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Mostly because of his anxiety, morphine use (don't worry, he keeps it under control with suboxone — as you do — until he finally detoxes), and other mental issues, what Elliot tells the viewers as he breaks the fourth wall should always be questioned. While Evil Corp is down, they are certainly not out and though the corporation is evil, they are not faceless, with the political power players also getting significant screen time on Mr. She knew that another one of Elliot’s personalities was in the driver’s seat this whole time but she went along with it anyway. Robot season two premieres Wednesday, July 13 at 10 p.m. on USA. Elliot has struggled with dissociative identity disorder, anxiety, and clinical depression, and the ending reveals that he's created multiple personalities to help him deal with his trauma. Robot as a series ends up being a touching reunion between two characters whose actors have actually shared plenty of screen time together already. Fsociety attempts to penetrate Steel Mountain, the most secure data facility in America, while Angela makes an important decision. Robot is actually Elliot, but the delusion appears to him in the body of his dead dad. She meets with a lawyer to reopen the toxic waste case against E Corp and it ends up in a job offer from Terry Colby. If you watched the two-part finale and are still reeling from that final turn of events, here's the series finale, explained. He's approached by Mr. Fsociety meets at a secret Coney Island headquarters and its members, beyond Elliot/Mr. After inserting the Dark Army virus into Alsace, Angela quit the cybersecurity firm and moved in with her dad to re-open the lawsuit against E Corp. for the cover-up of the toxic waste leak that gave leukemia to Elliot’s father and her mother. She made a deal with E Corp. that landed her a job at the conglomerate and got the E Corp. CTO to testify about the cover-up. E Corp. — what he calls Evil Corp. — was brought down by fsociety’s ambitious hack, throwing the world’s economy into chaos and erasing thousands of people’s debts to the conglomerate. Soon the projection becomes an iris…Elliot Alderson’s iris. Next came the mother personality, the Persecutor, who represented Elliot’s belief that he was somehow responsible for his own abuse and that he had to pay for it. The real Elliot had a father and mother who loved him in this fantasy, to go along with a good job, and Angela as his bride-to-be. "For a while, we thought we had identified all of Elliot's personalities, but there's another one who came about not too long ago," she said about the mastermind persona. Through threats and blackmail Tyrell gets Elliot to bring him to fsociety’s arcade headquarters, but that’s the last we see of him. Robot, but just like Fight Club (and Esmail has no issues with the comparisons), Mr. The Mastermind, Mr. Spoiler alert! That’s why Darlene can’t exist in the fantasy land that The Mastermind created for the real Elliot. A notorious hacker takes an interest in cyber security engineer and vigilante styled computer hacker Elliot, while an evil corporation is hacked. You wanted to shelter him, which is why you changed his past… but it was his future you really wanted to protect. The Persecutor – Elliot’s Mom, Magda Alderson. Only Elliot can see Mr. Robot unveils a similar sideways universe before revealing that what we’re seeing is actually the contents of Elliot Alderson’s consciousness. It's the mic drop of all mic drops. and USA are both part of the NBCUniversal family.) Elliot misses Shayla. Mr. The transgender hacker who leads the Chinese Dark Army vanished after a brief meeting with Elliot to aid them on their E Corp. hack, but appeared at the end of the season, dressed as a man and on rather friendly terms with the CEO of E Corp. He is a TV Editor at Den of Geek and a member of the Television…, Treadstone: The Bourne Saga Continues on Television, Mr. Fixing Elliot’s past wasn’t enough for The Mastermind though. Robot Ending Explained: Hello, Elliot; Features Mr. Robot fashion: none of this is real. There's more where that came from, but Slater's reappearance in Season 2 means that Elliot isn't done letting this vision of his dead father lead the cyber revolution against Evil Corp. Her explanation of what really happened — what was real and what was not, is all we have to ground any sort of truth in the show. Robot was as full of twists and turns as some of the rides at fsociety's headquarters at Coney Island. They are: Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! 2. In his utopian world, his parents didn't abuse him, Angela is alive (and they're getting married), and Darlene doesn't exist. This power-hungry sociopath with technical saavy, who uses sex as a weapon and beats up homeless people in his spare time, first meets — and is fascinated by — Elliot during a visit to Allsafe while he's the Senior Vice President of Technology for E Corp. After his boss, Chief Technology Officer Terry Colby, is arrested due to Elliot planting evidence to frame Colby for a cyber attack, Tyrell becomes unhinged — and that's really saying something — when he doesn't land the permanent CTO position. Robot finale explained? Robot. Back in the actual  world, Elliot really did successfully stop Whiterose’s plan – the nukes never went off and the world was saved. And that’s how the conclusion of Mr. ), who ends up dying because of Elliot, or Elliot's therapist Krista Gordon, who Elliot simultaneously emotionally destroys but saves