blackmagic raw vs prores

I'll be doing the edit and grade myself over the next year. What about the variable rate of Q0 for our long forest scenes? Asking cuz im planning on shooting a documentary this winter. I've heard it's pointless to get this camera just to use it with Prores. It can also reduced the analysis paralysis later on since you’re baking the look in that you already decided on when you shot it, so making sure to do the work on set is important. Prores is a good choice, and it’s quite flexible. The resulting image is indistinguishable from the 4K 422 HQ image that you downsample to HD in post. It cost about $20K to make. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Of course I’m not able to do a comparison test yet, but your observations are welcome news. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 13 guests. ProRes RAW is coming to major NLE. Blackmagic RAW Q0 - 110 to 274 MB/s * Highest dynamic range CinemaDNG RAW - 391 MB/s CinemaDNG RAW 3:1 - 183 MB/s Apple ProRes XQ - 360 MB/s Apple ProRes 444 - 238 MB/s. If not, then I'd be fine to shoot ProRes. If the story is well told, and the sound is reasonable, nobody, and I mean less than .1% of the audience will care about clipped highlights. Stuck without any CFast cards, filmmaker Ben Schubert decided to check out how the internal XF-AVC format holds up against using the HDMI output for an uncompressed 8-bit signal being recorded in ProRes. Shooting on Pocket 4K so hopefully by then BRAW is implemented. Major projects are not the time to be experimenting with unfamiliar settings. https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=93391&p=567301&hilit=76+MB%2Fsec#p567301, I personally don't understand why anyone would ever use prores when braw is available. One is detail of the things you care most about in the frame. Getting started with a Blackmagic product? Hence, not only smaller filesizes with BRAW but also vastly improved playback – a real winner combination. I am using an I7-4720HQ Laptop with 16GB RAM and a GTX980M graphics card, and 4.6k ProRes XQ resulted in ~7 frames / second playback (fps), 4.6k RAW DNG (lossless) resulted in ~11 fps, whereas BRAW had smooth 24 fps playback in a UHD timeline! The other is detail that may not be so important. Reliability, I've had issues with braw in Premiere and don't always have time to convert with resolve on big important projects. I have experience with both but shoot ProRes for 95% of my other work. Trying to decide between ProRes and RAW 3:1 for my first feature. I'll be doing cam tests for sure but wondering if anyone else has seen any deficiencies in high detail environments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Like Nick says, “budget.” If you have the budget, like Misha says, BRAW Q0. Prores, unless the scene requires heavy CG/compositing. This is where everything and anything related to BlackMagic Design's Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC), Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K), Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (BMPCC 6K) and Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC) will be posted. This is all great info. Features include built in SD/UHS-II or CFast 2.0 recorders for Blackmagic RAW or ProRes recording as well as a USB-C expansion port for recording externally to disks, plus MFT lens mount, built-in microphones, XLR input, full sized HDMI, 3D LUT support, Bluetooth and more. All items on this website are copyright Blackmagic Design Pty. Ever since Apple released their widely compatible ProRes Raw format, the world's leading professional and semi-professional photo and video camera manufacturers, as well as video record Shooting footage in ProRes I get a flat desaturated picture which is intended for postprocessing and I have no problem with that. ProRes vs. DNG RAW Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:48 am Shooting footage in ProRes I get a flat desaturated picture which is intended for postprocessing and I have no problem with that. Is this true? You can change the ISO, WB and lots of other settings in post so you don’t have to commit to them while you’re shooting. The success of a no-budget Duplass type film will not hinge on whether it's shot on raw or Prores. To me, if RAW is available in any camera, that's the best option if you are going for a film with a big screen output/ Netflix in mind. Thanks for the replies!

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