avengers fanfiction tony misunderstood

Kid!Avengers are in elementary school. When sheltered Tony Stark, of the Stark family–lead by Lord Howard Stark of Hydra Kingdom–finds out about the atrocities that Hydra royalty commits and that his family supports it… Well, what else is there to do but join the resistance? I have compiled a list to the best of my ability but keep in mind that it is difficult to find every single one as there are so many different authors and different sites they have been posted on. Tony and Steve will not forgive me for this atrocity I have failed them brother. The kids are a handful, obviously, with Tony and Bruce constantly trying to take apart the newly donated Stark tablets, Steve trying to keep his special colored pencils safe (usually from Bucky), Natasha being a safe school violation, Thor and Loki purposefully being Bad at Everything to piss off Fury, Clint climbing on literally everything… and collective shenanigans. Loki said proudly. So this is a story based off of a prompt from @tonystarkismyprompt. The team thinks Tony can't handle blue collar work. Steve said turning off the lights and leaving the sleeping gods behind with a smile. "Wipe. Loki peeled Peter off from Thor's cape when it looked like Thor was about to really cry and there was no fun to be had when a grown assed god sheds tears. Thor cried out he turned around gripping his head in his hands and there nestled in between the sheets of Thor's cape was Peter sweetly nestled and clinging on and looking mighty happy. Thor whispered with a smug grin on his face. "The song goes…I can't believe I am actually doing this." Thor announced and Loki looked up at him with a what the hell look. "You have found him brother!" Tony agreed pulling Peter from the wall like he was made out of bubblegum tough to lift off and very sticky. Oh my children." Understandable, considering he’s never actually had a good one where people who care about him go out of their way to make his day fun and happy. "You are lying brother. He spoke smoothl, Sometimes Tony had bad days. You want us to take care of Peter?" "Escape from Mount Loptr" by i_would_live_for_tony_stark21, "Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby." "Stay still Tony, the medics are on there way." ~~~~~ Tony hated being what he was. Happy writing!! A/N The lullaby above which Thor and Loki mention is one I nabbed from the series Lost as I am clueless to lullaby's, hope you enjoyed the story and thank you for reading. Loki shook his head and planted himself down on the couch he wondered what other villains were doing on a Saturday night surely they were not babysitting mutant children and hanging out with their idiotic big brothers. "But one of you is rather strange." "That's an I'll think about it." Tony huffed, sagging in Hulk's grip, staring at the ruin of his lap, making pathetic grabby hands as the green alter ego of, Pain swirled in Tony's mind, a concoction of misery and desire filled his chest. "I have had children Steven long before you have I know what to do. "I know, I know Stark shut up Loki.". Tony huffed, sagging in Hulk's grip, staring at the ruin of his lap, making pathetic grabby hands as the green alter ego of, Pain swirled in Tony's mind, a concoction of misery and desire filled his chest. "Then please enlighten me." thx. Thor said smiling besides himself. "Loki I have lost the Spiderchild!" "I am not leaving Peter with some strangers." And Loki looked like he would never utter the words but he eventually gave in and grumbled under his breathe. To feel anger or sadness or some other twisted thing. "Should we wake them?" Tony Stark Fanfic Prompts ... tony stark the avengers avengers are skeptical tony is strong misunderstood tony muscular tony stark avengers fam? From there, Average Avengers is started. "Thor no please don't!" "I don't…I…fine I remember it but just a little.". Hey all! Failed!" I’m pretty sure this is the one you’re looking for. On to the story.. Little Peter Parker-Rogers-Stark, all eight months of him was the apple of his daddies eyes and so it only stood to reason that Tony and Steve was a little more than apprehensive in leaving their pride and joy with two Asgardians who at their own admittance had little to no job experience of babysitting. They're wrong. "Mother used to sing us a song.". Loki cried and then it was to late he found himself in a very tight and awkward embrace with Peter in the middle chewing on Loki's hair. Peter yawned. Most people don’t see it, as when they walk int, Tony isn't entirely sure what Steve thinks of him. The Avengers are a group of well-known bandits in the kingdom of Hydra. Tony frowned, tilting his head away, Pairing: Tony Stark x Female Reader Word Count: 3,066 Warnings: Anxiety Attack, nightmare about someone dying, terribly cheesy writing... A/, "Let me--" "No." Steve/Tony, PG-13. Never let it fade away. I wrote these prompts to hopefully inspire more writing in the fandom, so I am extremely happy and grateful to every single writer who chooses to use one of these ideas to create amazing works.

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