the north, Carina to the west, Chamaeleon to the south, Apus and Circinus to the east, and Centaurus to the northeast. [36] It consists of a spectroscopic binary system composed of the Wolf–Rayet star (spectral type: WC5 or 6) and an O-type main-sequence star (spectral type: O6 or O7) that orbit each other every 19 days and a blue supergiant (spectral type: O9.5/B0Iab) set about 46 milliarcseconds apart from them. The flies are loyal toward their conjurors and is willing to do his/her bidding in spite of their aggression. [26] Epsilon Muscae is a red giant of spectral type M5III and semiregular variable that ranges between magnitudes 3.99 and 4.31 over approximately 40 days. Sarcophaga SamanoMusca MaliCurse FliesShamans of the Flesh Covering 138 square degrees and 0.335% of the night sky, it ranks 77th of the 88 constellations in size. Its extremely low metallicity indicates it is very old—one of the oldest clusters in the Milky Way. A dead body is bad enough, but seeing a dead body surrounded by a black cloud made from gathered flies is worse. The comparatively old globular cluster NGC 4833 near Delta Muscae was catalogued by Lacaille in 1755. In the equatorial coordinate system, the right ascension coordinates of these borders lie between 11h 19.3m and 13h 51.1m , while the declination coordinates are between −64.64° and −75.68°. The flies often fly in swarm, as it would made them easily killed a victim in few seconds. As the Primordial Being of Darkness Chaos is immensely powerful being equal in scope to his siblings. [15] Altogether there are 62 stars brighter than magnitude 6.5 in the constellation. His only thought when attacking the Nephesh and Leviathan was that the Primordial Beings did not need anyone else aside from themselves or beings similar in power and intelligence to the Archangels and that with the creation of these beings his family would drift apart. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also transport disease-causing organisms and lay eggs in rotting meat. Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on All Television and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. It was something no one was meant to achieve, and for attempting to do so, the poor scientist was punished by being turned into a fly. Chaos is directly responsible for the existence of the Leviathan and Pantheons, and indirectly responsible for demons made from human souls existing due to influencing and hiding Helel, or Lucifer, from the other Primordial Beings for five days. [3] It first appeared on a 35-cm-diameter (14-in) celestial globe published in 1598 in Amsterdam by Plancius with Jodocus Hondius, though was unnamed. Members Flies were also a symbol of poor behavior and poor judgement. This page was last edited on 29 November 2018, at 12:23. Constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere, This article is about the southern constellation. But I don’t think Supernatural got their fly-man idea from a constellation of stars. The start of fly-hybrids in movies started with the 1958 film The Fly, based off the short story of the same name by George Langelaan. They were originally created by the power of the dreaded Witch Queen herself in the 13th century. They seemed to possesses a degree of intelligence, as one of them, which smuggled by Ellic within 37th Dolan's pen, able to snuck out of the said pen and flew to a member of Witch Council named Glaeser and would've killed her without anyone notice had Kaulder not approach her and quickly secured the fly away. [52][53] It is surrounded by a circumstellar debris disk from a distance of 0.2 to 4 AU, and again from 13 AU out to a few hundred AU, with evidence for a protoplanet forming at a distance around 47 AU.

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