keys of the kingdom

Verse 19. It has shaped who I am and how I approach life more than any other book. I loved this book when I first read it back in October 2007. The Greek in Matthew 16:19 Matthew 16:19 And I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. In truth, many Roman Pontiffs were heretics. The fact is that Peter never went to Rome, never wore a crown, and never sat on a throne. I must emotionally feel this is one of the few great novels I have read. 4). It is evident in these verses that Peter erred concerning doctrine which nullifies any argument Rome uses to justify her false doctrine of the infallibility of popes. The setting and background were stark and the people indigent, but the trials and tribulations forged a most forgiving and sensitive main character. I had never heard of this book, but it was amazing. Thus, people are really paying homage to a pagan god, not the Apostle Peter! 5). There are books that one LIKES to read for light fun and escape, then there are books one SHOULD read because they make one stretch and become a better person. Did they think of Peter as "infallible concerning church doctrine"? This narrative of one man's patience, humility, determination, honesty, endurance, compassion, tolerance, commonsense, and courage is. Peter warned us to take heed to the word and not to follow after cunningly devised fables. Pope Gregory VII (the "only pope to canonize himself") drew up a Dictatus (list) of twenty- seven theses outlining his powers as "Peter’s vicar, Prince of the Apostles and Chief Shepherd". This book was written by A.J.Cronin in 1941. Absolutely loved this book. All in all, I'm glad I read the book since it was long but rewarding. (Gal.2:11-16). August 1st 2006 What did our Lord mean when he told Peter he would give him the keys? I Cor.3:11says: "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.". "The very apostolic designation, Peter, is from the Mysteries. Though you are in the kingdom, you will not be able to access these things as you ought to. Alexander Hislop, in his book The Two Babylons, expounds on the connection between the keys of Roman Catholicism and the keys of Janus and Cybele: "If there be any who imagine that there is some occult and mysterious virtue in an apostolic succession that comes through the Papacy, let them seriously consider the real character of the Pope's own orders, and of those of his bishops and clergy. Even though I'm not Catholic, I somehow stumbled into the Loyola Classics series, and this novel from that collection made a deep impression on me. My dad gave this book to me as a result of finding it on a beach trip. His name is Father Francis Chisholm, a Scottish priest who is somewhat unconventional in his methods. This is my second reading and I’ve found since the first reading I’ve thought of this book frequently. That is a reminder to me that whenever I'm in dire straits, all I have to do is let God know that I need His help. One must close one's mind and fly from them”, "Les athées ne vont peut-être pas tous en enfer . The priest who explained the Mysteries to the initiated was sometimes called by a Greek term, the Hierophant; but in primitive Chaldee, the real language of the Mysteries, his title, as pronounced without the points, was "Peter"-i.e., "the interpreter." Lady Morgan, a much traveled and prolific writer, states that when the French took possession of Rome at the time of the French Revolution, sacrilegious curiosity induced the soldiery to break through the reliquary. Yea, we have the strongest evidence that, in countries far removed from one another, and far distant from Rome, these keys were known by initiated Pagans not merely as the "keys of Peter" but as the keys of a Peter identified with Rome...what more natural than to seek not only to reconcile Paganism and Christianity but to make it appear that the Pagan Peter-Roma with his keys, meant " Peter of Rome," and that that "Peter of Rome " was the very apostle to whom the Lord Jesus Christ gave the "keys of the kingdom of heaven "? Is it an unbroken line from Peter to John Paul II? "THE CRITICAL DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE, however, in its three columns devoted to Lady Morgan's literary activities, tells quite another story. Set in Scotland it follows the life of a man who had a very difficult childhood and tries to find true and honest happiness. From the Pope downward, all can be shown to be now radically Babylonian. Cronin. He alone is entitled to imperial insignia. It did take me a little while to get caught-up in it. As we know, there are different realms or levels of Faith, according to ones understanding. In the book Behind the Purple Curtain , by Montano, pages 26-28, we read of another deception concerning Peter: "Eminent archeologists and historians are inclined to believe that the bronze statue of St. Peter in Rome, standing on a pedestal about four feet high near the Main Altar close by one of the four massive pillars supporting the dome, was originally the statue of Jupiter Capitolinus. This charlatan was recognized by most Catholics as their sovereign lord who held the church together by his rock-like faith. The changes ranged from corrections in the dates of their pontificate to the assertion that one of them, Pope Dono II, who was listed as pontiff for three months in the year 973, never really existed...", "In one book that was presented to Pope Pius XII, the third and fifth popes, Cleto a Roman, and Anacleto, an Athenian, were combined as one and the same person. Of course, several popes have been "heretics" by admission of other popes. And Simon Peter answered and said, THOU ART THE CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD. by Loyola Classics. Regardless, I greatly admired Father Chisolm's perseverance. The only scripture Rome has to support her supposed "foundation of the papacy" is Matthew 16:13-20. He moves around to different families and eventually goes to a Catholic boarding school. So this brings us to the year 54 A. D., and Peter still is in Syria, 12 years after the time that the Roman tradition says that he began his reign in Rome.

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