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Characters whose actor played more than one character, the woman she was originally seen possessing, Are You There, God? Seeing how she would rather stick with the angel as he could provide protection against any demonic threat, Meg stayed by Castiel's side. Meg disappears in season 2 and returns in season 5 after Ruby is killed at the end of season 4. When a man pulled up in a van and offered to give her a lift, she accepted his offer; Sam asked, "You trust shady van guy and not me?" "It showed, and he did such a great job. Ghost (Vengeful Spirit, briefly) Human Meg is given a slightly different back story in the animated series. That's her strength... she doesn't take the brothers on unless she has the upper hand. This demon was originally a human. I figured out one thing about this, "Well, I've lied... a lot. Instead of pitch black eyes in her true visage, her eye holes are empty sockets of void. She started to beat Dean up and taunt him, but then Bobby used a hot poker to burn the binding link. [15] Given free rein over the character by production, Aycox also tried to make Meg "very stylized". The two demons step out of their truck and one of them, Rosco tells Meg to better start talking and asks why he shouldn't haul her up to the King's cash window. Meg learned about a binding link which locked demons inside their vessels even if an exorcism was used on them and a spell which made the earth shake violently. While possessing Meg Masters, she cut the former's hair short and kept Meg Masters' naturally blonde hair. She was also hurt that despite her help in defeating the Leviathans, they didn't look for her. ", " I miss the simplicity. ", "Go save your brother... And my unicorn." Rarely, it took quite a while for Me… [9], Crowley is later revealed to have faked his death. I'm gonna order some pizza and we're gonna move some furniture around." When they finally do enter, Cass tries to fix Sam, but has no luck since the 'wall' is nothing but dust. It's Me... Dean Winchester". She has snake fangs included as well. Furious and anxious to obtain the real Colt, she confronted the hunters, only to realize that she had walked right under a Devil's Trap. Meg returns to Lucifer's side to ask for further instructions. Meg possessed at least somewhat of a genuine loyalty to the Winchesters as shown when Crowley told her that they intended to lock away all demons, including her and it didn't change her mind about helping them. Whatever the deal was, in return the two humans would give up their only child. They were momentarily diverted when he blocked their path with holy water, but Tom eventually managed to capture him. Spotting the Winchesters fleeing in the Impala without Castiel, Meg taunted Crowley about his failure and stabbed him in the shoulder with an angel blade. Although a mere black-eyed demon, Meg was shown to be quite strong. ", "We're gonna win! [50] As time passed, she noted that the actress "has done well taking over the role". She is puzzled by her companions' references to trials, but they refuse to explain what they meant because they still don't trust her. Are You There, God? When Sam sees "Meg," he is confused until the entity explains that it is borrowing Meg's form due to its lack of one and it states that the real Meg is still dead. [31] Executive producer Kim Manners had previously directed an episode of the series Over There featuring Aycox, and hand-selected her for the role of Meg. [22] This desperation forces her to work with the Winchesters in later appearances. She desperately wanted hunters Sam and Dean Winchester to help her but they did not realize she was possessed until it was too late to save her. Reblog. Your God may be a dead-beat but mine, mine walks the Earth. Women of Supernatural Creations Challenge | Prompt: Favorite Demon Meg Masters… Meg (her first vessel's name)Nurse MastersPure Evil (by Meg Masters)The Queen (by The Shadow) When her sister saw her body, it drove her to kill herself. Azazel was furious about Meg's exorcism and later tried to torture Dean to death for his role in it as revenge. Meg Masters is a fictional character on The CW Television Network's drama and horror television series Supernatural. He starts to threaten Meg, when Castiel tells him to leave her alone. "[21] Writer Sera Gamble admitted that her favorite aspect of Miner's interpretation of Meg was that "she always looks so annoyed" and found it "delightful" that Miner "always plays things like she's waiting for everybody else to catch up". Meg's ghost was summoned as part of the Rising of the Witnesses (one of the seals holding Lucifer captive that Lilith broke) and sent after the Winchesters to kill them in retribution for her own death. She once more pretended to be Sam in order to gain entry into his house and win his trust, but her ruse was exposed when "Sam" reacted in crippling pain to holy water-laced beer. In Sympathy for the Devil, When Dean works out the meaning of Chuck's message about the location of the Michael Sword, Bobby attacks him, revealing that he is possessed by a demon. Season 9 is the first season to not feature either of the two demons. She immediately began to hemorrhage and die from injuries sustained during her possession; ironically, the demon's presence had been the only thing keeping her body whole and functioning. Once at the mental hospital, Meg greets the boys, and leads them to Castiel's room. Mass murdersConspiracyStalker Kidnapping She was the "daughter" of Azazel and thus the sister of Azazel's "son" Tom. "Meg" (unwillingly) Bobby knocked her unconscious, tied her