ereri angst fic rec

Sweet and festive. It had started as a joke, but became much more as Eren began to fall in love with a prostitute. The second part of my Ereri fan fiction recommendation list. Absolutely beautiful and well written. Eye, leg, arm,etc. Such a beautiful story. 2,500 words. But the soulful gondolier you meet on the docks in Saint Mark’s Square has you wanting to never leave at all. You are obviously not. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one night to get each other out of their systems, but the two of them bit off more than they could chew. Warm Water- KeroseneShowers- 35k- Canon- E. Levi’s shower breaks. - Lance just wants someone to make his room warmer, and he gets more than he bargained for. The Fine Line Between Life and Death (Ereri Mini Bang Fic) Yoooooo! Lucky for him, Eren’s been waiting for this night for the last six years. I recognize your face…” Levi’s brows furrow, scouring his memory as to why he knows this guy’s face from somewhere. In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. - The Talk by themissinglenk (aka Satan’s right-hand person) ❤, Mature - Modern Setting / Complicated Relationships / Radio DJ-Stripper. enjoy. SO CUTE. Angst rating: 5.5 / 10. Levi and Eren is so adorable oml. Okay so I read this fic a while ago and it’s about how lance and Kieth crash land on a planet and they travel for a few days before getting captured . I mean, heck, it’s not like I’m short on cash or anything. Right? Such fluff. Mature - Modern Setting / Slow Build / Neighbors / Spoilers, Yuppies. Working as a desk clerk for Sina Enterprises isn’t the most grandiose job out there, but it sure beats every other option Eren had jotted down since graduation. Teen and Up Audience - Modern Setting / Fluff / Humor. It isn’t too long before he finds his routine in shambles when Erwin Smith assigns him a mission riddled with “classified” and “no further details disclosed”. Levi is known for scaring off students with his brutal teaching methods, but in order to become an instructor, he needs to prove that he can hold a student in private lessons. by CastielTheAngel (ao3). One of the first ereri fanfics I read and one of my favs. Stay in your cell, don’t yell, don’t tell anyone how angry you are. That was all there was to it. Hipsters in denial. He begrudgingly helps them learn how to be dead.” I just cried a lot while reading, is just great i swear, how the author deals with such a complicated subject as dead in all perspectives and I really liked it. Chapters: 22/22. It’s wicked awesome. And everything. They wake up to a lot of surprises. For the rest of the summer he has one-on-one sessions with the district’s best martial artist and captain of the Academy’s elite tournament competitors, Levi. Keith is coming to stay at the castleship, finding time away from the Blade of Marmora. Enter a certain bright-eyed freshman who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. Knitting AU. TW for referenced child abuse. Of Mistletoe and Shitty Fake Boyfriends- TheSpazzBot- 13k- AU- T. After the war. Eren accepts the challenge. When your ex-boyfriend becomes engaged to his new girlfriend at your annual Holiday party, you admittedly are not in the best place. Anyway, these are all really amazing fanfics, and y’all should check them out. He has never minded the bitterness at the bottom of the cup. Sometimes all you need to fall in love is some advice from a stripper. Hi, I know which story is the Shklance the other anon was looking for. Ok we just got another ask and I’m in no position to be answering it ahead of everyone else’s buildup ghsjds— but just to reiterate this: Never be sorry for bothering!! To make things worse, Principal Smith gets a replacement chaperone—the new, very green English teacher Eren Jaeger. What it means to feel~~> Is about how Eren ends up in a hospital after his parents die in a car crash and there he meets Levi and is really well writen I wish I could write like that, one of my favorites as well. Encourages it really, because people need an outlet for their anger, and Lance has always been the best at making people angry at him. Courting Troubles by Bird_of_Dreams {WC: 10k+ | RATING: T}. After watching interviews featuring his charming personality and seeing his stunning face on modeling campaigns, you have to admit he intrigues you. retreat but this year Levi is left out in the cold when Hanji breaks her leg. Eren doesn’t really like gay people. Green-Eyed Monster by lunardistance {WC: -5k | RATING: T}, Holiday by appleapple {WC: -5k | RATING: M}, In Which Eren Regrets Trying to Socialize by Aurorealis {WC: -5k | RATING: When people ask Levi about how his summer holiday went, he’ll say ordinary things about the weather, the food, and the hotel. Quote. “should i teach you?”, la la land Eren groans, slumping forward until his head rests against the wheel. He started out as just some random guy who sat next to him on a park bench one cloudy afternoon. Here’s some of my favs: Work Harder (Langst) - The_Depressed_Huffle_Puffle. Explicit - Modern Setting / Humor / Phone sex. That is, until a young Adonis moves up the block from his house and offers to be his handyman. Yeah, he’ll have to keep an eye on him…, - The 6th Yard by coldmackerel (aka Satan themself) ❤, Mature - Modern Setting / Ansgt / Hospital. This fic is amazing. For the rest of the summer he has one-on-one sessions with the district’s best martial artist and captain of the Academy’s elite tournament competitors, Levi. The story is about Levi: A neurotic man who suffers from depression, is successful at writing but unsuccessful at everything else. And married. Levi is married(?) This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends. Pretty realistic, I think. It’s my body after all, and what I choose to do with it is up to me and me alone. Ereri/Riren Fanfiction Rec List it has smut. The one where they’re both teachers chaperoning a