least biodiverse countries

Without a significant change in human behaviour, there may well be fewer in the not-too-distant future. “A place where not only do dollars really stretch, but where the quality of life is high, healthcare is excellent and low-cost, the pace is slow and pleasant and the populace is unendingly welcoming.”. There are temperate climates in the Andes where you do not need a heating or cooling system. Papua New Guinea comprises the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous outlying islands to the north and east. In terms of volume, Peru is one of the world’s main fishing nations. “We took the cost of housing out entirely and created a new category, which combines buying and renting, which now makes it easier to compare day-to-day living costs,” says Stevens. Connect with us on social media or view all of our, Committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world, © 2020 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions, Women Leading Conservation in the Mekong Region, River Basin Health in Ecuador and Colombia, Lessons from Holistic Approaches to Conservation, More news on Conservation & Sustainable Development, View More About Conservation & Sustainable Development. Panama is about the size of South Carolina and has mountains, beaches and cities within an easy striking distance—no matter where you go. Here are just 5 of the most biodiverse countries in the world (in no particular order): 1. The tax burden is low. The future of these species is uncertain as pressure on local ecosystems continues to grow. It lies completely outside the hurricane belt. The Cost: Portugal is one of Western Europe’s most affordable countries, and expats typically find that their expenses are about a third of what they would be in the States. But don’t think this list is limited to retirees: It's also for people who want to move to a place where the cost of living is much cheaper than in the U.S.—so cheap, in fact, that you might not have to work. Other places to check out are the Pacific coast beach town of Bucerías, which has great restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries, and Toluca, which has the most museums in Mexico outside of Mexico City and is only an hour bus ride from Mexico City. Biodiversity Superpower Sadly, according to a 2011 study by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, over a quarter (28.7%) of Mexican territory has lost its natural ecosystems. Plus, since it sits just above the equator, Colombia’s climates are consistent all year long. To be termed megadiverse, a country must have at least 5,000 of the world’s plants as endemics and have marine ecosystems within its borders. "After living here for more than seven years, I've been asked many times, ‘Why Portugal?’” says Tricia Pimental, International Living’s Portugal correspondent. The third-largest country in the world (after Russia and Canada), China is rich in forest, wetland and grassland. Countries with the highest biodiversity By Rhett A. Butler July 1, 2019 Read more. “And France is more affordable than you may think.”, Where: In the Languedoc-Rousillon region, you’ll find a warm climate year-round, delightful medieval villages, white-sand beaches and prices that are still reasonable. To be considered as such, they must house at least 5,000 species of endemic plants and include a marine ecosystem on its borders. The country’s National Strategy for the Conservation of Biological Diversity (2010-2020) was put in place to confront the loss of biodiversity, the results of which are yet to be reported. Mar del Plata — An extraordinary array of goods and services provided by the rich plant and wildlife of Latin America and the Caribbean hangs in the balance unless governments in the region take hold of their full potential as biodiversity superpowers, according to a new report from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). To be termed megadiverse, a country must have at least 5,000 of the world’s plants as endemics and have marine ecosystems within its borders. “Due to its vast natural capital, the region could become a lead player in biodiversity and ecosystem services markets,” said Enrique Iglesias, Secretary General of  Ibero-American Secretariat and member of the report’s Commission of Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Finance and Development. The country’s most famous mammal is the lemur, a primate found only on Madagascar and some tiny neighbouring islands. Polar bear death: has extinction tourism gone too far? Tel + 507 305 4864, New York Throughout my career, I have appeared regularly on television, including Good Morning America and NBC Today. Michele Cohen believes she struck lifestyle gold when she moved to Girona with her husband, Stanton. It becomes active at night where its keen sight and ability to manoeuvre around trees allows it to avoid contact with humans. In fact, you’ll gain a lot,” says Marsha Scarbrough, International Living’s Spain correspondent. Think $1,394 to $1,994 a month for a couple, even less for a single person. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Vietnam’s exceptionally low cost of living is a major incentive, and most items cost less than half of what you would pay at home. Pablo Basz The archipelago of Indonesia comprises about 17,000 islands, only 990 of which are permanently inhabited. Since the land produces excellent food, mostly with year-round growing seasons, prices at local mercados are low. There’s even skiing in the Pyrenees and in the mountains of the south. