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His hand moves to trace the line of his brow, the apple of his cheek. 36, All Your Edges (All Your Perfect Imperfections) - [74,364] - E - AU, An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ - [26,547] - M - AU, Lost in Words, Hand in Hand - [6,274] - T, When CNovak918 Met ImpalaBeast67 - [2,945] - G - AU, Of Piano and Bee Gardens - [2,598] - M - AU, That Which is True and That Which I Cannot Say - [2,504] - T. share. After an unexpected retirement Same blue eyes, same wild dark hair, same clothes. Luckily for Sam, the woman he’d defended It’s been a source of anxiety and comfort and desire, and now that everything’s over, now that he gets to have his big friggin’ moment, everything he’s ever imagined flies out the goddamn window. He wrenches away, hands pressing to Cas’s chest when he tries to follow. Destiel fic recs? “Dean W., seeking friendship.”, “You aren’t an angel, Cas. Enter It just sucks you right in, and if you haven’t begun reading it, I HIGHLY recommend it. niggling feeling in the back of his mind that tells him he’s… forgetting and it’s not like they’re unaccustomed to the aches and pains that come According to her, they all deserve a day at the spa. you’re scrambling to enjoy the end. He can’t afford distractions, especially ones with a becoming a principal dancer at the New York Ballet Company alongside his Kason | 23 | He/Him | Psych Undergrad | Writer. there in the job description. Cas is human and in a relationship with Dean and Dean is finally happy and at peace with himself for the first time in a long time. ... Rec. It all started earlier in the night. # destiel fic recs # destiel fic rec # destiel fanfic # destiel rec list # destiel # fanfic writers appreciation day # ferritin4 # twentyonelizards # tumblr wouldnt tag you # xaandria # mollyc # and askance don't seem to have tumblrs lmk if they do I will tag them # spn # wouldn't tag you; yallaland liked this purposes, a father. THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL, hey remember when cas was in the same room with dean like 4 times for a combined total of maybe 10 minutes and already started “expressing emotions” and the other angels were like “he’s falling in love we need to shut this down”, I’m just beyond delighted to post the image for my Fandom Trumps Hate highest bidder, @saltnhalo. S8/9. Cas looks—alive, which is really all that matters. hide. OR: Dean and Cas take a road trip and figure out some stuff along the way. I may have switched it up a bit :). He’s wearing an old band tee, gray material that’s seen too many washes and is tight around his arms now. else’s. save. Clinging. Watches as Dean drifts close and brushes their mouths together in an impression of a kiss, something vulnerable and delicate and fucking terrifying. Clearly, something needs to be done about this. He can’t help but feel lately that there’s something missing until a handsome lawyer wanders into his shop, out of his depth with helping plan his sister’s wedding. He’s nervous, Dean realizes. Honestly, after everything he’d heard about Sam’s older brother, Castiel wasn’t expecting Dean to be capable of handling the job. Hey guys! idol, Castiel Novak. The thing about summers is that they seem like they Dean Winchester may have a reputation for being a challenging for a single man who has no experience with children. It’s just another salt and burn for Sam, Dean, and Cas, Well, actually, it all started at age nine when him and Dean became neighbors and then subsequently joined at the hip. After Chuck is defeated and the Winchesters settle into life without God, Dean Winchester is bored. Castiel goes through Dean’s appearance, cataloging every point of notice, all in a few seconds. And they keep kissing, because now that Dean’s started, he can’t stop; he wants to kiss this man until he gets fucking stubble burn and then kiss him some more. But he’s going to overcome And then Dean’s gay traffic jam becomes decidedly un-stuck. If you like Saltnhalo’s amazing writing, leave her a tip (she deserves it and it’s way tougher for writers out there! “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU. That Which is True and That Which I Cannot Say - [2,504] - T, 15. Enjoy! Improbable as it is, it’s starting to look as though both Castiel’s sanity and romantic life could potentially be salvaged by just one man. It gets even better But fast forward through those eleven years of friendship, and it all started earlier tonight. animals/birds have in common? He’s not surprised by his rating — but is a little miffed to see the department chair has an even better one. bees, and that, sometimes, harmless little lies are almost better than good with Jack (and might be even better with Cas. I’ve organized it from longest to shortest. of Directors. 13. https://archiveofourown.org/works/20683874, (mechanic!dean, IT tech!cas, pining!dean, pining!cas, fluff). He’s lost sleep over it; not only his own confession, but the idea of… them together; how that would work, what it’d look like. “You need to pay better attention.”, “How could you ever think I don’t love you?”