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Welcome to Simply Divine Online Learning!

Simply Divine Online Learning draws upon college instructors experiences in teaching barber students and apprentices the theory and exam experiences they most need for State Board Preparation.

In California, the written portion of the state board exam has an extremely high failure rate. Many barber students and apprentices who demonstrate high levels of commitment and talent acknowledge that they don’t know how to study for the written exam.

At Simply Divine Online Learning, we can help you triumph over your exam so you can get started on your bright future as a Barber. We can pour over assessment data from you, the test taker, to see what areas you need improvement. We can then refine our practice questions to target those areas that you struggle with on the exam.

Our study materials work on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices so you can have access to our course anytime, anywhere. Our courses mirror the State Board Exams in every way, so you are confident, poised and ready to pass the exam with flying colors!



We want to help you get excited about getting your Barber license and reaching that major life goal. You need to know this material backwards and forwards from top to bottom. And since you started studying and practicing well in advance of your exam, there should be no need to “cram” the night before.

Our online Barbering & Cosmetology courses aim for high quality in subject assessment, instructor support, hybrid learning, as well as flexibility of content. Whether you’re taking the state board exam for the first time, taking it again with a barber academy, or looking for the right test prep to tackle the tougher subjects, our online courses can help you improve your State Board’s written exam score.

  • Be prepared to answer any surprise questions.
  • Get familiar with the structure of the exam.
  • Take some practice exams to drill yourself on the material.
  • Grade yourself and retake the questions you missed.
  • Focus your attention on the key topics where you are struggling.
  • Take advantage of your instructors’ guidance and assessment.


At Simply Divine, we prepare our students for successful long-term barber careers, starting with a solid foundation in education from day one.

Not only will you gain all of the resources necessary to pass your Cosmetology or Barber State Board Exam, but our apprentice students are guided by expert educators who actively assess what areas they need to review again.

As an online student pursuing your barber license, you’ll still be able to interact with the instructors and on-the-job mentors at Simply Divine who will be teaching classes.

We’re pleased to enhance your quality of education with the convenience of connecting from your tablet, mobile phone or computer.


Study from home, the office, a café—anywhere you can find a connection. Digital study tools make learning more efficient, allowing you to have more time toward earning your license or even living your life.

Our online options are designed for mobile flexibility, so you can plan your study time to fit your schedule. Our results tracking system allows you to take a break at any point in the course and return at a later time.

24/7 availability can help you prioritize your review sessions in anticipation of your upcoming state board exam date. Our study course is updated regularly to match any and all changes content of the state exam. This ensures you are always studying the most current and up-to-date information possible.

How it works

1. Make a Course Purchase & Sign-In
2. Access the Coursework
Each module is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, questions, and quizzes.
3. Get Instructor Support
Instructors at Simply Divine will be monitoring your weekly progress, and will take the time to identify key areas where you need help.


So, if you:

  • Are a bad test taker?
  • Are worried about passing your Cosmetology or Barbering State Board Exam?
  • Are ready to finally pass your exam and begin your exciting career?
  • Would like an instructor to advise where you need the most review?

Then take the next step by filling out the simple form on this page:

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