camping trip. The list contains everything from angst, hurt, and light fluff, all the way to super floof and happy-warm-and-fuzzy feelings, from oneshots to multichapters, smut and no smut. Levi blinked at him. This one freaked me out a lot but I’m not really sure why, so I guess just nonspecific TW. Soccer player!Levi and hemophiliac college student!Eren. Explicit - Canon Setting / Age Difference / Masochism, “I asked you if you needed to hit me again. Eren is a 22 years old recent college graduate who is driven by passions about social justice and making his favourite social network more accessible to its millions of users. “Your favorite customer is here!” Hanji continued and damn them, Levi could practically hear their shit-eating grin. (Link to part #1). LOTS of grammatical errors and weird capitalization of random common nouns, but cute story anyway. She’s on a permanent hiatus from Voltron, but she still has all of her old fics up on the archive! Levi and Eren butt heads over every little thing from professional to personal. Levi only realizes how much he’s not paying attention to anything around him when there are shoes beside the puddle he’s drawing. Troubled past behind him, Eren strives to make a name for himself by not fucking up the only good thing he has going for him. A Forged Wedding- mistyhollowdrummer- 202k- M. Levi asks Eren to marry him for a month. Setting: Breakfast (never in the morning) at his favorite diner, a record store that hasn’t dusted its ceiling fan since the 1970’s, a hole in the wall cafe to drink black tea and judge the terrible tongue tied poets on the shoddy ill-lit stage, a park with swings that are always annoyingly wet, and his immaculate apartment in the city. | RATING: M}, Wanderlust by Sabrinanikkol {100k+ | RATING: E}. instead of annoying you for an autograph, kim taehyung ends up being the very thing you need to fall in love with art again. All the fics are posted in alphabetical order. The Misadventures of College and finding out your soccer coach is a porn star. And with the pull of the tides due to the attraction of the sun and the moon, he tosses and turns, torn between two entities. Then enter Eren Jaeger, the too loud and too passionate guitar player that takes the stage one night that just won’t stop staring at Levi. Eren and Levi spend the night drinking and getting into a lot of trouble. Eren can fill the bathtub with his blood twice before he passes out. just amazing. - When I’m no Longer Young and Pretty by Trick_Fantasy, Mature - Modern Setting / Yandere!Levi / Pedophilia, “Let’s see if I can make you pretty again.”, The Red Long Johns, Or “Be Sure to Dress in Layers”, The only time I feel good falling is when I’m falling fast and hard for you, The Trials and Tribulations of Dating Your Daughter’s First Grade Teacher: The Levi Ackerman Story. I hated myself for it. I hated how I wasn’t just romantically attracted to him anymore, but physically as well. Levi is married, and is Eren’s teacher. But to stop running means to face the worst of himself. retreat but this year Levi is left out in the cold when Hanji breaks her leg. Audio. If you want to find a specific kind of story feel free to message me over messenger and I'll see if I can help out. one of the last posts i answered was kinda similar to this,,, so im just gonna link it here. ⤷ or: sweet nightmares are coming for you. Anonymous asked: I’ve been looking for an Ereri fic forever Eren is a YouTuber and Levi is a dad? Two years after the murder, Levi is finally ready to let it go. But here is a blog of ereri fics, they have a lot of good stuff too. It’s interesting and well-written. Not Rated - Modern Setting / Fluff / Pet Shop, “Who tells someone they look like a cat?”. The day Freshman in high school, Eren Jaeger, met college student Levi Ackerman was the day Eren’s life would change forever. ((This one has been continued by another author as well and is linked at the end of this fic! AND I KNOW I SAID I wouldn’t outright recc stuff from taylor_tut cause her archive account in whole is sickfic angsty HEAVEN, but these three are my absolute fave sickfics so I couldn’t NOT recc them lmao. The Little Titan Café ~~> “Eren works as a barista in his mother’s café, specializing in latte art. Where Eren and Levi dated before and somehow end up at the same company. Canon AU? Grid View List View. Jean finds an ad for Rent-A-Gent and convinces Eren to hire a gent of their own. Interesting characterization and great story. I did not intend for this to happen but whatever. Stowaway- OneWhoSitsWithTurtles- 30k- AU- E. Pirate Captain Levi because what more could you possibly want. Explicit - Modern Setting / Office / Cheating. A shklance fic where keith and lance were og together and then shiros rich ass comes in and saves them from being kidnapped and they hit it off??? Eren never expected to be here. But not so much food. {WC: -5k | CANON}, Don’t Worry, I’m Weak to You by myoue {WC: 6k+ | AU}, An Exercise in Self-Restraint by kirakiracats. I thought this was about vampires and I was *mostly* wrong. Really gud. - The Reasons We Should [Not] Be Together by pseudonymical, Mature - Modern Setting / Baritas-College student / Pinning. The Void by A26 | @agent-2-6 Flesh like Iron. Blue Silence by loveatfirstsight {WC: 6k+ | AU}, Body Choreography by kirakiracats {WC: 6k+ | AU}, Call the Shots, Babe by MildlyMoonstruck {WC: -5k | AU}, Christening the Kitchen by JaegerBombs {WC: -5k | AU}, A Commander By Any Other Name by shotgunsinlace. Also, more fics may be added, because I am positive I have forgotten some. They were in love. 34,000 Feet Above the Ground by kaorusquee {WC: 8k+ Mature - Modern Setting /1940’s/ Nobokov’s Lolita / Pedophilia, It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight. Rating: Mature. Levi should have never taught Eren how to fuck. Mature - Modern Setting / Angst /Kidnapping.

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