from an unhealthy relationship. He turns to Elliot and presumably assisted him in the major hacking of E Corp, but his whereabouts at the end of Season 1 are far from clear, although Elliot did take him to fsociety's secret headquarters. Mr. The Mastermind understands this but he still needs Darlene to know that even if everything else might be real, he himself is not. Elliot is back in control of his body, mind, and soul for the first time in the show’s history. In what's probably the hardest twist of the knife, the Elliot that we've been following for four seasons isn't the real Elliot, but actually an alternate personality that Elliot has created to protect himself from trauma. Robot' Season 4? In the process it borrows a strategy from another classic sci-fi TV series. Frustrated with his lack of promotions at E Corp., Tyrell allies himself with Elliot to bring down his former place of work. Meet the reclusive, drug-using, cyber security engineer who moonlights as a vigilante hacker — Elliot (Rami Malek). This alternate personality is dubbed "The Mastermind.". Elliot is hesitant about fsociety; Elliot is offered a new job; Elliot worries about Shayla's association with Fernando Vera; Ollie is given a CD outside of Allsafe; Mr. She accepts the role working for the evil corporation, showing a huge shift in her character as she now appears to be pursuing power — but hopefully she'll be using that power for good as she climbs the ranks of Evil Corp. Robot came into existence the moment after Elliot’s real father died before a screening of Back to the Future. This Mr. Robot before embarking on Season 2, which premieres on Wednesday, July 13. Darlene was one of Mr. Robot/Elliot’s first recruits for fsociety, and she was essentially his right-hand man. So without much further ado, let's jump into the big revelation that occurred toward the end of Season 1 of Mr. Robot series finale features a stunning, emotional twist that recontextualizes the entire series. The Mr. However, this backfires when he ends up murdering Scott's wife Sharon during a party for Scott at E Corp. To distract the police from investigating her husband, Joanna breaks her own water and gives birth to a son, but subsequently turns Tyrell away from their lives while he's also fired from E Corp. Robot introduces a third parallel: Tyrell and Elliot. He got everything he ever wanted,” The Mastermind says. If you meet Elliot, he'll hack you, as in scour the Internet for all and any information to judge and possibly manipulate you. If Darlene were there, she would help Elliot “wake up” from The Matrix as it were. Season 1 of Mr. Vera then briefly derailed Elliot’s fsociety plans, manipulating Elliot into hacking him out of prison. If you didn't catch USA's marathon of Season 1 during the weekend before the Season 2 premiere, a refresher of what went down in the life — and mind — of Elliot Alderson will help you prepare for the dark world of cyber hacking when the breakthrough drama returns for a sophomore season. Sadly, after Elliot successfully pulled off the prison breakout, Vera revealed that he had already killed Shayla. Robot continually impresses the importance of Elliot's involvement in fsociety, which is made clear once it's revealed that Elliot is Mr. So that’s  what happens in Mr. Robot’s closing moments. Robot makes Elliot talk about his father. When Elliot doesn’t accept Mr. Robot’s explanation, he turns to Angela in the arcade at Coney Island that once served as fsociety’s headquarters. Tyrell is interrogated by the police and Elliot remembers who he really is. Robot was as full of twists and turns as some of the rides at fsociety's headquarters at Coney Island. Finally, right around the time the events of the series begin, the last and most powerful of Elliot’s identities emerged: The Mastermind. That fails after the Chinese hacker group, the Dark Army, does not follow through on their side of the plan with fsociety. The finale gave one final plot twist that probably left viewers with more unanswered questions than they had at the beginning of the season — one final mic drop to leave the series sitting with viewers for some time. We watch as the projector grows brighter and M83’s lovely song “Outtro” plays. The Mr. "I know why you did it. Mr. But even within the reality of the show, Elliot at times more closely resembled a hacker archetype than a living, breathing, bleeding human being. Robot, Young Elliot, Magda Alderson, and Us take our seats in a theater. Elliot's day job company Allsafe protects Evil Corp from hackers like himself, which poses just a tiny problem. 'Mr. Robot. “I made a safe place for him. At first Elliot and the viewer alike believe that Whiterose’s project to jump into an alternate universe has worked. The loss was so great that the E Corp. EVP of Technology commited suicide on live television, while ecstatic fsociety-masked people celebrated in the streets of New York. Robot was the first of Elliot’s personalities to manifest. Elliot is Mr. There are no fewer than five alternate personalities that exist within Elliot’s brain. photos. Why? Robot — the person behind fsociety. The Mastermind was a reaction to all of Elliot’s rage against an unfair, exploitative world. Instead we’ve been in the thrall of the vengeance-obsessed portion of his personality known only as “The Mastermind.” This is the personality that the manifestation of Elliot’s mom, Magda was referring to when she spoke of “the other one” in season 4’s second episode.

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