aziraphale fallen angel

The angels capture Aziraphale and Crowley and take them to Heaven, to a cliff Crowley remembers well. Please consider turning it on! Please consider turning it on! “My name is –”“Is that you, Aziraphale?” Raphael asked. How long can they protect themselves from Gabriel and the rest of their respective sides? Crowley always stayed after to chat, asked Aziraphale questions about himself, seemed to be genuinely interested in him. When faced with a choice between Crowley and being an Angel, Aziraphale knows what he has to do. And what will become of the love that has barely begun between Crowley and him? An angel from heaven who seems more human than any other, more human than you or Adam, who is the son of the devil. In which Crowley and Aziraphale are separated. Forgiven. Work Search: When it becomes clear that sometimes forgetting is the only way to protect themselves, the stakes grow higher. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. *****“Is there anything…that is to say, do I have any other, um, physical changes?” Aziraphale asked, simultaneously rolling up his sleeves to look at his arms, twisting to try to look at his own back and managing to turn in a circle, nearly stumbling over his feet. Until the birth of the antichrist, at least. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Aziraphale has to tell Crowley sometime.Or maybe he could just let him find out on his own.He's really not a good angel. Crowley is there to catch him. Aziraphale, an Angel Who Did Not Fall.... History through the lens of wikipedia pages, Crowley honestly has no clue what to do with himself, Just enough of a bastard to be a decent demon. What’s all this about then?”, “Took a bit of a tumble, I’m afraid,” Aziraphale said. “Shall I show you all the things they told you to deny?”. The Apocalypse To-Never-Be came and went and the forces of Heaven and Hell are not pleased. Nothing rude AFAIK, one fallen angel, will change rating if I upload anything particularly random. Aziraphale is unfailingly loyal to the Almighty, even after the end that never was. Written for The Ineffable Con 2 Fanfic Zine, October 2020. Aziraphale thinks about too much philosophy; Crowley catches him when he starts to fall. He falls to his knees in pain - and then he realizes. When the mental strain of forgotten memories starts taking its toll on Aziraphale, Crowley is faced with an impossible situation. “Are you alright? Crowley and Aziraphale barely make it away from the military based before they are captured by the each other's respective head offices and taken to each other's respective plains of existence. It was not as if a man as beautiful as Crowley would be interested in Aziraphale’s has-been body; the soft roundness of his stomach, the padding of fat over the muscles of his thighs. Maybe if he was a better angel, Crowley would have seen how inadvisable it was to socialize with a demon, but 6,000 years is a long time to go without a friend… “Oh, you poor, sheltered thing…” the demon purrs. He is smart, and immortal so he reflects a lot. Aziraphale had come back from Hell safe and sound. And Crowley knew that there was only one Angel it could be. The pair wondered whether they had done the right thing - giving up the sword - and the wrong thing - tempting Adam and Eve - respectively. But now there's nothing at all holding Aziraphale back from his feelings. An average argument about ineffability, like any other, only something in Crowley cracked, and he finally called a certain angel out on how little he knew. Title (and several chapter titles) from the song Ghost Love Score, by Nightwish: My fall will be for you,My love will be in you,If you be the one to cut meI'll bleed forever. (Maybe now he can be loved.). After Beelzebub slams the door to Hell in his face, Crowley walks to Aziraphale's bookshop, but he can tell that something is off. Yellow eyes and dark heart forgotten. Right? Inspired by Brunegonda's comics on Tumblr! While Hell's obvious course of action is to make the more-or-less holier than thou angel fall, there's a lot more nuanced planning going into the halfway ethereal demon's punishment in heaven.

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