deforestation causes

z-index: 1002; }); Working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and nature. The tree and its roots serve as a bodyguard and help the soil stay in place. The felling of trees is proportional to the increase in the number of people. The practice of shifting cultivation: Shifting cultivation is a type of agriculture in which one land is used continuously for farming and as soon as the land loses its fertility, another land is taken back to farming again. .box-topic-1 { Forest Fires; 8. Tell these companies to stop buying from forest destroyers. Agriculture is the most common cause of deforestation, with logging, mining and infrastructure projects like road or dam-building also playing a part. Deforestation causes can either be direct or indirect. Indonesia, the largest producer of palm oil, was named the “Fastest Forest Destroyer,” in the 2008 Guinness World Records. text-indent: -9999px !important; The resulting loss has wide-reaching consequences on biodiversity, climate, and the economy. Until we start making a huge effort to start recycling paper, we are going to continue cutting down forests all around the world at an alarming rate. How Do Birds Mate? Since timber collection is a growing business, it is illegal in most countries. Only farmers who can afford fertilisers will be able to use the soil to grow crops in the future. Land is completely deforested. Urbanization; 5. These actions affect the soil for future use because fertility falls after just a few years. Deforestation is devastating for people and animals that live in the world’s forests – such as the Amazon in South America, and forests in Indonesia and the Congo. More than 75% of the timber is procured illegally. Environmental laws which make logging illegal, though this is hard to police. The Amazon rainforest sustains itself through its trees that produce their own rain. Therefore, the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide deteriorates when trees are cut down. padding: 0 !important; As the population grows, more land is needed for housing and other purposes. A major cause of deforestation is agriculture plantations. Environmental organizations: We all should extend a helping hand to these organizations that support and replenish the environment. Commercial logging. These are listed below: Wood and Timber; This reason is obvious, and, of course, permissible. Live. Forests are particularly important for Indigenous Peoples, many of whom have a spiritual connection to their ancestral lands. Text and images © Greenpeace. Desertification of Land; 6. These are all at stake due to deforestation. Thus, we should protect our earth and save our planet by planting more and more trees which will be an asset for the coming generation. Proper Awareness: Proper awareness should be created among all citizens about the after-effects of deforestation to protect the future generations of mankind. Conversion of forests for other land uses, including pulp, palm, and soy plantations, pastures, settlements, roads and infrastructure. The Amazon rainforest is particularly badly affected by deforestation – it’s estimated that 17–20% of the Amazon has been destroyed. Forests are the only source to produce a tremendous amount of timber for various uses. Loggers and miners build roads to get their materials out. However, deforestation also affects the amount of this in the air. Forest Fires. margin-left: 20px !important; The increase in global demand for commodities, such as palm oil and soybeans, are driving industrial-scale producers to clear forests at an alarming rate. Hydro-electric dams provide energy but also result in deforestation. } © 1986 Panda Symbol WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund). Deforestation is an important factor in global climate change. Deforestation is the chopping down or removal of trees. Silting of rivers and dams: Sediment accumulates in rivers and dams due to soil erosion due to deforestation. The run-off goes into local rivers and pollutes them. Selective logging - only some trees cut down. So, we see what they are, in this post. Greenpeace, Canonbury Villas, London N1 2PN. width: 100% !important; If they can't afford fertilisers, farmers simply move on and clear more land, so more forest is lost. Besides causing problems in the waterways because of an increase in soil and pesticides, for instance, deforestation has also been directly linked to ocean acidification, or the increase in the average pH of the oceans. Land is completely deforested. z-index: 1000 !important; Deforestation leads to the destruction of the nutrient cycle, which means the land can only sustain herds for a short period because the quality of pasture quickly declines. Climate change can damage forests, for instance by drying out tropical rainforests and increasing fire damage in boreal forests. Only farmers who can afford. We also lose the fight against climate change - putting us all in danger. 1. Soil is often removed with high-pressure hoses and chemicals are used. In the long run, it will lead to desertification. It’s one of the biggest threats to wildlife, the natural world and the climate. Causes of Deforestation: Direct Causes People have been deforesting the Earth for thousands of years, primarily to clear land for crops or livestock. left: 20px; The causes of deforestation are: Logging. The overall rate of deforestation in the Amazon dropped between the mid-2000s and mid-2010s, but has now leapt back up by 30% to almost 10,000km2 in 2019 – the largest loss of the South American rainforest in a decade. Provides more land for residential purpose. Land is being cleared for new homes and settlements. companies cut down trees for timber, which is mostly sold to developed countries. Helping poorer countries develop - so they don't have to use rainforest resources unsustainably. Earth Eclipse. Main Causes of Deforestation. Alternatively, it will be used for grazing by cattle ranchers. Water vapor is another greenhouse gas that keeps heat from the sun trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and helps maintain a temperature at which life can flourish on our planet. With more people being born every year and the older generations living for longer, there are more people on our planet than ever before.

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