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4. Click on an option to get started. Jewish Insider. Our office will employ forensic evidence in a manner consistent with the most up-to-date scientific consensus. All Rights Reserved. [2] Dick Mendel, “Case Now Strong for Ending Probation’s Place as Default Disposition in Juvenile Justice,” Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, (2016). Rather than lead a movement away from costly punitive, prison-based alternatives for youth, Jackie Lacey remains committed to a “lock ‘em-up” approach, squandering countless opportunities to cheaply and effectively redirect youth away from the criminal justice system. WH chief of staff Mark Meadows tests positive for COVID-19, How to pronounce Kamala Harris' name and what it means, Helicopter carrying donated organ crashes on Keck Hospital of USC helipad. George Gascón appears to be the winner of the Los Angeles County district attorney race, a victory for the coalition of activists who have organized for years to oust the current top prosecutor, Jackie Lacey, who conceded Friday morning. I will adopt charging policies that eliminate the use of juvenile conduct to enhance sentences in the adult criminal court. I will work with the LA Superior Court to seek feedback and direction from relevant stakeholders on a specialized and collaborative 241.1 pilot court for post-disposition dual-status youth, which was abruptly cancelled at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. Los Angeles County is in a unique position to transform the nation’s largest juvenile justice system and positively impact thousands of young lives. [1]   Los Angeles lags far behind a national movement recognizing the import of linking criminal prosecutions to positive societal outcomes. George Gascón. Photo by REUTERS/Robert Galbraith. George Gascón’s policies have resonated with progressive voters in Los Angeles who have been disappointed by Lacey’s continued effort to seek death penalty sentences while declining to charge police officers for shootings. This antiquated approach has only served to make our communities less safe while simultaneously increasing racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. A trauma-informed prosecutorial approach reduces the rate of re-offending, arrests, incarcerations and judicial costs associated with prosecutions. Advocates for criminal justice reform who have elected a wave of progressive prosecutors nationwide captured the crown jewel Friday as former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon … I would support shrinking probation’s footprint, especially through supporting the current efforts of the Youth Justice workgroup to further reduce the numbers of youth under court supervision and in secure custody and out-of-home placements, and to replace the current youth probation system with a system focused on youth development and well-being. I will institute fair and transparent charging policies that seek to minimize harsh and devastating collateral consequences. The collateral consequences of juvenile court involvement creates barriers to education, employment, housing and other pathways to stability and success. East LA man apologizes for video threatening violence if Biden won, Joe Biden declared winner of Pennsylvania, set to become 46th president, Scott Peterson murder conviction could be overturned, Suspect in custody after erratic chase in South Gate area, Trader Joe's reports 1,250 COVID-19 cases over 8-month period. On the morning of November 6, 2020, Jackie Lacey conceded the race for Los Angeles’ next district attorney to George Gascón. Community Courts are committed to six basic principles: community engagement, better information leads to better outcomes, the necessity of collaborating with a diverse range of interests and resources, individualized sanctions and treatment, community-based accountability and improving outcomes. Leverage the rich and expansive network of community organizations in Los Angeles to assist in promoting therapeutic, child-centered and evidence-based responses. This court works with justice system partners and community organizations to ensure that young people on the cusp of adulthood develop the skills and relationships they need to make our communities strong and safe. Just as research and experience have demonstrated that incarceration is ineffective and actually harmful to both the aims of youth development and public safety, similar concerns exist about probation supervision. Rather than focus on maximizing leverage to achieve maximum sentences, our office will focus on charging decisions that reflect our values: maximizing positive societal outcomes such as reducing crime, reducing rates of incarceration and reducing youth detention. Diversion programs keep youth out of the juvenile justice system while establishing important connections necessary to improve their wellbeing. To more effectively promote youth success, probation roles should be clearly circumscribed, and practices redesigned, including the length, type, and conditions of supervision. LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey on Friday conceded to former San Francisco DA George Gascon after a high-profile race that was bitterly contested. Too often, young people are still shuttled through the juvenile justice system with insufficient consideration for the circumstances that brought them there or how harms inflicted can best be repaired. At the time of her concession, Lacey trailed Gascón by more than 7%, too large of a gap to close. Adult prisons are no place for youth as they are bereft of age appropriate treatment, education, or any other rehabilitative services. Such policies are constitutionally compelled under Supreme Court jurisprudence that establishes youth as categorically less culpable and deserving of less punishment relative to adults. Our office will be committed to providing timely and complete information disclosures in all criminal cases. Michael P. Jacobson et al., “Less Is More: How Reducing Probation Populations Can Improve Outcomes,” Papers from the Executive Session on Community Corrections, Harvard Kennedy School, (2017), p. 1. However, “[i]n most jurisdictions, probation is a punitive system that attempts to elicit compliance from individuals primarily through the imposition of conditions, fines, and fees that in many cases cannot be met.”