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Came in for the first time to visit a friend, & I let me just say some of these correctional officers are the most ignorant employees I've ever met. I met all sorts of individuals locked up there that were arrested over PETTY NONSENSE! More often for silly grievances such as driving without license and insurance, posession, and pubilic drinking, etc. im happy they make this for bad people they should give credit to the people who have work in side them walls they have a hard job to do i give them alot credit  its hard job. When I arrived, no one knew the number to call the cell block where my friend was at. Avoid at all costs yelpers! Not only did i wait 8 hours to get that goddamn meal, it took me 8 hours to leave the goddamn joint! “And right here at Cook County Jail it’s a fight for the lives of those who are innocent until proven guilty. UNBELIEVABLE! There appear to be no immediate plans for the mass release of detainees that groups of activists have been calling for to reduce the spread of the virus in the jail. The people were nice, the chips and salsa are pretty good. Idk.But I lucked out.I was placed in the workers deck right off the bat due to my low charge.I had a DUI.Gang activity was at a huge low due to my minimum security  placement.Although I still had the opportunity to be part of a LOCKDOWN cause an inmate managed to somehow bring a LOADED GUN into the jail.Idk how the fuck he did it.But HE DID.Im guessin' he got arrested and they didnt find the gun so he kept it on him and was PRAYING TO GOD nobody found it till he could get rid if it and not add a gun charge to whatever else he was facing.Either way GOOD FOR HIM!!! My review is solely based as a civilian visitor and not a biased employee or inmate. First of all let me mention that I'm not a low life thug. Agencies. The portion could have been larger but I can forgive this as it was nothing like I have ever tasted before in my life. The beds were very uncomfortable and my bunkmate was frequently rude. Two twenty-something girls off of 26th and California, we walked around the premises for awhile before finding where we needed to be. About Us Contact Us Overall, the chef's treatment of the sandwiches is repulsive. They have no heart and even screw their own "brothers" over worse than the other non-black inmates. It was not hot or cold but at room temperature where it was perfect for eating. They loudly spoke to the group of people waiting to check in with short easy to understand terms probably for those who may have been hard of hearing.I was able to wait in a glass enclosed room with about 30 other guests who were waiting to have their rooms prepared for them. I have been coming into CCJ as a volunteer for a good number of years now and it is the high point of my week every week. Definite 1 star! It took them 20 minutes just to locate the number. Also worth mentioning, was how nasty and ignorant and heartless the African American sheriffs and guards were. Data Source: U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics; National Prisoner Statistics (NPS) Program, Prisoners In 2015. Not once was I check up on during my stay, no roomservice, no concierge, NOTHING. The personal service and hospitality I received here are second to none. If you've ever said to yourself "I wonder what it is like to be handled like a peice of meat in the stockyard?" You get some clothes, some cops make fun of you and give you a XXXXL when you wear a small (yes that happened), you sit on a pile of dirty towels, its great. Don't think that you're going to be able to stay here after your trial is over. My criminal history consists only of a few speeding tickets. You go through 3 or 4 x ray machines, some fast paced interview which decides whether you get strapped to a padded cell or released into gen. I bring hope to them and I can see it come back to me in their smiles and expressions of gratitude. The family court judge was disgusted the case was ever brought against me and tossed the whole thing out. The Cook County criminal courts and Sheriff’s Office have taken advantage of this crisis to expand house arrest with electronic monitoring. Cook County Jail makes these records available to the public. So far, 38 detainees have tested positive for COVID-19, along with nine sheriff’s office employees. © 2020 County Office. You'd think a group of people that had been subjected to such cruelty through the years would have some kind of compassion for the under privelaged and the poor. This place is garbage. People always come back so i guess its nice. Keep to yourself, but remember this don't let anyone punk you. Suggest Listing After being arrested and spending 48hours in various jails, courtrooms police cars and buses, and finding out you haven't the means to post bail, Cook County Jail is the WORST place you can end up going to. Why is it necessary for the sheriff's department to make it a miserable experience for visitors making an effort to help a loved one or a friend? Terms and Conditions. View Address, Phone Number, and Fax Number for Cook County Jail, a Jail & Prison, at South California Avenue, Chicago IL. I call all the numbers I am able to find just to simply inquire about the online application to visit an inmate and no one answers the phone. Overall, the jail was pretty miserable. Getting locked up in Cook County Jail for the weekend? Since it was taking so long to have our rooms prepared for us they offered us a complimentary meal. Those are specifically targeting nonviolent offenders who are elderly, pregnant or have underlying medical conditions that put them at a higher risk of death if they contract the new coronavirus. You can’t do things like that.”. But in the middle of winter of 2006-2007, I kept trying to call my boyfriend's cell until it wouldn't go to voicemail anymore. There several things you will come to understand though. pop., multiple chain link cages with telephones that only call land lines and (through word of mouth I have discovered) cost $25 a call. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! Instead, I called CCJ to find out the visitation hours. Before receiving your cell, you go through a rigorous test of endurance with about 150 other people (10% of which are on the ground seizing from delirium tremens). They gathered as much personal information from me as they could in order to fine tune my experience. Dart estimated that 70% to 75% of detainees are being held on a violent charge, so they cannot be released safely into the community. The marginalized.”. Nothing more and nothing less. I understand that the police make mistakes and I don't hold that against them. Some obese guy yells a lot, more people puke, you get a professional portrait taken, free health check up-- the whole thing takes about 8 hours. Ask yourself, would you work here?. I have had multiple experiences at the "county hotel". Ok.Sooooo,today Im reviewing my stay at Cook County Jail.And I HONESTLY have to say it was the BEST experience THIS TIME.No,I didnt wanna go.lol.BUT I figured that as a former inmate that hasnt been locked up in 23 years I should do an HONEST review of what to expect in the unfortunate event that you should become an inmate in 2018.I HOPE YOU DONT BTW.Cook County jail was a NIGHTMARE of a facility years ago.And while I still DO NOT recommend you  becoming a visitor I will say they got ALOT better.I did NOT see anyone recieving any PUMPKIN HEADS this time around.NOT ONCE.Cook County jail guards were very nice and respectful for the most part.HUUUUGE difference from what it was back in the 90's.Back then it was normal to see the guards walking up to someone and just straight SMACK THE FUCK out of an inmate just because.Not no more.Im guessing LAWSUITS??? They do not even know their basic mathematics!! 21 reviews of Cook County Department of Corrections "A unique and memorable lodging and dining experience in Chicago can be found here. it there i love go more for jury its cool. “We have to be under no illusions here that there’s no notion we’re going to be able to empty the jail,” he said. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. #2 If you're not in a street gang you're not going to have the best of time there. Find 3 external resources related to Cook County Jail. Cause HE GOT AWAY with it.Also,I had nooooo problem with the other inmates.Eveeyone was very nice and respectful to me.Addressed me as Don Oscar Im guessin' due to my age.I went in as a NEUTRON despite my past membership of the Insane Twenty Second Latin Folks Organization.Just dont go in there taking NO SHIT and being an asshole or a punk and you'll be ok.It sucks but if you are gonna screw up,DEAL WITH IT.Its gotten waaaaaaay better than in years past.I give them PROPS!!!!

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