hu jintao presidency

Hu Jintao, Wade-Giles romanization Hu Chin-t’ao, (born December 25, 1942, Taizhou, Jiangsu province, China), Chinese politician and government official, general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from 2002 to 2012 and president of China from 2003 to 2013. But for the most part, the relative value of the RMB has little to do with China’s overall competitiveness in international export markets. One of the biggest challenges Hu faced was the large wealth disparity between the Chinese rich and poor, for which discontent and anger mounted to a degree which wreaked havoc on the Communist Party's rule. His tenure was characterized by collective leadership and consensus-based rule. Photo: Simon Song Beijing has promoted a dozen cadres born in the 1970s to vice-ministerial rank recently. [9] Another protégé of Song, Wen Jiabao, also became prominent at the same time. There is little room for cooperation on counterterrorism in that formulation. "Consolidation of the PRC’s leadership succession system from Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping. [22] Song Ping, as the organization chief, recommended Hu as an ideal candidate for the prospect of a future leader. The move was seen by the Chinese public as symbolic of Hu's attitude towards corruption. "Hu Jintao's Political Thinking and Legitimacy Building: A Post-Marxist Perspective. [34] He also sought to increase China's relationship with Japan, which he visited in 2008. He consolidated his power in September 2004 when he was named chair of the Central Military Commission (CMC) following Jiang’s resignation. Anggota Politburo, Parti Komunis China, Li Yuanchao terpilihpilih sebagai Naib Presiden China. Earlier in the Obama administration, Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg articulated a China policy based on “strategic reassurance.” While that precise nomenclature may not have been adopted as the administration’s de jure policy, it does capture the administration’s sense that building trust about each side’s respective strategic intentions is a principal task of diplomatic engagement. Juga dilaporkan bahwa Hu muda tumbuh di Kabupaten Taizhou (Provinsi Jiangsu) di pesisir timur yang subur dan indah. On 26 March 2008, Hu Jintao held a telephone talk with then US President George W. Bush, in which he became the first Chinese leader to officially recognize the 1992 Consensus. [27], The first crisis of Hu's leadership happened during the outbreak of SARS in 2003. [25] The Scientific Development doctrine has been written into the Communist Party and State Constitutions in 2007 and 2008, respectively. The response to the SARS public health crisis and the massive expansion of health insurance coverage for middle- to low-income citizens earned Hu accolades domestically. Moreover, the Hu administration's insistence on censorship and the curtailing of freedom of speech drew extensive criticism from human rights organizations and Western governments,[47] while artists and writers inside the country chided increased restrictions on cultural expressions during Hu's term. During his term in office, Hu reintroduced state control in some sectors of the economy that were relaxed by the previous administration, and was conservative with political reforms. The U.S. trade deficit with China is the largest in human history. Both Hu and his new counterpart Ma Ying-jeou agreed that the 1992 Consensus is the basis for negotiations between the two sides of the Taiwan strait. Williams Fork Fire Road Closures, However, by the time of Hu Jintao’s presidency, the Party’s hold on power became precarious. [48], In foreign policy, Hu's critics say that his government was overly aggressive in asserting its new power, overestimated its reach, and raised the ire and apprehension of various neighbours, including Southeast Asian countries, India, and Japan. "Hu Jintao's Political Thinking and Legitimacy Building: A Post-Marxist Perspective. They cite, for example, that China's internal security budget exceeded its military budget during Hu's tenure as protests and other 'mass incidents' continued to increase across the country. At the 17th CCP National Congress, Hu was re-elected as General Secretary of the Central Committee and Chairman of the CCP Central Military Commission on 22 October 2007. In 1973, Hu was transferred to the Construction Department of Gansu as a secretary. Throughout Hu's tenure, China's influence in Africa, Latin America, and other developing regions increased. Omissions? However, in the first two years of the Obama administration, the political influence of American business in Washington was significantly less than that of organized labor. In late 1998, Hu promoted Jiang's unpopular movement of the "Three Stresses" – "stress study, stress politics, and stress healthy trends" – giving speeches to promote it. Członek KPCh od kwietnia 1964; ukończył studia inżynieryjne na Uniwersytecie Tsinghua. In domestic policy, he seems to want more openness to the public on governmental functions and meetings. [3] He is a direct descendant of the Ming dynasty general Hu Zongxian, known for fighting Japanese pirates. Luke Combs Signature, At this point, however, those campaigns have devolved into exercises in finding exit strategies that leave the respective countries and their regions no less secure than they were when the United States first invaded. His administration was known for its focus more on technocratic competence than persona. Hu is also said to possess a photographic memory that became evident in his high school days. At a minimum, the two sides should resume the direct nuclear dialogue that stalled after former U.S. secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld visited the PLA’s Second Artillery in 2005. U.S. diplomats in the 1970s and 1980s openly wondered “what could China possibly have to sell us?” Now, China exports nearly $300 billion in goods and services to the United States. This made Hu effectively the number-one figure in the vast, restive region. During his term in the Youth League, Hu escorted Hu Yaobang, who was CCP General Secretary then, in visits around the country. Hu became China's leading voice during the NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999. ", Miller, Alice. [29]. Both Hu and his new counterpart Ma Ying-jeou agreed that the 1992 Consensus is the basis for negotiations between the two sides of the Taiwan strait. [50] China's Gini coefficient climbed to 0.47 by 2010, indicating a potentially unsustainable gap between the rich and the poor. In 1992, Hu took charge of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of China, which oversaw day-to-day operations of the Central Committee, and the Central Party School, which was convenient for him to bring up his own supporters among senior CCP cadres.

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