. I’ve been finding the morning blast from JI very useful for all my Jewish news needs. The politics and business news you need to stay up to date, delivered daily in a must-read newsletter. Youth justice approaches should reflect what science and data clearly demonstrate-that youth are malleable and continue to mature until their early-to mid-20s affording the juvenile justice system a unique opportunity to redirect youth permanently away from criminal behavior. Paid for by George Gascòn for LA District Attorney 2020 | FPPC ID# 1422183. Copyright © 2020 KABC-TV. On Day 1, I will institute a range of policies that are consistent with the commonsense wisdom and scientific research that youth are developmentally different than adults and thus highly capable of growth, maturation and responsive to appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately. One of the crucial problems with the current prosecutor’s practices is the revolving rotation of new prosecutors in and out of the juvenile courts after serving a year or two. I will end prosecution of youth for typical adolescent behavior such as school fights, smoking marijuana, disorderly conduct, or other infractions at school that do not result in serious physical harm. A juvenile justice system must be family and child centered, holistic and collaborative with other systems and communities in order to heal trauma, foster positive youth development, and promote true public safety; A juvenile justice system must incorporate research and data in order to create effective responses to crime and youth need; We must invest in community-based services, schools, health and mental health programs and other resources that allow all children to thrive, no matter their zip code, race or gender; Any court involvement in a young person’s life should be proportionate, for the shortest duration possible and result in a pathway towards a better future for youth; and. Dick Mendel, “Case Now Strong for Ending Probation’s Place as Default Disposition in Juvenile Justice,” Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, (2016). George Gascón speaks at a news conference at City Hall in San Francisco, California March 11, 2013. In Los Angeles, I would collaborate with existing community providers, grounded in restorative justice principles and practices, to promote tested and proven restorative justice programs like Make It Right broadly across the County. [1] https://www.prisonpolicy.org/global/2018.html. george gascÓn’s proposed policies to reform the youth justice system Jul 31, 2020 “There can be no keener reflection of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.” In particular, Gascón pursued a major progressive policy shift away from Reagan-era War on Drugs policies, authoring Proposition 47, a 2014 ballot measure that reduced many low-level crimes — including simple drug possession — from felonies to misdemeanors. Our charging decisions will be mindful of the profound impact juvenile convictions have on youth and adults and will seek to avoid  disrupting a youth’s employment, housing, entitlements, education, child custody, and immigration status. Research shows that diverting youth from justice systems as early as possible reduces recidivism. How many electoral votes does each state have? Adopt Common Sense, Age Appropriate Strategies. This facilitates prompt and just resolutions and ensures the reliability of convictions. 2. “There can be no keener reflection of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.”  – Nelson Mandela. Avoiding the disruption of services has the net effect of reducing the community’s reliance on public funds, reducing homelessness and breaking the cycle of poverty and crime. My approach views incarceration as a last resort, not a first impulse, and it must always be for the shortest duration necessary. I will support prosecutorial decisions that seek justice, while minimizing the long-term consequences of juvenile court involvement. Early and reliable case resolution saves scarce resources that might otherwise be spent on trials and wrongful conviction litigation. As Los Angeles invests in a growing infrastructure of organizations to provide programs and supports like peer support, mentoring, arts training, education, vocational training, and leadership development, I will seek to develop stronger relationships with and funding for community-based diversion providers, Los Angeles County’s Youth Diversion and Development (YDD) and any other effective diversion initiatives. 7. Consistent with the ABA rules and best prosecutorial practices, our office will approach discovery in a manner that maximizes transparency and accountability. Young people incarcerated in adult prisons and jails are at the highest risk of rape and assaults. With support from a community-based case manager, the young person has a six-month period to complete his or her agreement, and if successful, the case is not prosecuted.

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