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lf one is prepared for the banality, one can understand its purpose and transcend it. Hand him a baseball bat? Request Permissions. Two versions of the bathing woman inhabit Room 237. McCaffery: So you were basically creating a rough draft and then the two of you would work up a final version together. Associations The Shining (film) “Lies & denial!” screams AMERICAN HISTORY AND REALITY. He saw the first four sections as lasting forty-six minutes and the rest seventy-six—which of course the film greatly exceeded. 55-61. Lloyd was just 7 years old when he and his family moved from the Midwest to London to shoot "The Shining." Danny Lloyd, who played Danny Torrance, had no idea he was playing a part in a horror film. First we’d do an outline, and then another outline, and then another. The party is over. This motivation scene existed in the script and I understand was filmed; it was simply taken out at the last minute for reasons of time. The hedge maze appears in two forms, the 13-foot-high version outside and the model inside the Overlook. And when he breaks through the bathroom door, he utters the classic television introduction, "Here's Johnny!". Kubrick’s films should be ‘read’ as opposed to ‘viewed’. :: NASA Space Place", "Stanley Kubrick's – The Shining – By Harlan Kennedy", "The Shining Adapted: An Interview with Diane Johnson", "Stephen Chow's "Kungfu Hustle" salutes to Kubrick's "The Shining" (in Chinese)", "Tim Burton took a 'Shining' to Tweedledee and Tweedledum", "12 Haunting TV Homages to 'The Shining' | IndieWire", "The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 19 Review: Girl's in the Band", "Premier Inn 'horror' ad banned from children's network", "Ice Nine Kills release 'Shining'-inspired song featuring Sam Kubrick—listen – News – Alternative Press", "Ice Nine Kills Celebrates The Shining Anniversary With Themed Track That Includes Stanley Kubrick's Grandson! INTERVIEW WITH DAVID LYNCH, DIRECTOR OF “DUNE”, INTERVIEW WITH PAULINE KAEL (MODERN MATURITY), “I STILL LOVE GOING TO MOVIES”- AN INTERVIEW WITH PAULINE KAEL (1999). Kubrick refused to read King's script, and King panned the movie once it was released. Kubrick refused to read King’s screenplay, and instead shot his film from a script he’d written with novelist Diane Johnson. . Danny Lloyd, who played Danny Torrance, had no idea he was playing a part in a horror film. Novelists, he thought, were apt to be better writers than screenwriters are—an idea that many would debate, no doubt. When it came to the horror film, he did not want to make a movie that depended unduly on ghosts and gimmicks for horrific effect. But we did try to work out a rationale that would give an explanation for the magic. McCaffery: In adapting King’s book, what did you feel it essential to keep in your script? Explaining the changes to the ending, screenwriter Diane Johnson told Entertainment Weekly in 2017, "Kubrick really thought somebody should get killed — because it was a horror movie." The TV has a cartoon on in Durkin's garage as Larry tells Hallorann on the phone that he will get him a snowcat to take him to the Overlook Hotel through the storm. "The strange thing is that even Stanley's screenplay has Hallorann saving them. © 2020 Scraps from the Loft. After I would bring something in he would say: “I don’t think that will work,” or come up with a trenchant line. He plays ball alone in the hotel as his wife and child wander playfully through the maze of the hedge. Meanwhile, the script was written in eleven weeks altogether. Out of banality comes the star-child in 2001; out of banality comes Jack the Ripper in The Shining. The whole notion that certain unconscious motifs creep into Kubrick’s films the way they would into any novelist’s works, without the conscious collusion of the artist, is certainly valid. Larry McCaffery: E. L. Doctorow told me that he felt he had learned a great deal about fiction-writing from having worked with film scripts and simply from having grown up with the cinema, Robert Coover and Donald Barthelme told me much the same thing. When Jack is pursuing Wendy to try to kill her, he does a parody of Nixon speaking about the three little pigs. King's novel is based on the famous Stanley Hotel in Colorado, but the exterior shots in the movie are of Oregon's Timberline Lodge. Jack is going to return to the elemental from the world of banality. McCaffery: This script you’ve mentioned that you worked on with Mike Nichols—what was it? The interview sequence near the beginning of The Shining has the same quality of dullness as the briefing scene in 2001 - a scene and a film that received many of the complaints about dull human beings as does The Shining. First of all, Kubrick sees human beings as empty, their values shallow and vacuous. What better way to show that people can't communicate than by having them speak dialogue that has no life or meaning to it? Nicholson faces a great acting challenge. There was something very basic here with the father trying to kill the son and the son trying to kill the father. Originally published on June 1, 1981 @ Journal of Popular Film and Television. . McCaffery: Such as your leaving out the stuff in the book about the moving hedges. Kubrick had been browsing in the “horror” genre because he wanted, he said, to make the scariest move he could. The wallet always has enough money in it. The film contains two mazes, the hedges outside and, per Wendy's characterization, the Overlook. Johnson: The horror, of course—the whole atmosphere of growing fear within the domestic circle was the core, I think. Diane Johnson was born in 1934 in Moline, Illinois. To what extent supernatural forces existed and to what extent these were psychological projections was something we discussed at length, finally deciding that the ghosts and magical apparitions at the Overlook Hotel were both, that the supernatural was somehow generated by human psychology, but, once generated, really existed and had power. Why was I born with such contemporaries? These colors represented the drafts at various stages. He wrote Jack’s part, more or less, and I wrote Wendy’s. It could be argued that if they were constructing a dream New York, Kubrick would have told the screenwriter Frederic Raphael; but then, he did not ever mention to me the Holocaust allusions that Geoffrey Cocks argues for in his article on The Shining. No artist would be an artist if he did not review and modify his principles, and one of Kubrick’s firmest was that there should be no violations in the basic verisimilitude. The film is a kind of ground plan of the male psyche, mapping the fear, desire, omnipresence of sex, preoccupation with death, the connection of death and Eros, the anxiety generated in men by female sexuality—Freudian subjects, Schnitzler’s subjects—and it seems to me that Kubrick took some pains to situate the action not in the real but in some dream version of the world, just as in Schnitzler’s story. This shrewd, engrossing, complete-in-itself melodrama is the kind of film one had begun to think was no longer possible to make in Hollywood. I’ve noticed that as my material life improves and my family re­lationships become more stable and I’m more middle-aged and calm, my books become more hysterical, brooding, preoccupied with vio­lence. Lolita has everything it needed to be as brilliant and beautiful as the novel, except great direction. Literary himself, Kubrick believed in having an academic foundation, if only in his collaborators. Would your experience with writing scripts confirm this tendency? It hadn’t come to France this year while I was living there, so I saw it with the Kubricks in Lon­don after it was out. Nicholson's and Kubrick's Jack Torrance is a combination of banality and absurdity. You can see the scrapbook on the table during the scene where he tells Wendy to “get the f*** out of here.”. Ennio Morricone occupies a unique place in the history of twentieth-century music. And in not being smooth and stylish, unfortunately he loses many viewers. Your email address will not be published. The Shining is a 1980 British-American psychological horror film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick and co-written with novelist Diane Johnson. Oh, the irony!

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