history of arsenal

The building of a new Shot and Shell Foundry, an addition to the Royal Laboratory completed in 1856, enabled manufacture of the latest types of ammunition; this huge complex covered the whole of what is now Wellington Park, and later expanded further to the east. After the Dockyard moved west in the 1540s, Gun Wharf was acquired by the Office of Ordnance and mainly used for gun storage. Nasmyth was subsequently engaged to help modernize the complex, but it was only when Britain was on the brink of war that the pace of mechanization increased until, by 1857 (within the space of a decade), the Arsenal had 2,773 specialized machines at work powered by 68 stationary steam engines. Attempts to put the history of the site into context were, however, short-lived: Firepower - The Royal Artillery Museum (direct successor of the Arsenal's Repository museum), which had presented the history of artillery alongside that of the regiment, closed in 2016;[28] and Greenwich Heritage Centre, which told the story of Woolwich including the Royal Arsenal, closed in 2018. When the constitution of the Board of Ordnance was formalised by Charles II in 1683, two Proof Masters were appointed, under the Surveyor-General of the Ordnance, to ensure that proofs and trials were conducted correctly and the results duly certified. At its peak, during the First World War, the Royal Arsenal extended over some 1,300 acres (530 ha)[6] and employed around 80,000 people. The Cadet Barracks continued to be occupied by the Academy for some time afterwards, initially housing the 'Lower Establishment' (junior cadets), and later accommodating the Practical Class, formed of senior cadets awaiting commission. The club won five league championships in the 1930s but only three total in the 50 seasons from 1938–39 to 1987–88. Arsenal is one of the most successful squads in English football history, having played in the country’s top division (Football League First Division to 1992, Premier League thereafter) each season since 1919. The history of Arsenal shows that soon after the "Dial Square" was founded they changed their name again to “Royal Arsenal”, and shortly after changed it again to "Woolwich Arsenal" in 1891. [7] The Proof and Experimental Establishment closed in 1957, though RARDE continued to make use of the proof butts until September 1969. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Proving guns at the Warren became part of routine training for gunners of the Royal Artillery, overseen at first by the Board's proofmaster-general (and then, after 1780, by the Inspector of Artillery). Arsenal, in full Arsenal Football Club, byname the Gunners, English professional football (soccer) team based in London. It also led to breaking down of parts of the 1804 brick boundary wall. Earlier, in 1804, subsidiary Royal Laboratories were set up in the Dockyard towns of Portsmouth and Devonport and in Upnor Castle near Chatham. The first phase of homes at Royal Arsenal, "The Armouries", consisted of 455 new-build apartments in a six-storey building. [5] In 1697 a far larger complex of sheds ('New Carriage Yard') was built on what had been Prince Rupert's gun battery. In 1688 it was ordered that 'all guns, carriages and stores now at Deptford, be removed to Woolwich, and from henceforth new ordnance and carriages be laid there'. [9], Shortly after the closure of the Woolwich Royal Ordnance Factories, the Frog Island chemical laboratories were moved into a new building erected in 1971, in what was to become the Royal Arsenal East. 1. He was duly rewarded with a knighthood and the part-time position of Superintendent of the Royal Gun Factory at Woolwich; after further expansion of the factory complex he resigned in 1863 following the demonstration of an even more powerful rifled gun by his rival Sir Joseph Whitworth.[7]. It comprises one of the biggest concentrations of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings converted for residential use, with more than 3,000 residents. Arsenal FC Arsenal FC U23 Arsenal FC U18 Arsenal Elite Academy Arsenal FC UEFA U19 Arsenal FC Youth. The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich carried out armaments manufacture, ammunition proofing, and explosives research for the British armed forces at a site on the south bank of the River Thames in Woolwich in south-east London, England, United Kingdom. Good luck! In 1921 a new Design Department duly came into being; based in the Central Offices building, it was a joint service body, responsible for initiating designs for guns, carriages, ammunition, small arms, tanks and transport vehicles, in close collaboration with the ordnance factories. The Storekeeper not only controlled the receipt, safekeeping and issue of all the items that were stored on the site; he was also responsible (until the early 1800s) for issuing payments on the board's behalf to all personnel across the different departments. In Woolwich, the original Royal Brass Foundry building survives (built on the site of the relocated "Greenwich Barn"). The canal, as well as forming a boundary, provided access for barges; these were initially used to deliver timber to the heart of the carriage-building department and later provided a transit route for guns and explosives. Much of it was used to build the new town of Thamesmead. Arsenal went undefeated in the 38 matches of the 2003–04 season, becoming just the second top-division English club to do so, and it set a national record by extending its unbeaten streak into the next season to 49 consecutive league contests in total. Four bays were built, to which a further four were added in 1895. [8] (The decision of the Board of Ordnance to set up and supervise its own foundry operations followed a devastating explosion at the private foundry it had previously used in Moorfields.)

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