to a chair, and drew up another devil's trap to keep her helpless. In The Devil You Know, when talking to Bobby about his possession Sam states how he was able to resist Meg's orders and wanted to know how to do it, considering saying yes so he could throw himself into Hell. Sam and Dean called John in for help, as Meg had planned. Afterwards, Meg went into hiding and eventually learned Crowley was still in fact alive and bent on hunting her down. As she is about to reveal that the demons want the angel tablet, contrary to Castiel's cover story, Castiel pleads with Naomi, asking if he has to kill her, something he has done with impunity up to this point. She has scaly snake skin in the color halfway between red and magenta, like a rose. She was among Lucifer's demonic servants in Season 5. He demanded to know how he was supposed to avoid getting killed by her once he did, to which Meg sneered that if he was as good as he was said to be, he'd figure something out. Meg shrugs off shots from the Leviathans and decapitates all of them, but was then captured by Crowley's demons and taken to the King. In Shadow, Meg laid a trap for the Winchesters intended to ensnare John, who was getting too close to finding a way to kill Azazel. In Unity, after entering Death's Reading Room, Sam encounters the Shadow who is once again using the form of Meg. Ein Dämon mit Herz oder zumindest mit teilweise guten Absichten. You find a cause and you serve it. In Are You There, God? Meg's ghost disappeared when Bobby used a spell to dispel the Witnesses. At that point Meg arrives, she jogs Dean's memory to remind him of her in a new vessel while informing Dean that the demons want him dead so he can't stop Lucifer. Eventually, however, she revealed that John was being held in a building in Jefferson City, Missouri. Meg tried to keep Sam away from Dean, but he became worried when Dean didn't answer his phone for hours and decided to go help him despite Meg's entreaties to stay with her. However, they once again found a way to defeat Meg, once again. [51] Like Janson, Steenbergen particularly enjoyed the conversation between Meg and Sam in "Goodbye Stranger". She was introduced in the eleventh episode of season one, "Scarecrow", where she was played by actress Nicki Aycox. The actress enjoyed the flirtation, pointing out that "of course the demon would want the angel to give in to his lesser instincts". Supernatural Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She kisses Dean and orders the possessed Bobby to kill Dean with the Demon-Killing Knife, but just as he is about to strike, Bobby manages to battle the demon and stab himself in the leg instead. Get revenge on Crowley by locking Lucifer in cage. Meg becomes curious of what the boys are up to, with having the Word of God, and wants to see the tablet. Whatever the deal was, in return the two humans would give up their only child. "[52] Miner's incarnation of Meg received praise from Jordan Farley of SFX, as well. She answers saying it is her and lets Cass go first. In Abandon All Hope, Meg apparently found her host's body and joined Lucifer after her encounter with the Winchesters. After they realized she was a demon, they exorcised her out of the young blonde whom she was possessing. Castiel and the Winchesters rescue Meg in the eighth season episode "Goodbye Stranger", and she takes them to the crypt's location. I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little. Sam is confused, but the Shadow explains that Meg is still dead and its just borrowing her face. Dean suddenly used holy water on "Sam" and found out that he was possessed. [32] On developing the character and her storyline, Aycox noted that they "really just felt [their] way through" and described it as "very trial and error". Meg claimed that she had to get away from her family because they were too controlling, a sentiment Sam could empathize with. Ironically, in the end Meg proved to be the most trustworthy of the Winchesters' demonic allies despite having been presented as an open antagonist for most of her appearances. Meg stated to the Winchesters that she is rather simple in some ways in that what she does is find a mission and stick to it. She was known to be his star pupil and later on, she went under Lilith's care and worked alongside with Ruby. At first he seems confused, and then he understands. It's Me, Dean Winchester. This reveals that the Winchesters had gained access to SucroCorp long before and Meg was purposefully causing a distraction by zooming up and crashing through the organization's doors. When Crowley arrives, Meg sacrifices herself to allow Sam, Dean, and Castiel time to escape with the tablet.[14]. In The Born-Again Identity, Meg returns and finds Dean while he is in a convenience store, when multiple demons approach. In her 2008 review of the episode "Shadow", she compared Meg's characterization to that of subsequent Supernatural female characters Jo Harvelle, Ruby, and Bela Talbot, feeling that all four characters were too similar and thus "even more tiresome" as a result. She wanted to avoid merely copying Aycox's performance, but at the same time did not want to stray too far because it was the same character. Meg was an unnamed demon that took on the name "Meg" from her first human vessel from the beginning of the series and was called by that name from others. Meg Masters She presses Sam for answers about what happened, getting him to tell her about having fallen in love with a woman and successfully had the normal life Meg knew he wanted before having to give both up.

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