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AUPE should have increased the numbers of health care worksites on strike today, and pulled its jail guards out on Thursday, building momentum over the weekend. The UCP now knows it can do what it wishes and union leadership may talk big, but it is afraid to strike hard. Tom Vernon has the details. But at least the Sask Party is governing reasonably fairly. This means consolidating the sector and shutting down smaller institutions, which are the ones that create bridging programs to higher academic streams. The government is committed to delivering core government services more cost effectively to ensure those services are sustainable into the future,” Toews said. It is a pugilistic plan that exacerbates the anger and frustration felt by Albertans hit by a recession — and then uses that anger and frustration as a weapon against the government’s perceived enemies. The act of not allowing any more workers into the province from outside the country further solidifies this action. "Kenney’s 'fight back' strategy isn’t just a means to an end, it’s an end in itself. Alberta's largest public sector union says an independent arbitrator has awarded some of its members raises instead of the wage rollbacks requested by the government. presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution The United Conservative government has been signalling a wage rollback was coming for months — ever since UCP MLAs voted to cut their own wages by five per cent MLAs and the premier’s by 10 per cent. Activate the COVID Alert App in Alberta. "During the arbitration process, the arbitrator heard evidence from both sides. de-fund, dismantle demoralize and move We’re Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary. The most recent declaration of war came Tuesday afternoon this week. this is classic con play book In November, the government sent a letter to AUPE saying that union jobs are guaranteed until the end of March, but beginning April 1 the government will use all options available to meet its priorities. to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about As the “beating heart of free-enterprise values in the Canadian political culture,” Alberta is currently the only Canadian province that allows for the charter school model. Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw (Photo: Government of Alberta). Please read our Commenting Policy first. The problem with the no or delayed restrictions approach is it inevitably leads to worse choices later – more stringent restrictions or more illness and death or possibly all of them. In their Request for Proposal, the government directed McKinsey to find ways for the post-secondary sector to be “less reliant” on government grants, to receive more funding from student tuition payments, and to find “entrepreneurial approaches” to how programs are financed or delivered. Smith said the union will now focus on a new round of bargaining with the province. with privatized health care In essence, they starved the district of funding and handed over the fractured system to private hands at public expense. If they wanted to quit, Monday would have been the time to do it, with a message of “that was only a warning.” Nowhere is it written, “Fortune favours the chicken.” On the contrary, the chicken ends up in the pot. It’s at war with teachers, nurses, social workers, hospital support staff, prison guards, conservation officers, toxicologists, restaurant inspectors, therapists and sheriffs. Their options are restricted to being lesser valued, lesser paid, cogs in the new ‘industrial’ structure that the goons aspire us all to be part of. As a part of their “market-oriented reform,” the UCP removed the cap for charter schools. “My expectation is that all unions respect the bargaining process, stop putting Albertans’ safety at risk and abide by the law,” he concluded, apparently forgetting that the wildcat strikes had essentially nothing to do with bargaining and everything to do with the government’s arbitrary plan to eliminate 11,000 jobs and contract the work out to for-profit companies. It is probably not the best time to constantly remind health care workers that they are disposable and will soon be laid off, but the UCP did not seem to get that either. Wildcat strike, back-to-work order, then what? And he doesn’t seem to mind tossing in a big city mayor or two, either. There is nowhere else to go for these people. The UCP are running this show like the Keystone Cops they are. Nor was it obvious last night, despite the Labour Board’s ruling, what would happen next. Jason Kenney is premier and leader of the United Conservative Party in Alberta. Nobody has used the word “strike” yet but “anger...spilling out into the streets” seems like it will do. “I’m sorry, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Albertans spoke loud and clear,” said a visibly angry Schweitzer when asked to explain his bellicose tweet. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. These think tanks, reports, panels, commissions, and white papers manufacture the consent necessary to decimate the public sector, and to pave the way for the well-worn playbook of austerity: starve the public service of necessary funding so that it does not function properly, then introduce a privatized “solution” with virtually no public outcry or pushback. To order Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toewes issued a statement that the government wants public sector workers (about 180,000 of them — see list above) to take an average two per cent wage rollback (some workers are facing a five per cent wage cut). © Copyright 2020 iPolitics. These guys are totally inept. I hope to see you in the next strike!!! “The anger that has built up is now in danger of spilling out into the streets.”. They did this right after cutting funding for public education to the tune of $136 million and pushing through the largest mass layoff in Alberta history in the education sector, during which over twenty thousand “non-essential” education workers were let go. She also writes a monthly column for Progress Alberta. 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In the year since that talk, the UCP government has been aggressive and single-minded in pursuit of its economic agenda, echoing the mantra, “Open for Business,” that is so popular amongst the Canadian right and center-right.

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