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. In the capital city of Lisbon, a couple can live comfortably on about $2,200 a month—and it’s much less for a single person. “The unofficial first language of the country is English, so you don’t have to learn another language here if you don’t want to. China is home to 551 species of mammals, 1,221 species of … Conservation of its biodiversity is crucial for India as it provides goods and services necessary for human survival and is directly linked with improving socio-economic conditions for millions of local people. Its most famous endemic creature is the Komodo dragon, which can be found in a handful of islands in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda archipelago. “Yet 1,000-year-old temples, ancient emperor’s tombs and ornate century-old mansions left over from Vietnam’s lengthy occupation by the French are constant reminders of a country rich in history and tradition. Getting a retirement visa to live in Colombia is also quite easy. “Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in world, meaning you can find whatever climate you desire.” It’s warm and tropical on the Caribbean coast. For a quieter way of life, look to the secret hill towns like Marvão—the highest village in Portugal—and Castelo de Vide, which has lots of stores, cafés, restaurants and awesome mountain views. A range of factors – habitat destruction, pollution, introduction of exotic species and overexploitation – are threatening Venezuelan biodiversity. Tel +54 11 4320 8742, Panama City The forests on the island constitute the world’s third largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon and Congo Basin. Endemic species include the giant tortoise, three iguana species, the Galápagos penguin, Galápagos sea lions, waved albatross and flightless cormorant. Expats can own property freehold, there is no inheritance tax and Malaysia places no tax on income earned overseas. The terrain of South Africa ranges from desert to grassland to subtropical swamp and is rich breeding ground for a diversity of flora and fauna. The most biodiverse cities encompass several biomes, combining ocean and dry land habitats, lakes and mountains, or forests and savannahs. “Latin America and the Caribbean have one of the greatest endowments of natural capital in the world,” said Heraldo Muñoz, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Director of UNDP’s Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean. There’s an eternal spring in the lower Andes mountains. “You’ll never run out of things to do here,” says Jessica Ramesch, International Living’s Panama editor. Agriculture, another example of a strategic sector for the region’s economy, is highly dependent on water availability, soil fertility and microclimate. Rent is cheaper than the U.S., and living in a city you don’t need a car—which is a huge saving. There are beaches that are warm but rarely muggy (and no hurricanes or tropical storms). Add in unique environmental conditions (nutrient-poor soils, natural climatic variability, high fire frequencies and a generally flat topography) and you are left with an extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna. South America alone has more than 40 percent of the Earth’s biodiversity, and more than one-quarter of its forests. Mexico is home to desert, scrubland, temperate forests, high altitude alpine areas, subtropical forests, tropical rainforests and extensive coral reefs, resulting in a high level of biodiversity. “We strive to create an index that provides the most accurate—and useful—insights for readers," says International Living's executive editor Jennifer Stevens. The Cost: Even in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, a couple can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle for less than $1,100 per month, but many Westerners get by on around $500 per month for a no-frills lifestyle. The city has a Mediterranean climate, a relaxed lifestyle and a great location, close to Barcelona’s international airport. Every Mexican peso (US$0.07) invested in protected areas generates 52 pesos (US$4.0) to the economy. Among the country’s weird and wonderful creatures is the Philippine tarsier, a shy and nocturnal primate that leads a largely hidden life. Region urged to invest in sustainable use of key sectors to lead world’s ecosystem services markets. The Cost: In the Central Valley—home to about two-thirds of Costa Rica’s population—a single person can live on between $1,500 and $1,800 a month Many couples report living well on $2,000 a month—including all their costs, but that amount can go down to $1,585, depending on where you live and how you spend your budget. Another advantage to Panama: zero income tax if you earn revenue in other countries. Countries that eat the most meat – ranked. Costa Rica also has the enviable luxury of peace and stability—unusual for many countries in the region. “As for healthcare, when you compare surgery prices between the U.S. and Malaysia, the benefits are obvious,” says Hockton.

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