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Fluorescent Minerals, Mont Saint-Hilaire Many Bancroft Area minerals are classics. Do I need a passport ? There are several pages of new specimens of pyrite, sphalerite, calcite, dolomite, etc., from the Nanisivik Mine on the site. Look under "Secondary Minerals" for a couple of really nice cuprosklodowskite specimens from Musonoi mine. What Should I Know About Toll Highway 407 ETR ? Stay well! New Prehnite and Pectolite, Jeffrey Mine and Unusual Rocks Ores Yukon Phosphates Added ! There are some new phosphate mineral specimens from Rapid Creek on my website. Check out the unusual association of gold and garnet! All rare and unusual. Perhaps fortunate, for we arrived back at the cars just as the rain clouds decided they were too saturated to hold their water. There are some unusual celestine specimens from one of the limestone quarries near Amherstburg, Ontario, now on the website under South Ontario Limestone Quarries in the main Minerals Listings. Ave added some of the best gersdorffite specimens that I've ever seen to my website. I've added a number of unusual sulphides and sulphosalts to this website. In the afternoon we proceeded to the Beryl pit where the Paterson’s had blasted six feet into the pit floor last summer to loosen and expose fresh pegmatite. Look under "Rocks and Ores" for these. Look in the "Recent Activities" section of this website. Have a look. Calcite ps Ikaite Native Iron I went through my Van Silver Mine Sulphosalt specimens and pulled a few more really good ones out. Please plan ahead and allow three business days for the processing of your permission to collect form. I would like to go mineral collecing with my kids aged 14, 10 and 8. Check out the article on this location in the "Articles" Section of this website. -New specimens Check under "Tsumeb" in the main minerals listing. Rockhound - Finding Fluorite Crystals in Madoc, Ontario. Gold -Rivard Property and Red Lake Mine New Minerals from the Grenville ! Stromeyerite Look under "Altaite". Cubanite Article Zircons and Many Other Minerals Imagine digging in your backyard to install a new deck and unearthing several fossils. I know. There are a number of really nice, new gold specimens on the website. I've added a number of interesting ones to the website. Please check out the "Peru" listings in the main "Minerals" section of this website to see some of them. I've added some very good specimens of Brazilian montebrasite, Itauz Mine copper, Siberian native iron and Moroccan nepheline and schorlomite. Cameras are welcome, but hammers are not. Suolunite, Lac D'Amiante, Quebec I've added some very well crystallized , affordable, small gold specimens from both the San Antonio Mine in Venezuela and Pine Creek, near Atlin, British Columbia. I've added many new specimens to the website particularly United States but, as well, excellent specimens from other parts of the world, England, Russia, France, etc. I've added even more very nice Mont Saint-Hilaire specimens to my website in the main Mineral Listings under "Mont Saint-Hilaire". Check out the pages under "Zeolites, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia" and "Copper, Cape D'Or" to see many new, excellent specimens from the Bay of Fundy region, including Copper, analcime, heulandite, chabazite, stilbite, etc. Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada Natrolite Specimens, Mont Saint-Hilaire Bobdownsite has no fluorine but in its molecule, an OH ion substitutes for the fluorine. Check out the "100 Most Recently Added Mineral Specimens" feature here on the Home Page. Society Girl Mine Pyromorphite As well, there are many other specimens added to the website. If you tried to place and order this way and it did not function, please just let me know or try again? So far, we have only been to an amythest mine in Thunder Bay area. Rare Minerals Look in the main Mineral List. Have a look in my "Recent Activities" section to see in-situ mineralization and calcite vein-dyke collecting pictures. Look under "Cobalt" in the main "Minerals" listing. Look under "Arizona- Lazaraskeite" in the main Minerals listing in the Main Menu to view the lazaraskeite specimens. Old Silver Specimens, Cobalt, Ontario I've added excellent specimens of gormanite, kulanite and a few other phosphate minerals from the famous Rapid Creek area of the Yukon Territory. This is my solution! There is a new batch of beautiful natrolite specimens on the website. You must not have had much. I have added some very nice examples to this website. Unusual Minerals! We will email you back a signed and dated permission to collect form. As mentioned earlier, I recently visited the Cobalt area and collected or bought many new and interesting specimens of the unique minerals from that area. Mont Saint-Hilaire Rarities! I recently acquired the collection of a geologist that specialized in arsenopyrite mineralization. hibschite, berthierine, corundum, carletonite, plus a few other unusual minerals. For a more complete guided package, check out the offerings of Yours Outdoors – a local outdoor experience company. Look for the "NEW" Flags in the Mont Saint Hilaire Pages. I've added some dandy smithsonite specimens on the "Tsumeb" page. We did find specks of molybdenite. Sarabauite, Cosalite, Galenobismutite Cobalt -Silver and Associated Minerals The specimens are in the "Cobalt" pages of the main minerals listing. Of course, one cannot stay in Bancroft and not visit the CN Rock Pile. Check under "Copper" in the main Minerals listing. Directions will be given with the permission to collect form. New Mont Saint-Hilaire! Regardless, it would be irresponsible to condone illegal or unethical behavior. We would have been soaked to the skin had we found the location and commenced collecting. I've added many excellent specimens of crystallized and nodular howlite, from Nova Scotia, to this website. While criminal and civil laws are oftentimes also applied to companies and other legal entities, in most instances, those organizations would likely have people engaging in collecting on their behalf for commercial purposes, which is, itself, relevant to the legality of certain rock, mineral, or fossil collecting activities. I've added a number of old specimens from the Cobalt Mining Camp to my website under "Cobalt, Old Collection" in the main Minerals listing of the website (or in the 100 Most Recently Added" feature). Canadian Minerals Should I drive in winter conditions ? Look under the headings starting with those mineral names in the main listings. I hope that you find them interesting! Michael Bainbridge, the well-known artist and accomplished mineral specimen photographer came to visit me in Newmarket, recently. David explained that the pegmatites on their properties are properly classified as NYF pegmatites as they are enriched in niobium, yttrium, and fluorine. I've put some new specimens of high grade gold from the Croesus and McIntyre Mines on the website. To review the Tripadvisor Forums Posting Guidelines, please follow this link: http://www.tripadvisor.com/pages/forums_posting_guidelines.html.

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