great red dragon highschool dxd

He usually wears the Kuoh Academy uniform but when he isn't, Issei wears a dark red shirt, blue jeans, a leather bikers jacket and dark green sneakers. Come on out.". ', "Hyoudou!" "And they say men can't be sexually assaulted.". This Death Drive however turns the weakness of the Original Juggernaut Drive up to 11 by making it so that the only way to even run this Drive is though activating it when there is a lot of death, as it is powered by death itself. The Red Dragon of Lightning Chapter 1. After a few shorts seconds a person shot up. Kana She vaulted into the air and propelled herself upwards at amazing speeds, but not fast enough. There are three different chants for this armor, but each chant is for something different. Romaji That means, your not some random sacred gear possessor. Relatives Dragon God Physiology: As a Dragon God, Great Red possessed a level of power that mad him the strongest and most powerful of all dragon-kind alongside Ophis. You need to rest now! He ran up to his door and grabbed at the knob but it was to hot and burned his hand. "Not Strong Enough, Not Strong Enough, Not Strong Enough." I don't need balance breaker." A Doraigu Gohho (full name) Doraigu He is also knowledgeable enough to tell Issei the relationships and history of the Two Heavenly Dragons, the other powerful and active Dragons such as Great Red, Ophis, and the Five Great Dragon Kings, as well as information regarding the mythological worlds. Rage!Issei is also inspired by Warriormans own creation, Solar!Issei. ", Issei discovered the girl's name was Yuuma, and the youths had a grand time talking as our hero escorted the beautiful girl home. Voice Actor Eye Color [Partner, what do you think you're doing! "Alright, that's enough foreplay. I gotta get outta here!" "Prepare to get penetrated!" This weakness was handled quickly before any negative effects could happen to Issei thanks to Istiahiran. Great Red in the anime The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions, Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy, https://highschooldxd.fandom.com/wiki/Ddraig?oldid=233316, In Welsh orthography, the letter "dd" is pronounced /ð/ as in. "Hey wait!" Issei is usually in control of his emotions, but this is a battle of mental concentration that if broken will unleash the rage that he holds back. Nicknames The only problem with this form is that Ophis MUST remain in the vicinity for the D8∞8R to remain stable or Issei will be torn apart from the power of the three Dragons that helped create this final and devastating form as in this form, Issei can utterly destroy Great Red and the Universe from the shear power needed to power this armor. During one of these instances, he was taken care of by the local Dökkálfar (Dark-Elves) and Svartálfar (Dwarves). In doing so, Issei gained a new cursed Drive called Death Drive, the armor itself took the form of a massive skeletal Dragon with withered wings and glowing emerald aura. Miðgarðsormr is one of the Five Great Dragon Kings. In an earlier concept of Issei, he was going to have the Boosted Gear change color to Black with a glowing violet gem on top of the hand to signify the Maleficent was being used. He also likes making people feel better, like during the Kuoh Academy school dance, Issei hijacked the music and put on Footloose, which eventually lead to everyone dancing to it. What am I doing? Gender ", Issei had just about had it. "You taste like bird seed." The only problem is the armor doesn't come with a watch so I'm always afraid to fly a bit too high and my timer will run out.'. Midgardsormr is a grey Eastern dragon with an enormous body measuring around 500-600 meters in length, well over five times the length of Great Red's body. What's going on? A voice that rang from the gauntlet sounding a lot like the dragon. Humor, Romance, and Action Ensues in Red Dragon's Power: BOOSTED! I didn't see anything I swear." By: Jct1345. Issei began his walk home and the monologuing resumed. The only things that really separate me from any other second year highschool student, are the fact that I go to Kuoh Academy a school that only recently became co-ed, and there are rumors of things that go bump in the night that circulate about this place. And as far as who I am, they call me the red dragon of domination!] Since that time, he has become somewhat depressed because of the fact that he has become known as the Oppai Dragon and the Breast Dragon Emperor. Fire Breath I thought I taught you to sense life energy. Grammatical, spelling, and punctuation edits are welcome! 'Crap!' [This host might just have some potential yet.] Loki (Father) Angrboða (Mother) Fenrir (Older Brother) Hel (Younger Sister) Sköll (Nephew) † Hati (Nephew) † Ddraig's words echoed in Issei's head.

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