. I love you more than sex - [1,285] - NA. this is the real deal, folks. Destiel. and the attractive head chef. He feels like he’s walking through molasses. summer after high school. how do i keep myself from kissing you? But then there’s another, and another, and he’s calling Cas an asshole and an idiot and saying shit like don’t you ever do that again. the truth. From the time he was young, Dean Winchester dreamed of Castiel is going insane. permanent guardianship of Jack, the child that his closest friend Kelly Destiel fic recs? I feel like I’ve read every good destiel fic on ao3 at this point. Dean’s thought about this a lot. Castiel slots into his life in a way that Dean had never Between being stuck in bed and the fussing Nurse Samantha was doing, Dean was sure he was more likely to die from the recovery than from the actual injury itself. destiel supernatual. Dean Winchester, owner of Angel Bouquet, has spent every Valentine’s Day of the last three years helping couples get together, stay together or become engaged. attractive Novak turns out to be. He’d never known he was missing a piece of himself until he met Castiel, and he thinks that Cas might feel the same way. Cas turns. Jun 16, 2020. Dr. Winchester hears an off hand comment from one of his students and find himself browsing a website dedicated to rating university professors. An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ - [26,547] - M - AU, 6. Dean knows that he’s nowhere near close to soulmate material, but Cas is dead set on this and the angel is determined to change the hunter’s low opinion of himself. Close. when he meets Castiel: a smokin’ hot dude with hydrangea blue eyes, who Dean moves before he understands what he’s doing, crushing Castiel to his chest, arms tight around his shoulders, squeezing squeezing if only to convince himself that this is real, he’s here, he’s alive, he’s here. Lost in Words, Hand in Hand - [6,274] - T, 12. Castiel knows this after sleeping over and forgetting to bring pajamas one too many times (and then when Dean always gave him this pair…maybe Castiel started forgetting on purpose). EXCITED!!! sketches-on-schoolwork liked this sgtbuckula liked this ), https://archiveofourown.org/works/14974025, (pining!dean, pining!cas, fluff, kid fic, neighbors). But a promise is a promise and Dean thinks he can handle it. hadn’t expected but had still loved with all of her heart.“, When fly faster than the zip line, and suddenly everyone’s talking about him A ‘***’ will show if the fic has archive warnings. Now the only thing standing between Dean and the happiness he’s desired his entire life is himself. and even less expected return to ballet, Castiel Novak is dancing one amazing car—pretty good life, all said and done. I hope you like it! That is, until he meets Castiel Novak, who ruins his life in the most perfect ways possible. orphaned, her best friend Cas petitions the courts for guardianship. destiel, 2800~ wc. After Castiel gets his grace back, Dean is surprised to learn that the angel needs to find a soulmate. Posted by 2 years ago. Dean, Sam, and Bobby move to California for a fresh start away from Sioux Falls and the secrets they want to stay buried. It takes a breath for Cas to hug back, but he does, seemingly content to stay there forever which—sure, but no, because Dean reaches up with one stupid, shaking hand to cradle the back of Cas’s skull, and then he pulls away with just enough space to look into those dumb, gorgeous, blue eyes and—. Destiel fangirls started this project, because we wanted a place to bookmark all of the quality fic we have here on Wattpad. magicalsalamander: Keep reading. Dean learns that this is true for in the way of his work and his love for his craft. This is a happy story in which Dean falls for Cas, learns a lot about “I—I’ll do that, too.”. Of Piano and Bee Gardens - [2,598] - M - AU, 14. hope you enjoy <3, thank you @origami-teacup for the prompt idea!! This wasn’t what he wanted, but he … It involves a lot of reading aloud. But that’s just an accident. her grandmother crazy. When CNovak918 Met ImpalaBeast67 - [2,945] - G - AU, 13. Thank you for mentioning me! Something spooky this way comes - a destiel fic rec list for Halloween! He’s over-worked and under-slept, and it’s all because of the No matter how hard you try.”. 4.13.2020 fic rec (destiel) Kingdom of the Damned by n/a (orphan_account) Rating: Teen | Words: 13079. But not only is Dean highly competent, his skill with difficult children makes him appear downright charming. And yet, pulling on the weight of his bookbag and fumbling with his keys as he enters their shared apartment, Castiel’s mind blanks as to why Dean is in front of him, sprawled out on the couch looking equal parts GQ model and a seven year old at a sleepover. Thus with one bang of a gavel, Cas becomes, for all intents and You can’t fix all of me. *continues ignoring the canon angst and draws fluffy fanart*. It’s all ‘~~’ will show if it’s one of my absolute favorites. The information pops up in Castiel’s head as if he’s reading it on his computer screen right in front of him. If you like my work, consider leaving me a tip! / (duck!dean, duck!cas, fluff, humor, angst, sabriel). So, I recently hit my first thousand followers on tumblr, so I wanted to say thanks to you guys by making my first Destiel fan fiction rec list. “…Good,” Dean says. final season with the New York Ballet Company before joining the Board Thanks! report. Asexuality. A ‘***’ will show if the fic has archive warnings. from her own collection of flying Hummel figurines begs to differ.

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