foreign service exam pass rate

Normally, they don’t tell you about it until after you pass the suitability review and you’re added to the Register. The book is really good to study from. Passing the Foreign Service Oral Assessment (FSOA) back in March of 2017 felt cathartic. Finally, in 2004 I took the first part of the Foreign Service test. Hiring is based on rankings but is also influenced by how many people are hired in each career track for each class, which is unpredictable. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time (at least six months) to study and prepare for this test. What should you major in and what kinds of experiences and skills should you seek? To learn more about the FSOT exam, read through the Test Information and Selection Process on the official website. How competitive is it to be selected as a Foreign Service Officer? The day-long Oral Assessment measures a candidate’s ability to demonstrate the 13 dimensions that are essential to the successful performance of an FSO’s work. IT doesn’t add a bunch of fluff that you really don’t need. The test is administered online and is comprised of a series of multiple-choice questions and an essay. I’ve seen lots of posts on this sub about drug use and eligibility, but nothing coming close to the extent of … The traditional path to becoming a Foreign Service officer has evolved over the years as the State Department continues to seek a pool of candidates representing the diverse fabric of the United States, as well as ensure that the process more accurately and fairly chooses from among them. Honestly, by the end of it I started thinking about moving on, as painful as that thought was, because I couldn’t, I mean, when I passed the entry exams it felt life changing, but in reality my life didn’t change at all. But becoming a Foreign Service Officer, also known as a diplomat, is a job you really should consider if you’re a man who enjoys travel and learning about other cultures, is looking for adventure, and, as the State Department puts it, “you’re passionate about public service” and have a desire to “promote peace, support prosperity, and protect American citizens while advancing the interests of the U.S. abroad.” Your assignments can take you to any of the 265 American embassies around the world, where you may be attending a swanky treaty event in Europe or fighting human trafficking in Africa. A few of the more dangerous locations have restrictions and are considered unaccompanied tours. But at the same time, I felt like each time I moved forward in the process it was a non-event. The hiring mechanism for them is slightly different. Interested in joining the foreign service 3-5 years from now after a few years in management consulting at a top firm. Following is an overview of a potential progression in your career track: If you pass that you will submit a resume and a set of personal narratives explaining your background and experiences. But I found out because I was trying to get another (spouse) job, which was a good thing because my case had been stuck in a between-adjudications-and-suitability-review limbo for a month since my medical clearance information was not properly communicated or stored. What you should REALLY read to pass the Foreign Service Exams As I said, if you love to travel then the job is great. You don’t necessarily need to read them from cover to cover, but you do need to understand what is going on in the world. And from meeting new and interesting people at FSOA prep sessions during DC’s freezing winter months, to taking the orals with a big pregnant belly and a medical complication that almost prevented me from getting there. 2. I remember something about Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance. 20% of the interviewees pass the Oral Examination, which is only 3% of the original applicants. Online, the exam will be given more often, to speed the recruitment process, one of the State Department’s main goals. There are many resources available to help familiarize a candidate with the test at the Department of State’s website, https://careers.state.gov. So for a question about Etruscan vases, the applicant might need to know that the Etruscans preceded the Romans in Italy, but nothing more. Once you have exited the exam, you will not be able to go back in to answer those questions. If you are taking the exam at a consulate or embassy, you must use your US passport as your ID. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I love that i feel prepared for the test and that it is easy to follow and has a practice test with answers to guide me. 7. 10. What’s the best way to prepare yourself to join the Foreign Service? The PNs offer candidates the opportunity to highlight not just what they have done, but how they did it and what they learned. Otherwise, a driver’s license, state ID, or military ID are also accepted.

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